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How America’s food giants swallowed the family farms | Environment | The Guardian
Across the midwest, the rise of factory farming is destroying rural communities. And the massive corporations behind this devastation are now eyeing a post-Brexit UK market
agriculture  industrialagriculture  food  monopoly  review  critique  USA  Guardian  2019 
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The sins of Mario Cipollini | CyclingTips
The situation really boils down to this: one of cycling’s most successful and prominent public figures, who helms a prestigious bike brand, sponsors a women’s WorldTour team, and continues to be adored by a certain breed of cycling fans, has a long history of dubious behaviour and pending court cases in relation to serious allegations of violence against women.
MarioCipollini  cycling  profile  review  critique  sexism  doping  CyclingTips  2019 
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Lying with science: a guide to myth debunking | The Spectator
Some people are willing to forgive exaggeration and error if it is in a good cause, like increasing concern about plastics or climate change. This is a risky strategy because it encourages a Trump-like refusal to believe evidence even when that evidence is good. If we use up our energies panicking about phantom hobgoblins, we might have none left for the real scares: the over-fishing of the oceans, the effect of invasive alien species on island wildlife and the fact that polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), once used in the electrical industry but long since banned, still exist in high enough concentrations in British waters to prevent killer whales from breeding.
fakenews  journalism  review  critique  Spectator  2019 
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The Problem With Nostalgia
Michael Musto argues that wearing rose-colored glasses always leads to an unfair distortion — looking back on the best of the past while comparing it to the worst of the present.
nostalgia  review  critique  author:MichaelMusto  Longreads  2019 
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Study Links Rise of SUVs to the Pedestrian Safety Crisis – Streetsblog USA
One of the key findings was that not only are crashes involving pedestrians increasing, they are becoming more deadly when they do occur. The share of pedestrian crashes that were fatal increased 29 percent during the study period. One culprit, according to the study, was SUV drivers.
pedestrians  safety  research  automotive  SUV  review  critique  Streetsblog  USA  2018 
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The Guardians of the French Language Are Deadlocked, Just Like Their Country - The New York Times
But the sacred job of protecting France from “brainless Globish” and the “deadly snobbery of Anglo-American,” as a member spat out in a speech last month, has rarely been more difficult to attain.
Academiefrancaise  culture  tradition  conservative  review  France  NYTimes  2019 
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Debunking the myth that anti-Zionism is antisemitic | Peter Beinart | News | The Guardian
All over the world, it is an alarming time to be Jewish – but conflating anti-Zionism with Jew-hatred is a tragic mistake
antiSemitism  Jewish  discrimination  review  critique  Guardian  2019 
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Deepfake propaganda is not a real problem - The Verge
They may be right. A new wave of political deepfakes could pop up tomorrow to prove me wrong — but I’m skeptical. We’ve had the tools to fabricate videos and photos for a long time. It’s even been used in political campaigns before, most notably in a forged John Kerry photo circulated during the 2004 campaign. AI tools can make that process easier and more accessible, but it’s easy and accessible already. As the countless demos showed, deepfakes are already in reach for anyone who wants to cause trouble on the internet. It’s not that the tech isn’t ready yet. It just isn’t useful.
deepfake  fakenews  webjournalism  review  critique  onlinevideo  TheVerge  2019 
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The hipster effect: Why anti-conformists always end up looking the same - MIT Technology Review
This is the hipster effect—the counterintuitive phenomenon in which people who oppose mainstream culture all end up looking the same. Similar effects occur among investors and in other areas of the social sciences.
hipster  fashion  conformity  trends  review  TechnologyReview  2019 
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In Bad Taste | Topic
But who can say what’s “better”? Do crimes against food need to be policed? Who plays cop? And should anyone, even a professional restaurant critic, dictate the terms of another’s pleasure? Yelp and Instagram have remade food into a realm of boundless relativism, where extracting a thread of universal, objective truth about what’s delicious and what’s gross can be as hard as piercing an algorithm’s code—unless “universal” and “objective” are themselves the problem.
food  taste  review  restaurants  critique  Topic  2019 
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Theranos was Fraudulent, What About Its Patents? - Marginal REVOLUTION
Despite never having built a working product, Theranos accumulated hundreds of patents. These patents are now the only thing of value left but the patents aren’t valuable because of breakthrough science, the patents are valuable because they can be used to force people who do breakthrough science to cough up part of their return.
