Ghostery Sheds Its Ad Tracker, Sells Off Its Plug-In To Focus On Compliance | AdExchanger
Ghostery has decided not to have its cake and eat it too. On Wednesday, the company announced that it’s been acquired in an all-cash deal by Cliqz, a German privacy-focused browser that plans to use the ad-tracker tool to help expand its user base. The companies did not disclose a deal price.
Big Bessy - Kitchen dining table – The Revive Project
Big Bessy is a farmhouse-style dining table that is made from reclaimed scaffold boards with  raw steel frame or hairpin legs Standard Size 220 cm long x 85.
Guardian Connect - Pumpencafe
Der Guardian Connect ist ein eigenständiges rtCGM-System zur Unterstützung der intensivierten Insulintherapie zum Beispiel mit einem Insulinpen oder einer nicht rtCGM-fähigen Insulinpumpe.
The Pixar Touch - history of Pixar - Blog - Pixar story rules (one version)
Pixar story artist Emma Coats has tweeted a series of “story basics” over the past month and a half — guidelines that she learned from her more senior colleagues on how to create appealing stories: #1: You admire a character for trying more than for their successes.
The 22 Rules of UX | ThoughtWorks
Pixar’s 22 rules of storytelling adapted for UX — because both are about creating great experiences. In 2011 Emma Coats, a former storyboard artist at Pixar, tweeted the “22 rules of storytelling”. The post has become well known and was recently re-done as image macros.
Christoph Engemann on Twitter: "Agonalitätsvisionen allenthalben. Diesmal der "Open Axit": der Ausstieg aus Open Access. Mit Trump-Content. Lesenswert bei geistigem Getränk https://t.co/XmpEmFnaPj"
Agonalitätsvisionen allenthalben. Diesmal der "Open Axit": der Ausstieg aus Open Access. Mit Trump-Content. Lesenswert bei geistigem Getränk
Disney finally nails free-roaming wireless power delivery | Ars Technica UK
Disney Research's metal-enclosed wireless power delivery room. Disney Research has achieved room-scale ubiquitous wireless power delivery.
The Alien Style of Deep Learning Generative Design – Intuition Machine – Medium
What happens when you have Deep Learning begin to generate your designs? The commons misconception would be that a machine’s design would look ‘mechanical’ or ‘logical’. However, what we seem to be finding is that they look very organic, in fact they look organic or like an alien biology.
A Socialist Agenda - YouTube
Bist du ein Sozialist? - Pie proves that his producer Tim is a Socialist.
2 days ago
A Psychologist Finally Explains Why You Hate Teamwork So Much | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
There's no way around it: Every significant human accomplishment is the result of coordinated group behavior—people working together to achieve a common goal. Of course, that reality doesn't change the fact that for lots of people, teamwork is like pulling teeth.
3 days ago
steffi on Twitter: "I'm now much longer into design/computer stuff professionally than into my former nurse profession incl. education(11y). pheew #timeflies"
I'm now much longer into design/computer stuff professionally than into my former nurse profession incl. education(11y). pheew #timeflies
6 days ago
A City Is Not a Computer
“What should a city optimize for?” Even in the age of peak Silicon Valley, that’s a hard question to take seriously. (Hecklers on Twitter had a few ideas, like “fish tacos” and “pez dispensers.”) 1 Look past the sarcasm, though, and you’ll find an ideology on the rise.
6 days ago
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One afternoon in November, Fran Serenade led me and her daughter Barbie down a steep section of the Appalachian trail. The sun was high and Fran hiked briskly, ducking the blue-green diagonals of fir trees, her hair wild behind her.
6 days ago
The German Artificial Intelligence Landscape – Fabian – Medium
As a Venture Capital firm for Artificial Intelligence we follow the growing AI market closely. For the German AI Landscape Map, we created a list of over 600 European AI startups based on internal research mainly deriving from our network and Crunchbase.
6 days ago
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