Project ‘Fuchsia’: Google Is Quietly Working on a Successor to Android - Bloomberg
For more than two years, a small and stealthy group of engineers within Google has been working on software that they hope will eventually replace Android, the world’s dominant mobile operating system. As the team grows, it will have to overcome some fierce internal debate about how the software will work.
Google  Fuchsia  Android  mobileoperatingsystems  Bloomberg  2018 
7 hours ago
How to Tell If a President’s Words Are Treasonous - Bloomberg
Alarm over Trump’s Russia comments is justified, but they don't qualify as "perfidy" in the constitutional sense.
DonaldTrump  review  critique  treason  Bloomberg  2018 
7 hours ago
Trump Is (Probably) Not a Russian Pawn - Bloomberg
Using economic game theory to try and understand the relationship between Trump and Putin.
DonaldTrump  VladimirPutin  politics  internationalrelations  review  author:TylerCowen  Bloomberg  2018 
When a U.S. citizen heard he was on his own country’s drone target list, he wasn’t sure he believed it. After five near-misses, he does – and is suing the United States to contest his own execution – Rolling Stone
When a U.S. citizen heard he was on his own country’s drone target list, he wasn’t sure he believed it. After five near-misses, he does – and is suing the United States to contest his own execution
assassination  law  drones  review  critique  humanrights  RollingStone  2018 
How Social Science Might Be Misunderstanding Conservatives
Maybe things aren’t as simple as conservatives being more intolerant than liberals, they write. Maybe what’s really going on here is that one side views certain groups as opposed to their interests and beliefs, and the other side views other groups as opposed to their interests and beliefs, and both sides have a penchant for intolerance toward the groups they view as opposed to them. That is: Sure, conservatives are more intolerant than liberals of groups traditionally viewed as liberal — but what happens when you ask liberals about groups they often view as their ideological adversaries, like members of the military or fundamentalist Christians?
authoritarian  liberal  conservatives  comparison  research  critique  NYMag  2018 
2 days ago
Why New Zealand Is Furious About Australia’s Deportation Policy - The New York Times
The cancellation of Australian visas on the grounds of “character” has soared since December 2014, when the government amended its immigration law. Last year, more than half of those visas belonged to New Zealanders, almost 1,300 of whom have been deported since January 2015. They are now the largest group in Australia’s immigration detention centers, whereas before the legal changes New Zealanders were not even in the top 10.
immigration  migration  xenophobia  internationalrelations  Australia  NewZealand  NYTimes  2018 
2 days ago
Stacking the Bricks: How the Blog Broke the Web
And the damn reverse chronology bias — once called into creation, it hungers eternally — sought its next victim. Myspace. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest, of all things. Today these social publishing tools are beginning to buck reverse chronological sort; they’re introducing algorithm sort, to surface content not by time posted but by popularity, or expected interactions, based on individual and group history. There is even less control than ever before.
blog  history  webdesign  reversechronological  sequence  userexperience  critique  creativity  StackingtheBricks  2018 
3 days ago
How Not to Scout for Soccer Talent - The Atlantic
Two new books raise interesting questions about the ethics and effectiveness of the sport’s selection system, with its early and intense winnowing process for aspiring players.
football  recruitment  children  critique  exploitation  Africa  TheAtlantic  2018 
4 days ago
How the BBC Lost the Plot on Brexit | by Nick Cohen | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books
In the preface to Animal Farm, George Orwell provided a line that today would be apt for the walls of the BBC headquarters: “Unpopular ideas can be silenced, and inconvenient facts kept dark, without the need for any official ban.” No doubt, if the shift of public opinion against Brexit continues, the BBC’s silence will end and, like a weather vane, it will swing with the prevailing wind. It will receive no plaudits from me. No one should praise journalists who speak out when, and only when, they are certain that public opinion is with them. Not just journalists, but anyone engaged in political life should learn from the BBC’s abject performance. Whether you are on the left or the right, there will be times when you will be frightened of saying what you believe for fear of offending your friends, breaking a taboo or going against the ephemeral consensus of the day. Allow that fear to dominate you and you will end up like the BBC: platitudinous, frightened, and irrelevant.