Theranos  patents  intellectualproperty  innovation  review  critique  MarginalRevolution  2019 
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The secret lives of Facebook moderators in America - The Verge
And yet the more moderators I spoke with, the more I came to doubt the use of the call center model for content moderation. This model has long been standard across big tech companies — it’s also used by Twitter and Google, and therefore YouTube. Beyond cost savings, the benefit of outsourcing is that it allows tech companies to rapidly expand their services into new markets and languages. But it also entrusts essential questions of speech and safety to people who are paid as if they were handling customer service calls for Best Buy.

Got a tip for us? Use SecureDrop or Signal to securely send messages and files to The Verge without revealing your identity.
Facebook  Cognizant  socialmedia  moderation  outsourcing  review  critique  TheVerge  2019§ 
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Are Robots Competing for Your Job? | The New Yorker
Heads, the robots are coming! Accept the inevitability of near-universal unemployment! Tails, the Mexicans are coming! Close the borders! So far, the only other choice, aside from helplessly watching the rise of extremism, is to mint a new coin. Heat a forge. Smelt a blank. Engrave two dies. Put your blank in between them. Strike the whole thing with a hammer. Anyone can do it
employment  automation  review  forecast  USA  NewYorker  2019 
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Will these be the worst new ‘rabbit hutch’ flats in Britain? | Money | The Guardian
A developer plans to squeeze 26 flats into this building, some smaller than a budget hotel room
housing  size  review  critique  London  Guardian  2019 
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Jair Bolsonaro's First 53 Days as President of Brazil Have Been a Resounding, Scandalous Failure
SOMETHING PECULIAR IS going on between Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and his vice president, Gen. Hamilton Mourão.
JairBolsonaro  HamiltonMourao  politics  corruption  review  critique  Brazil  TheIntercept  2019 
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Bike theft affects the young and poor most – why is it not taken seriously? | Environment | The Guardian
National cycle crime strategy set to launch after survey finds 50% of victims feel police don’t take the offence seriously
cycling  theft  crime  review  police  critique  UK  Guardian  2019 
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Amazon Alexa and the Search for the One Perfect Answer | WIRED
The rest of us, meanwhile, may be losing the very skills that allow us to hold these gatekeepers to account. Once we become accustomed to placing our faith in the handy oracle on the kitchen counter, we may lose patience with the laborious—and curiosity-stoking, and thought-­provoking—hunt for facts, expecting them to come to us instead. Why pump water from a well if it pours effortlessly from your faucet?
virtualassistant  searchengine  evolution  oneshotanswer  innovation  informationliteracy  review  critique  forecast  Wired  2019 
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Are the algorithms that power dating apps racially biased? | WIRED UK
If the algorithms powering these match-making systems contain pre-existing biases, is the onus on dating apps to counteract them?
onlinedating  racism  bias  algorithms  review  critique  Wired  2019 
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Who Killed Tulum, Mexico?
Tulum had become a glamorous but unpretentious spot
Tulum  tourism  urbandevelopment  review  critique  overtourism  Mexico  TheCut  2019 
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At arm’s length: are tattoos finally becoming uncool? | Fashion | The Guardian
From Adam Levine at the Super Bowl to Justin Bieber’s Vogue shoot, tattoos are having a fashion moment. But that may not make them more sought-after
tatoo  trends  fashion  review  critique  JustinBieber  AdamLevine  Guardian  2019 
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How smart are Gmail’s ‘smart replies’? | Technology | The Guardian
When Seamas O’Reilly responded to all his emails for a week using only Smart Reply, our columnist’s messages suddenly became spookily jaunty. Did his friends spot the difference?
Google  Gmail  SmartReplies  personalaccount  review  Guardian  2019 
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The Great Music Meme Scam: How TikTok Gets Rich While Paying Artists Pennies | Pitchfork
The company behind lip-sync app TikTok is reportedly worth three times as much as Spotify, but the artists whose music powers the platform are seeing very little of that money.
TikTok  music  intellectualproperty  copyright  review  critique  Pitchfork  2019 
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Ex-Walmart exec says theft helped kill Walmart's cashierless tech - Business Insider
A former Walmart executive said shopper theft was a major reason why the company killed Scan & Go, a cashierless-checkout technology, several months after expanding it to more than 100 stores.