BBC  journalism  Brexit  critique  NYReviewofBooks  2018 
8 days ago
Brexit’s Future Without Boris Johnson - The Atlantic
The grand promises of withdrawal from the European Union run aground on the tedious and technical details that campaigners ignored.
Brexit  review  critique  internationalrelations  politics  UK  EuropeanUnion  TheAtlantic  2018 
9 days ago
Opinion | Boris Johnson Has Ruined Britain - The New York Times
“He knows that the verdict of history is about to come down on him — and bury him.”
BorisJohnson  politics  Brexit  profile  review  critique  UK  NYTimes  2018 
9 days ago
Russia and the Menace of Unreality - The Atlantic
Ultimately, many people in Russia and around the world understand that Russian political parties are hollow and Russian news outlets are churning out fantasies. But insisting on the lie, the Kremlin intimidates others by showing that it is in control of defining ‘reality.’ This is why it’s so important for Moscow to do away with truth. If nothing is true, then anything is possible. We are left with the sense that we don’t know what Putin will do next—that he’s unpredictable and thus dangerous. We’re rendered stunned, spun, and flummoxed by the Kremlin’s weaponization of absurdity and unreality.
internationalrelations  informationwarfare  propoganda  VladimirPutin  Russia  TheAtlantic  2018 
9 days ago
AT&T's Doomed Plans to Turn HBO Into Netflix - The Atlantic
The channel’s stature is what makes it baffling to learn of reports that the new Warner Media chief executive John Stankey recently lectured HBO employees on the hard times ahead. In the eyes of Stankey, an AT&T veteran, HBO is apparently too small, too nimble, and too boutique—ill-fitted for a media world that’s all about size.
HBO  television  streamingmedia  strategy  review  TheAtlantic  2018 
9 days ago
J Hus, Knife Crime and the Way the UK Mainstream Consumes Music - Noisey
Unless people are able to consume and enjoy underground subcultural produce at arms length, without having to think about the difficult or challenging reality that it is often sourced from, it is rarely given a balanced hearing. We require more from our media in its engagement with the roots of music culture and the lives of artists who contribute towards it. Because simply cherry-picking surface level aspects of artistic expression, without properly trying to understand and be compassionate about its deeper social complexities – the very complexities that often make music as exciting and progressive as it is – will only further demarcate cultural boundaries in our patchwork society.
JHus  music  culture  journalism  critique  Noisey  Vice  2018 
11 days ago
‘Cargo-Bike Moms’ Are Gentrifying the Netherlands - The Atlantic
n Rotterdam, the bakfiets utility bike has become a symbol—and a tool—of urban displacement.
gentrification  urbandevelopment  cargobikes  Rotterdam  Netherlands  review  TheAtlantic  2018 
11 days ago
Xiaomi IPO: Xiaomi is looking less and less like Apple, and more and more like Muji — Quartz
Xiaomi originated as a smartphone maker less then a decade ago, and later branched out into other gadgets like drones, fitness trackers, and smart home devices that sync with an app—such as this wifi-enabled rice cooker. Over the past two years, however, it has offered an increasing number of decidedly low-tech products to its customers.
Xiaomi  comparison  Muji  strategy  Quartz  2018 
11 days ago
What’s Holding Mexico’s Economy Back - Bloomberg
The sad reality is that the new Mexican regime probably cannot improve its economic performance unless it can address basic problems with education and productivity.
Mexico  economy  review  critique  education  productivity  author:TylerCowen  Bloomberg  2018 
11 days ago
Opinion | Germany’s Political Crisis Has Just Begun - The New York Times
The fight over refugees has introduced a new climate of fear-mongering and brinkmanship.
politics  immigration  refugees  AfD  CSU  review  Germany  EuropeanUnion  NYTimes  2018 
13 days ago
The Chris Froome Ruling Just Broke Anti-Doping | Outside Online
The UCI's decision in the Brit's case may have far-reaching implications for international drug testing
ChrisFroome  doping  cycling  WADA  salbutamol  review  Outside  2018 
15 days ago
BBC - Travel - Why no-one speaks Indonesia's language
Bahasa Indonesia was adopted to make communication easier across the vast Indonesian archipelago, but its simplicity has only created new barriers.
Bahasa  language  review  critique  Indonesia  BBC  2018 
15 days ago
Hello Fresh: The World's Most Ruthless Food Startup | Inc.com
HelloFresh blew past 100 competitors to become the No. 1 meal-kit company on the planet. The German startup is winning--but not by playing nice.
HelloFresh  food  RocketInternet  startup  review  mealkits  Inc  2018 
18 days ago
Is eating natural food the same as eating what's healthy? | Aeon Essays
The glass of orange juice at the breakfast table tells a tale about what’s natural, what’s whole and what’s healthy for us
food  natural  health  review  Aeon  2018 
18 days ago
‘Get shredded in six weeks!’ The problem with extreme male body transformations | Life and style | The Guardian
Men’s Health magazine has transformed many men – and its own fortunes – by featuring extreme muscle makeovers. But does changing shape fast have a dark side?
men  bodyimage  fitness  MensHealth  trends  Guardian  2018 
18 days ago
Joe Jackson was one of the most monstrous fathers in pop | Music | The Guardian
The failed blues musician’s main talent appeared to be devising innovative ways to make his children’s lives miserable – and he reserved the worst abuse for Michael
JoeJackson  profile  obituary  MichaelJackson  music  abuse  Guardian  2018 
22 days ago
Are asylum rights misguided? - Marginal REVOLUTION
In closing, I would note that asylum rights seem to be creating major political problems for Europe.  Partially for non-rational reasons, many voters view asylum-linked immigration as “more out of control” than other kinds of migration.  And the EU arguably has poorly designed institutions for handling asylum, and doling out relative responsibilities to member nations.  Plus Europe is very close to the Middle East and Africa.  Reforming the treatment of asylum in Europe might well improve the functioning of democracy there and actually put immigration on a more stable path.
asylum  refugees  migration  review  author:TylerCowen  MarginalRevolution  2018 
22 days ago
How Amazon Steers Shoppers to Its Own Products - The New York Times
Amazon has roughly 100 private label brands for sale on its huge online marketplace, of which more than five dozen have been introduced in the past year alone.
Amazon  ownbrands  privatelabel  growth  strategy  monopoly  retail  ecommerce  NYTimes  2018 
24 days ago
The Brexit Short: How Hedge Funds Used Private Polls to Make Millions - Bloomberg
Private polls—and a timely ‘concession’ from the face of Leave—allowed the funds to make millions off the pound’s collapse.
Brexit  referendum  politics  polling  hedgefunds  NigelFarage  democracy  review  critique  UK  Bloomberg  2018 
24 days ago
What Immigration Crisis? The U.S. Isn’t Being Swamped - Bloomberg
In other words, although the issue of children at the border presents a moral crisis, Central American immigration is not at a crisis level overall, nor likely to become so. Trump is spreading alarm over a phenomenon that will probably dwindle away from now on. The problem of unaccompanied children at the border is a problem, and one that Trump will hopefully handle better in the future. But the U.S. isn't in danger of being inundated by Central Americans.
migration  refugees  immigration  review  DonaldTrump  decline  USA  Mexico  CentralAmerica 
24 days ago
Reddit redesign revs up engagement for Audi | Digital - Ad Age
Reddit's redesign and new ad products seem to be paying off—for Audi, at least.

The car manufacturer's "Think Faster" campaign featured stars such as Elizabeth Banks and Liza Koshy answering questions from Redditors live – "Ask Me Anything" style – while zooming 120 mph or more in an Audi sports car. Reddit says the redesign of its website and native video ad offering have significantly increased engagement from users.