Walmart  retail  automation  review  critique  crime  theft  BusinessInsider  2019 
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The Cost of Apple News – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
What is happening is Aggregation: Apple News attracts the users, which means publishers are coming onto Apple’s platform on Apple’s terms, which makes Apple News more attractive to users, making publishers ever more reticent to leave even though they aren’t getting much out of the deal.
Apple  AppleNews  aggregator  aggregationtheory  webjournalism  strategy  review  Stratechery  2019 
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Fyre Festival Was a Huge Scam. Is Netflix’s Fyre Documentary a Scam, Too? | The New Republic
The festival's marketing agency also co-produced the film, resulting in a misleading version of who bears responsibility for the fraud.
FyreFestival  Fyre  documentary  review  critique  film  movies  NewRepublic  2019 
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Sam Harris and the Myth of Perfectly Rational Thought | WIRED
What makes the psychology of tribalism so stubbornly powerful is that it consists mainly of cognitive biases that easily evade our awareness. Indeed, evading our awareness is something cognitive biases are precision-engineered by natural selection to do. They are designed to convince us that we’re seeing clearly, and thinking rationally, when we’re not. And Harris’s work features plenty of examples of his cognitive biases working as designed, warping his thought without his awareness. He is a case study in the difficulty of transcending tribal psychology, the importance of trying to, and the folly of ever feeling sure we’ve succeeded.
SamHarris  rationality  bias  review  critique  Wired  2019 
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Was Architecture Better Under Socialism? | Boston Review
Yugoslavia’s distinctive history within the Eastern Bloc produced a thrilling variety of buildings that frequently departed from the prefabricated monotony of Soviet construction.
architecture  modernism  design  Yugoslavia  EasternBloc  review  BostonReview  2019 
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So, poorer Brexiters voted to be worse off? There’s nothing wrong in that | Gary Younge | Opinion | The Guardian
Many working-class leavers were not motivated by self-interest, but by values. Well-off liberals who back tax rises should understand that
Brexit  EuropeanUnion  workingclass  values  UK  review  author:GaryYoung  Guardian  2019 
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How I learnt to loathe England | Prospect Magazine
Ever since the referendum, friends from across the world have been enquiring whether it is true that the British have gone mad. Without those six years in London, I would have unhesitatingly said “yes.” “A temporary bout of insanity” still seems the preferred explanation in much of Europe and among many British Remainers. But years of immersion in English culture and society have convinced me that actually, the Brexit vote should instead be seen as the logical and overdue outcome of a set of English pathologies.
Brexit  socialclass  EuropeanUnion  UK  review  personalaccount  critique  Prospect  2017 
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It’s a Theater, With Craft Beer and D.J.s Until 6 a.m. - The New York Times
The Yard opened in 2011 in a warehouse in Hackney Wick — a district of East London that was once run-down but has recently gentrified. The theater venue, with a 110-seat, purpose-built auditorium inside a former warehouse, was meant to be temporary; eight years later, it still has a rough-and-ready feel, all recycled wood and corrugated roofing. Beyond staging some of London’s most avant-garde theater productions, there is a large bar that hosts club nights for as many as 250 people.
TheYard  Hackney  HackneyWick  review  tourist  guide  London  NYTimes  2019 
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Rebecca Solnit · Diary: Google Invades · LRB 7 February 2013
There are ways in which Silicon Valley is nothing like this: it’s clean, quiet work, and here to stay in one form or another. But there are ways in which technology is just another boom and the Bay Area is once again a boomtown, with transient populations, escalating housing costs, mass displacements and the casual erasure of what was here before. I think of it as frontierism, with all the frontier’s attitude and operational style, where people without a lot of attachments come and do things without a lot of concern for their impact, where money moves around pretty casually, and people are ground underfoot equally casually. Sometimes the Google Bus just seems like one face of Janus-headed capitalism; it contains the people too valuable even to use public transport or drive themselves. In the same spaces wander homeless people undeserving of private space, or the minimum comfort and security; right by the Google bus stop on Cesar Chavez Street immigrant men from Latin America stand waiting for employers in the building trade to scoop them up, or to be arrested and deported by the government. Both sides of the divide are bleak, and the middle way is hard to find.
Google  SanFrancisco  SiliconValley  gentrification  personalaccount  review  critique  LondonReviewofBooks  2019 
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The next Homeland? The problems with Fauda, Israel's brutal TV hit | Television & radio | The Guardian
The Netflix smash – about a ruthless Israeli unit hunting down terrorists – has been praised for its evenhanded portrayal of the Palestinian conflict. But are there glaring omissions?