Reddit  redesign  engagement  onlineadvertising  onlinevideo  Audi  creativeshowcase  AdvertisingAge  2018 
24 days ago
YouTube Is Launching a New Creative Suite for Marketers to Make Better Ads – Adweek
The Creative Suite will focus on delivering insights for brands (with the Video Experiment and Video Creative Analytics tools) and storytelling (with its Director Mix and Video Ad Sequencing tools). The company said it is working with a number of agencies and brands including brands like 20th Century Fox (for The Greatest Showman) and Kellogg’s which have already started to use these tools.

Video Experiments will allow brands and agencies to test campaigns in real time to measure things like awareness, ad recall and purchase intent. The tools allow brands to make tweaks to the campaigns before the official launch to maximize the effectiveness of the creative. YouTube’s Brand Lift tool measures those analytics after a campaign has ended. YouTube realized it could help creatives prior or during a campaign if it could extend those capabilities to creatives earlier in the process.
YouTube  YouTubeCreativeSuite  launch  insights  analytics  AdWeek  2018 
24 days ago
YouTube creators can hype prerecorded videos with 'Premieres'
While YouTube users have been able to schedule prerecorded videos for years, until now there hasn't been a seamless way to build anticipation for those videos. But there's a feature being launched at VidCon 2018 called YouTube Premieres that's going to change that. This tool will let creators hype future on-demand videos with a dedicated public landing page that they can link to before a video is live on their channel. Right now, YouTube creators tend to go on other social sites like Instagram or Twitter to let their followers know about incoming videos, but there wasn't a way for them to direct people to a specific page on YouTube -- not for prerecorded videos, anyway.
YouTube  YouTubePremieres  launch  anticipation  tease  Engadget  2018 
24 days ago
Messenger Kids expands outside the U.S., rolls out ‘kindness’ features | TechCrunch
Facebook’s kid-friendly messaging app, Messenger Kids, is expanding to its first countries outside the U.S. today, with launches in Canada and Peru. It’s also introducing French and Spanish versions of its app, and rolling out a handful of new features focused on promoting respect and empathy, including a “Messenger Kids Pledge” and something called “Kindness Stickers,” which are meant to inspire more positive emotions when communicating online.
Facebook  MessengerKids  launch  children  Techcrunch  2018 
24 days ago
Facebook Translation Suggestions Are Now Available Throughout Messenger – Adweek
Facebook revealed at its F8 annual developer conference in early May that Messenger’s suggestions from M would be extended to provide translation suggestions for different languages in the social network’s Marketplace commerce section.
Facebook  MAssistant  translation  launch  AdWeek  2018 
24 days ago
Autoplaying video ads will soon invade your Facebook Messenger inbox
But after more than a year of testing those ads, which have appeared about halfway down in users' inboxes, the Messenger team reportedly thinks the automatically playing videos won't be a nuisance.
FacebookMessenger  Facebook  onlineadvertising  autoplay  launch  Mashable  2018 
24 days ago
Facebook tests ‘subscription Groups’ that charge for exclusive content | TechCrunch
Facebook is starting to let Group admins charge $4.99 to $29.99 per month for access to special sub-Groups full of exclusive posts. A hand-picked array of parenting, cooking and “organize my home” Groups will be the first to get the chance to spawn a subscription Group open to their members.
Facebook  content  subscription  Techcrunch  2018 
24 days ago
‘That’s YouTube’: Facebook opens Watch to all videos from publishers, creators - Digiday
Facebook has begun to add non-episodic videos from publishers, creators, companies and other pages to Watch to appear alongside the episodic shows the section was originally dedicated to. Any videos from all of the pages that people follow on Facebook will be eligible to appear within Watch, as will videos from pages that people don’t follow, Fidji Simo, Facebook vp of product, said in an interview.
FacebookWatch  Facebook  onlinevideo  Digiday  2018 
24 days ago
Instagram announces IGTV, a standalone app for longer videos - The Verge
Instagram today announced IGTV, a standalone app for watching long-form vertical video that will also have a tab inside the flagship app. When you log in to IGTV, it will automatically begin playing vertical videos from people you follow, along with personalized recommendations from elsewhere in Instagram. The app is now available on iOS and Android.
IGTV  Instagram  launch  mobilevideo  TheVerge  2018 
24 days ago
How many words do you need to speak a language? - BBC News
So which words should we learn? Prof Webb says the most effective way to be able to speak a language quickly is to pick the 800 to 1,000 lemmas which appear most frequently in a language, and learn those.

If you learn only 800 of the most frequently-used lemmas in English, you'll be able to understand 75% of the language as it is spoken in normal life.
language  learn  linguistics  research  BBC  2018 
25 days ago
Ways to think about machine learning — Benedict Evans
I spend quite a lot of time meeting big companies and talking about their technology needs, and they generally have some pretty clear low hanging fruit for machine learning. There are lots of obvious analysis and optimisation problems, and plenty of things that are clearly image recognition problems or audio analysis questions. Equally, the only reason we’re talking about autonomous cars and mixed reality is because machine learning (probably) enables them - ML offers a path for cars to work out what’s around them and what human drivers might be going to do, and offers mixed reality a way to work out what I should be seeing, if I’m looking though a pair of glasses that could show anything. But after we’ve talked about wrinkles in fabric or sentiment analysis in the call center, these companies tend to sit back and ask, ‘well, what else?’ What are the other things that this will enable, and what are the unknown unknowns that it will find? We’ve probably got ten to fifteen years before that starts getting boring. 
machinelearning  opportunity  innovation  automation  imagerecognition  relationaldatabases  review  BenedictEvans  2018 
26 days ago
“As an Added Bonus, She Paid for Everything”: My Bright-Lights Misadventure with a Magician of Manhattan | Vanity Fair
She walked into my life in Gucci sandals and Céline glasses, and showed me a glamorous, frictionless world of hotel living and Le Coucou dinners and infrared saunas and Moroccan vacations. And then she made my $62,000 disappear.
AnnaDelvey  personalaccount  fraud  NewYork  Marrakech  VanityFair  2018 
28 days ago
The Reputation-Laundering Firm That Ruined Its Own Reputation | The New Yorker
A P.R. company that worked with dictators and oligarchs deliberately inflamed racial tensions in South Africa—and destroyed itself in the process.
BellPottinger  publicrelations  profile  review  Guptas  SouthAfrica  fraud  fakenews  critique  decline  NewYorker  2018 
28 days ago
How Batteries Went From Primitive Power to Global Domination - Bloomberg
The technology that’s been in our pocket for decades has moved into cars—and that’s just the start.
battery  lithiumion  energy  growth  forecast  electricvehicles  opportunity  Bloomberg  2018 
4 weeks ago
Meera Sodha's vegan recipe for wild rice salad with two dressings | Life and style | The Guardian
Meera Sodha’s recipe for wild rice, chickpea and aubergine salad with tamarind and ‘yoghurt’ dressing.
salad  recipe  chickpea  author:MeeraSodha  Guardian  2018 
4 weeks ago
London: The AI Growth Capital of Europe - CognitionX
AI innovation across London
London’s unique strengths as a global hub of Artificial Intelligence.
artificialintelligence  review  opportunity  London  MayorofLondon  CognitionX  2018 
4 weeks ago
The Bike Share War Is Shaking Up Seattle Like Nowhere Else | WIRED
Yet the willingness—even eagerness—of Seattle's three dockless bike sharing companies to enter into expensive and restrictive agreements with the University suggests that another way is possible. Instead of squeezing into gaps between the rules, these companies are entering into operational and financial partnerships with a jurisdiction, albeit a small one.
cycling  bikeshare  dockless  transport  regulation  innovation  Ofo  Limebike  Seattle  USA  Wired  2018 
4 weeks ago
Why China’s Payment Apps Give U.S. Bankers Nightmares
To be sure, U.S. banks have formidable advantages on their home turf. They have longstanding relationships with their customers, many of whom still like ‘visiting their money’ at a local branch. Consumers love credit card rewards programs and other perks, which have gotten sweeter in recent years, as well as the ability to charge back purchases that don’t go well. And U.S. bank deposits are backed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

Still, banks and payment networks have a lot to lose if technology firms succeed in grabbing market share—and there are signs that Alipay and WeChat aren’t the only firms that may flex their muscles. Amazon is said to be interested in offering its own product to mimic checking accounts while offering to lower costs for retailers who use its online payments service.