Fauda  television  review  critique  Netflix  Israel  Guardian  2018 
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A Tiny Screw Shows Why iPhones Won’t Be ‘Assembled in U.S.A.’ - The New York Times
The challenges in Texas illustrate problems that Apple would face if it tried to move a significant amount of manufacturing out of China. Apple has found that no country — and certainly not the United States — can match China’s combination of scale, skills, infrastructure and cost.

Timothy D. Cook, Apple’s chief executive, helped lead the company’s shift to foreign manufacturing in 2004.
Erica Yoon for The New York Times

Apple  manufacturing  supplychain  onshoring  review  critique  USA  China  NYTimes  2019 
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Amazon Ruined Online Shopping - The Atlantic
But there’s a reason that we used to have shoe stores, hardware stores, grocery stores, bookstores, and all the rest: Those specialized retail spaces allow products, and the people with knowledge about them, to engage in specialized ways of finding, choosing, and purchasing them. On Amazon, everything gets treated the same. The problem with an Everything Store is that there’s no way to organize everything effectively. The result is basically a giant digital flea market. Amazon is so big, and so heterogenous, that the whole shopping experience is saturated with caprice and uncertainty. It’s not that Dash purchases alone might produce a result different from the one the buyer intended, but that every purchase might do so.
Amazon  ecommerce  review  critique  TheAtlantic  2019 
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Marie Kondo, Fast Fashion, and the Thrift-Store Boom - CityLab
Netflix’s hit show has everyone tidying up, but that's not the only reason second-hand stores are being flooded with donations.
MarieKondo  Netflix  television  fastfashion  clothing  opshop  review  trends  USA  CityLab  TheAtlantic  2019 
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Michel Houellebecq's 'Serotonin': An Indictment of the EU - The Atlantic
Other French critics have commented on Houellebecq’s evolution from the darling of left-wing magazines like Les Inrockuptibles to that of far-right ones like Valeurs Actuelles. But Houellebecq has captured something in his trajectory from the alt-weekly to the alt-right. It’s not so much that his views have changed, but that the political landscape around him has changed in ways that reflect his outlook. Maybe he is a visionary after all. And his is a grim vision indeed.
MichelHouellebecq  Serotonin  books  review  politics  TheAtlantic  2019 
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BBC - Culture - The Sopranos: A revolutionary show we’ll talk about forever
Twenty years on from when it was first aired, Jennifer Keishin Armstrong looks back at a drama so perfectly timed, it reinvented not only the genre, but how we watch TV.
TheSopranos  legacy  television  review  HBO  BBC  2019 
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In 2019, blockchains will start to become boring - MIT Technology Review
After the Great Crypto Bull Run of 2017 and the monumental crash of 2018, blockchain technology won’t make as much noise in 2019. But it will become more useful.
cryptocurrencies  blockchain  review  opportunity  growth  smartcontracts  TechnologyReview  2019 
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The Sopranos, glorious pioneer of today’s TV golden age | Dorian Lynskey | Opinion | The Guardian
Twenty years on, prestige TV has attained overwhelming dimensions, empowering scores of creators who couldn’t have thrived in the rule-bound world of pre-Sopranos television. While the success of The Sopranos was made possible by the economics of cable channels, DVD binge viewing and episode-by-episode TV criticism, affluent streaming platforms such as Netflix have opened the floodgates. The vast amount of brilliant, idiosyncratic television that we now enjoy is due in no small part to David Chase’s refusal to be full of shit.
TheSopranos  television  review  advocacy  legacy  Guardian  2019 
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How Google software won 2018
But it's not just what's outside that matters. When it comes to Google's products, software can not only make up for lackluster hardware, but even give the company's devices an edge over competing gadgets. This year, Google delivered thoughtful software and truly helpful AI that made some of its otherwise mediocre devices surprisingly compelling.
Google  software  review  advocacy  hardware  Pixel  Pixel3  CallScreening  GoogleAssistant  PixelSlate  ChromeOS  Engadget  2018 
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Apple’s Precarious and Pivotal 2019 – 500ish Words
All of the above points to a rocky year ahead for Apple, but also a pivotal one. The transition from the iPhone company to a Services company is now officially underway. It is clearly happening earlier than Apple had planned. How will Apple adapt to this new era?