banking  mobilebanking  disruption  Alipay  WeChat  China  USA  Bloomberg  2018 
4 weeks ago
Five myths about the refugee crisis | News | The Guardian
The cameras have gone – but the suffering endures. Daniel Trilling deconstructs the beliefs that still shape policy and public opinion
refugees  migration  review  Europe  Guardian  2018 
4 weeks ago
Trump and Kim Can Learn a Thing or Two From Singapore - Bloomberg
It values public service highly, lets the market solve problems and has fans across the political spectrum.
government  publicsector  review  Singapore  author:TylerCowen  Bloomberg  2018 
4 weeks ago
Why consume the most recent news? - Marginal REVOLUTION
In essence, the news is a good, cheap trick for getting yourself to care more about things you should care about anyway, but maybe don’t.
news  review  personalaccount  author:TylerCowen  MarginalRevolution  2018 
4 weeks ago
Opinion | Hey Boss, You Don’t Want Your Employees to Meditate - The New York Times
But on the face of it, mindfulness might seem counterproductive in a workplace setting. A central technique of mindfulness meditation, after all, is to accept things as they are. Yet companies want their employees to be motivated. And the very notion of motivation — striving to obtain a more desirable future — implies some degree of discontentment with the present, which seems at odds with a psychological exercise that instills equanimity and a sense of calm.
mindfulness  meditation  employment  productivity  research  NYTimes  2018 
4 weeks ago
Lux 🤖🤠 Alptraum on Twitter: "It is a generally accepted truth that the internet changed sex work, but I don't think people fully appreciate how extensive that change really was — not just in the form, function, and demographics of sex work, but al
It is a generally accepted truth that the internet changed sex work, but I don't think people fully appreciate how extensive that change really was — not just in the form, function, and demographics of sex work, but also the public perception and conversation around sex work.
sex  prostitution  pornography  trends  consumer  internet  author:LuxAlptraum  Twitter  2018 
5 weeks ago
How Fortnite is transforming the gaming industry - The Verge
Fortnite’s free-to-play model, combined with the inherent popularity of the battle royale genre and Epic’s breakneck update cycle, has turned Fortnite into a mega-hit. Now, nearly every big publisher is looking for ways to capitalize on the trend while trying to adapt at the same velocity as Epic.
Fortnite  gaming  trends  battleroyale  review  TheVerge  2018 
5 weeks ago
China increasingly challenges American dominance of science - The Washington Post
After decades of American dominance, Chinese science is ascendant, and it is luring scientists like Pastor-Pareja away from the United States. Even more China-born scientists are returning from abroad to a land of new scientific opportunity.
R&D  comparison  USA  China  WashingtonPost  2018 
5 weeks ago
Underpaid and exhausted: the human cost of your Kindle | Technology | The Guardian
In the Chinese city of Hengyang, we find a fatigued, disposable workforce assembling gadgets for Amazon, owned by the world’s richest man.
Amazon  Foxconn  employment  review  critique  China  Guardian  2018 
5 weeks ago
Beware of Isle of Dogs: the Fussy Racism of Wes Anderson
Isle of Dogs is emblematic of every Wes Anderson movie save for Bottle Rocket, his debut film. Bottle Rocket stands out as different because Anderson worked closely with James L. Brooks on the screenplay. Brooks, for whatever his flaws as a filmmaker — and there are many — is known for his ability to articulate the foibles and quirky emotions of the human experience. Anderson shows no such capacity. He’s more interested in superficial glossy details than in exploring how people relate to each other.
IsleofDogs  WesAnderson  film  review  critique  racism  Japan  author:EricCoyote  Medium  2018 
6 weeks ago
China has turned Xinjiang into a police state like no other - Apartheid with Chinese characteristics
Hasan is one of hundreds of thousands of Uighurs, a Turkic-language people, who have disappeared in Xinjiang, China’s north-western province. It is an empty, far-flung place; Hasan’s home town of Yarkand is as close to Baghdad as it is to Beijing. It is also a crucial one. The region is China’s biggest domestic producer of oil and gas, and much of the fuel imported from Central Asia and Russia passes through on its way to the industries of the east coast. It is now a vital link in the Belt and Road Initiative, a foreign policy which aims to bind the Middle East and Europe to China with ties of infrastructure, investment and trade.

But on top of that it is the home of the Uighurs, the largest Muslim group in the country, and ethnically quite distinct from the Han Chinese. A recent history of Uighur unrest—in particular bloody inter-ethnic violence in Urumqi in 2009 that followed the murder of Uighurs elsewhere in China—and subsequent terrorism have sent the government’s repressive tendencies into overdrive. Under a new party boss, Chen Quanguo, appointed in 2016, the provincial government has vastly increased the money and effort it puts into controlling the activities and patrolling the beliefs of the Uighur population. Its regime is racist, uncaring and totalitarian, in the sense of aiming to affect every aspect of people’s lives. It has created a fully-fledged police state. And it is committing some of the most extensive, and neglected, human-rights violations in the world.
Xinjiang  Uighurs  totalitarianism  racism  review  critique  surveillance  China  Economst  2018 
6 weeks ago
Campaign URL Builder — Google Analytics Demos & Tools
This tool allows you to easily add campaign parameters to URLs so you can track Custom Campaigns in Google Analytics.
UTM  URL  URLbuilder  utility  tracking  analytics  Google 
6 weeks ago
Exclusive: How Elizabeth Holmes’s House of Cards Came Tumbling Down | Vanity Fair
In a searing investigation into the once lauded biotech start-up Theranos, Nick Bilton discovers that its precocious founder defied medical experts—even her own chief scientist—about the veracity of its now discredited blood-testing technology. She built a corporation based on secrecy in the hope that she could still pull it off. Then, it all fell apart.
ElizabethHolmes  profile  Theranos  startup  biotech  review  critique  VanityFair  2018 
6 weeks ago
After the Miracle — The California Sunday Magazine
For a generation, Americans have been outsourcing work to India, where companies like Infosys grew bigger than Facebook and Google combined and created a new middle class. It seemed as though the boom would last forever.
Infosys  profile  outsourcing  informationtechnology  review  India  CaliforniaSundayMagazine  2018 
6 weeks ago
Tales from the far-flung Faroes - BBC News
The people who live on remote rocks in the North Atlantic
Faroes  profile  post  BBC  2018 
6 weeks ago
Grace Dent: ‘The processed food debate is MSG-sprinkled class war' | Life and style | The Guardian
Healthy-food campaigners may be sincere, but they do not know the pure joy of a Birds Eye potato waffle or Mint Viennetta
food  socialclass  review  personalaccount  author:GraceDent  Guardian  2018 
6 weeks ago
How Fortnite Captured Teens’ Hearts and Minds | The New Yorker
The craze for the third-person shooter game has elements of Beatlemania, the opioid crisis, and eating Tide Pods.
Fortnite  gaming  trends  consumer  NewYorker  2018 
6 weeks ago
George Osborne’s London Evening Standard sells its editorial independence to Uber, Google and others – for £3 million | openDemocracy
Exclusive: Newspaper promised six commercial giants “money-can’t-buy” news coverage in a lucrative deal, leaving millions of Londoners unaware of who’s paying for their news.
EveningStandard  nativeadvertising  editorial  critique  journalism  London  UK  OpenDemocracy  2018 
6 weeks ago
Atheists Are Sometimes More Religious Than Christians - The Atlantic
A new study shows how poorly we understand the beliefs of people who identify as atheist, agnostic, or nothing in particular.
religion  atheism  research  consumer  comparison  USA  Europe  TheAtlantic  2018 
6 weeks ago
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