Apple  strategy  results  review  services  500ish  2019 
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The Rise and Fall of China’s Cycling Empires – Foreign Policy
China’s bike-sharing firms were supposed to be the next big thing. What happened?
bikeshare  cycling  review  decline  China  ForeignPolicy  2018 
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Where You Should Move to Make the Most Money: America’s Superstar Cities - WSJ
A tech-driven concentration of talent since the 1980s has helped the rich get richer. But it has also sharpened an urban-rural divide that, some say, threatens growth.
cities  urbandevelopment  winnertakesall  centralisation  NewYork  SanFrancisco  SiliconValley  Austin  Boston  Seattle  review  USA  WallStreetJournal  2018 
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Apple and Samsung feel the sting of plateauing smartphones - The Verge
Smartphone markets are slowing down in large part because they’ve served their purpose. We wanted phones with great displays, fast connectivity, all-day battery life, and a few extra luxuries thrown in, and now we’ve got them in abundance. The system works. When the next truly compelling upgrade shows up on the horizon, consumers will once again throw money at the latest and greatest products. But until then, all this competition makes for a bumpy ride for any company venturous enough to be in the phone-selling business, including those at the very top.
smartphones  sales  decline  innovation  review  critique  China  Apple  Samsung  TheVerge  2019 
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Childhood's End |
The genius — sometimes deliberate, sometimes accidental — of the enterprises now on such a steep ascent is that they have found their way through the looking-glass and emerged as something else. Their models are no longer models. The search engine is no longer a model of human knowledge, it is human knowledge. What began as a mapping of human meaning now defines human meaning, and has begun to control, rather than simply catalog or index, human thought. No one is at the controls. If enough drivers subscribe to a real-time map, traffic is controlled, with no central model except the traffic itself. The successful social network is no longer a model of the social graph, it is the social graph. This is why it is a winner-take-all game. Governments, with an allegiance to antiquated models and control systems, are being left behind.
GeorgeDyson  information  informationtechnology  evolution  review  Edge  2018 
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A more intimate aesthetic of politics — on Insta » Nieman Journalism Lab
Though it’s too early to assess the implications of this approach, Ocasio-Cortez’s uses of Instagram seem to be less about humanizing an individual politician than about politicizing humans; that is, bringing more humans, particularly young humans, into the fold and representing electoral politics as something they have a genuine stake in. Ultimately, this may be a more meaningfully inclusive form of candor than what has come before.
AlexandriaOcasioCortez  politics  socialmedia  Instagram  review  NiemanJournalismLab  2018 
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Geoffrey Hinton and Demis Hassabis: AGI is nowhere close to being a reality | VentureBeat
So are DNNs the harbinger of superintelligent robots? Demis Hassabis doesn’t believe so — and he would know. He’s the cofounder of DeepMind, a London-based machine learning startup founded with the mission of applying insights from neuroscience and computer science toward the creation of artificial general intelligence (AGI) — in other words, systems that could successfully perform any intellectual task that a human can.
artificialintelligence  artificialgeneralintelligence  machinelearning  forecast  review  VentureBeat  2018 
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“Succession” ’s Satisfyingly Nasty Family Ties | The New Yorker
The great strength of the show is that it manages to deepen its monstrous characters—to grant them meaningful context, even pathos—without glamorizing them.
Succession  review  television  HBO  NewYorker  2018 
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Does AI make strong tech companies stronger? — Benedict Evans
This means that the implementation of machine learning will be very widely distributed. Google will not ‘have all of the data’ - Google will have all of the Google data. Google will have more relevant search results, GE will have better engine telemetry and Vodafone will have better analysis of call patterns and network planning, and those are all different things built by different companies. Google gets better at being Google, but this does not mean it somehow gets good at anything else. 
machinelearning  artificialintelligence  strategy  competitiveadvantage  data  review  BenedictEvans  2018 
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The Supply Chain Africa Needs — The Prepared
Supply chain problems in Africa are quite complex, with most of them stemming from the sheer size of the continent. Africa’s land mass is greater than the USA, Europe, and China combined. Within this huge space there are 54 unique markets, few of which provide scale or adequate distribution infrastructure. Further complicating matters, there are over 2,000 languages spoken and very diverse cultural dynamics from one market to the next.
supplychain  trade  review  critique  Africa  Nigeria  SouthAfrica  Egypt  Kenya  ThePrepared  2018 
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The Cost of Living in Mark Zuckerberg’s Internet Empire - The Ringer
A year of staggering revelations is a reminder of how much Facebook has corrupted life online, with the effect of making the internet seem a little less bearable and a little less human
Facebook  MarkZuckerberg  socialmedia  privacy  review  critique  TheRinger  2018 
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Brexit: A Test for Humanity - Bloomberg
The scary thing is this: So many of humanity’s core problems — addressing climate change, improving education, boosting innovation — ultimately have the same structure as “fixing Brexit.” It’s just that these other problems come in less transparent form and without such a firm deadline. We face tournament-like choices and perhaps we will not end up doing the right thing.
Brexit  politics  democracy  review  critique  UK  EuropeanUnion  author:TylerCowen  Bloomberg  2018 
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Brexit is a red herring when it comes to the plight of UK fishermen | John Lichfield | Opinion | The Guardian
Small fishing companies are harmed not by the EU, but by government rules that allow big interests to corner the quotas
Brexit  EuropeanUnion  fisheries  quotas  review  UK  Guardian  2018 
december 2018 by inspiral
“Everyone’s for Sale”: A Generation of Digital-Media Darlings Prepares for a Frigid Winter | Vanity Fair
Vice, Vox, and BuzzFeed, among other companies that once heralded the dawn of a new media age, are now grappling with decidedly old-media problems.
Vox  Buzzfeed  Vice  media  review  critique  results  VanityFair  2018 
december 2018 by inspiral
Will Uber Survive the Next Decade?
Uber has succeeded in getting the business press to treat its popularity as the same as commercial success. A few tech reporters, like Eric Newcomer of Bloomberg, have politely pointed out that Uber’s results fall well short of other tech illuminati prior to going public. The pitch that dominance would produce profits is demonstrably false and Uber seems unable to come up with a new story. There’s every reason to think that investors, not local cab companies, will wind up being Uber’s biggest roadkill.
Uber  ridesharing  valuation  results  review  critique  NYMag  2018 
december 2018 by inspiral
Taiwan Can Win a War With China – Foreign Policy
Beijing boasts it can seize the island easily. The PLA knows better.
conflict  review  China  Taiwan  ForeignPolicy  2018 
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Is Geotagging on Instagram Ruining Natural Wonders? Some Say Yes - The New York Times
Now, conservationists are concerned that photographers who geotag their precise locations are putting fragile ecosystems and wild animals at risk. As a defense, they are asking tourists to stop.

The Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board has created a campaign to get tourists to stop geotagging photographs on social media.
Colle McVoy

Instagram  locationbasedservices  geotagging  tourism  review  impact  NYTimes  2018 
december 2018 by inspiral
The Amazon Warehouse Comes to SoHo - The New York Times
Our shopper visits the new Amazon 4 Star store, which stocks items with customer review ratings of four stars or better. Brick and mortar never had it so rough.
Amazon  Amazon4Star  retail  bricksandmortarretail  review  critique  NewYork  USA  NYTimes  2018 
december 2018 by inspiral
'I’m exhausted': life in England's homelessness hotspot | Society | The Guardian
Newham in London has topped homelessness table but problem doesn’t stop at rough sleeping
housing  homelessness  review  critique  Newham  London  UK  Guardian  2018 
december 2018 by inspiral
Climate Solutions: Is It Feasible to Remove Enough CO2 from the Air? - Yale E360
A U.S. scientific panel reports that technologies that take CO2 out of the atmosphere could be a significant part of a strategy to mitigate global warming. In an e360 interview, Stephen Pacala, the panel’s chairman, discusses how these fast-developing technologies are becoming increasingly viable.
climatechange  globalwarming  carboncapture  geoengineering  review  interview  StephenPascala  e360  2018 
december 2018 by inspiral
How Restaurants Got So Loud - The Atlantic
This trend is not limited to New York. According to Architectural Digest, mid-century modern and minimalism are both here to stay. That means sparse, modern decor; high, exposed ceilings; and almost no soft goods, such as curtains, upholstery, or carpets. These design features are a feast for the eyes, but a nightmare for the ears. No soft goods and tall ceilings mean nothing is absorbing sound energy, and a room full of hard surfaces serves as a big sonic mirror, reflecting sound around the room.
restaurants  architecture  acoustics  review  critique  TheAtlantic  2018 
december 2018 by inspiral
Is philanthropy, by its very nature, a threat to today’s democracy?
Though we may laud wealthy individuals who give away their money for society’s benefit, Robert Reich shows how such generosity not only isn’t the unassailable good we think it to be but might also undermine democratic values and set back aspirations of justice. Big philanthropy is often an exercise of power, the conversion of private assets into public influence. And it is a form of power that is largely unaccountable, often perpetual, and lavishly tax-advantaged. The affluent—and their foundations—reap vast benefits even as they influence policy without accountability. And small philanthropy, or ordinary charitable giving, can be problematic as well. Charity, it turns out, does surprisingly little to provide for those in need and sometimes worsens inequality.
RobertReich  philanthropy  charity  review  critique  podcast  LSE  2018 
november 2018 by inspiral
Who is the real Nigel Farage... and why won't he answer my questions? | Politics | The Guardian
Trump... Russian TV... key witnesses in Robert Mueller’s investigation. The jokey ‘bloke with a pint’ now has a network that spreads well beyond the UK. Our reporter has spent months on the trail of Mr Brexit...
NigelFarage  Brexit  politics  antisemitism  review  critique  Guardian  2018 
november 2018 by inspiral
Amazon's Website Has Tons Of Errors. Somehow It Doesn't Matter.
How does a powerful, innovative behemoth megacorporation repeatedly fail at its most basic task: running a website?
Amazon  websitedesign  userexperience  review  critique  Buzzfeed  2018 
november 2018 by inspiral
Is Science Slowing Down? | Slate Star Codex
I’m not saying that no trendline has ever changed. Moore’s Law seems to be legitimately slowing down these days. The Dark Ages shifted every macrohistorical indicator for the worse, and the Industrial Revolution shifted every macrohistorical indicator for the better. Any of these sorts of things could happen again, easily. I’m just saying that “Oh, that exponential trend can’t possibly continue” has a really bad track record. I do not understand the Gods Of Straight Lines, and honestly they creep me out. But I would not want to bet against them.
science  trends  review  SlateStarCodex  2018 
november 2018 by inspiral
US Has Some Of The Most Expensive Mobile Data Prices In The Developed World | Techdirt
While the U.S. wireless industry likes to talk a lot about how ultra-competitive it is, that's generally not the case. While there's more competition in wireless than in the fixed-line broadband sector (where there's virtually no competition at faster speeds due to upgrade-phobic telcos and cable's growing broadband monopoly), much of the competition in wireless tends to be theatrical in nature. Most of the major four carriers still usually outright refuse to compete on price, something you don't get to have a choice about in a truly competitive market.
telecoms  mobile  prices  pricing  monopoly  review  critique  comparison  USA  Europe  TechDirt  2018 
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Corporate Japan struggles to scale up as longevity limits dynamism - Nikkei Asian Review
A variety of factors are a drag on the growth of Japanese companies compared with international rivals. These include a slumping domestic economy, slow progress on deregulation, failure to seize opportunities in online business, conservative mindsets among executives, and a lack of talent in cross-border business -- something due partly to a lack of personnel with foreign-language skills.
economy  review  stagnation  Japan  Nikkei  2018 
november 2018 by inspiral
Young People Are Having Less Sex - The Atlantic
Despite the easing of taboos and the rise of hookup apps, Americans are in the midst of a sex recession.
sex  relationships  trends  Millennials  teenagers  decline  review  USA  TheAtlantic  2018 
november 2018 by inspiral
How Podcasts Became a Seductive—and Sometimes Slippery—Mode of Storytelling  | The New Yorker
Podcasting is a peculiarly intimate medium. Usually transmitted through headphones to a solitary listener, or played over the car stereo during a commute, an audio narrative can be immersive in a way that a radio playing in the background in a kitchen rarely is. Podcasts are designed to take up time, rather than to be checked, scanned, and rushed through: they are for those moments when you can’t be scrolling on your phone. For a digital medium, podcasts are unusual in their commitment to a slow build, and to a sensual atmosphere.
podcast  review  profile  media  PineappleStreetMedia  NewYorker  2018 
november 2018 by inspiral
U.S. Law Enforcement Failed to See the Threat of White Nationalism. Now They Don’t Know How to Stop It. - The New York Times
For two decades, domestic counterterrorism strategy has ignored
the rising danger of far-right extremism. In the atmosphere of willful
indifference, a virulent movement has grown and metastasized.
AltRight  terrorism  racism  extremism  politics  justice  review  critique  USA  NYTimes  2018 
november 2018 by inspiral
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