Britain’s Boarding School Problem | The New Republic
How the country’s elite institutions have shaped colonialism, Brexit, and today’s global super-rich
education  privateschools  culture  history  review  critique  UK  NewRepublic  2018 
How Hungary’s Viktor Orbán destroyed democracy, and what it means for America - Vox
A new kind of authoritarianism is taking root in Europe — and there are warning signs for America.
facism  softfacism  democracy  authoritarianism  ViktorOrban  Hungary  USA  comparison  Vox  2018 
Viral social media posts can harm the outdoors — Quartz
The Enchantments aren’t the only scenic spot seeing increased impact from its social media popularity. California’s Lake Tahoe, Colorado’s Guffey Gorge and Hanging Lake, New York’s Blue Hole, and Virginia’s Devil’s Bathtub are among the attractions seeing an uptick in visitors who are doing it for the ‘gram.
tourism  overtourism  Instagram  nationalparks  review  critique  USA  Quartz  2018 
5 days ago
Diversity Is an American Strength, Not Weakness - Bloomberg
Those of the same mind as Tucker Carlson will claim that all this success comes in spite of diversity, rather than because of it. But there’s strong evidence that through repeated contact, diversity leads to greater social trust and lower discrimination between people of different backgrounds. And the correlation between organizational diversity and performance might also come from this difficult but rewarding strengthening process.
diversity  review  opportunity  advocacy  author:NoahSmith  Bloomberg  2018 
6 days ago
Why Do National Airlines Still Exist? – Skift
“If the choice was whether I wanted to have a national airline and pay a shitload of taxpayer money just to maintain the flag on airplanes compared to having someone else come and fill the void, I’d choose someone else,” he said. “If nations want their flags to be carried, they can do it in many other ways.”
airlines  flagcarriers  deregulation  review  travel  Skift  2018 
6 days ago
What Can We Expect of Vladimir Putin When He Is Scared? | The New Yorker
But Putin also loves to be loved. The suppression of dissent in Russia will probably intensify in the wake of last weekend’s protests, but that will not satisfy him fully. It may secure his power, but it will not repair his numbers. Only war can do that. All he needs is a worthy enemy, and a fitting propaganda campaign, to take people’s minds off their worries and make them feel a part of something great. Expect Russia’s neighbors, once again, to pay for the Kremlin’s instability.
VladimirPutin  politics  dissent  totalitarianism  censorship  protests  internationalrelations  Russia  NewYorker  2018 
6 days ago
Extreme Athleticism Is the New Midlife Crisis – Great Escape – Medium
For decades, the midlife crisis has been expressed in tired pop-culture tropes in which (usually) white men buy sports cars and carry on affairs with younger women in a doomed and desperate bid to feel young again. But increasingly, people are responding to the anxieties of middle age not by clinging to the last vestiges of expiring youth but to taking on challenges that seem to belong to the young alone: by pushing the limits of what they’re physically capable of through endurance athletics and extreme fitness. The focus is less on what happened before the crisis and more on what happens after. Call it the midlife correction.
middleage  midlifecrisis  exercise  ultraendurance  cycling  running  triathlon  author:PaulFlannery  Medium  2018 
6 days ago
Kelly Slater's Artificial Surf Pool Is Really Making Waves at the World Surf League Competition | WIRED
The world’s premier surfer has joined forces with wave science geeks to create an artificial wave in the middle of the California desert. Will it revolutionize the sport or destroy the soul of surfing? Yes.

surfing  KellySlater  simulcram  artificial  Wired  2018 
13 days ago
Why tourism is killing Barcelona – a photo essay | Travel | The Guardian
One of the coolest destinations in Europe just two decades ago, Barcelona is now so overcrowded it has become a tourist theme park – and is losing the character that made it so popular
tourism  overtourism  review  critique  travel  Barcelona  Spain  Guardian  2018 
19 days ago
Does $60,000 make you middle-class or wealthy on Planet Earth? - The Washington Post
The world is on the brink of a historic milestone: By 2020, more than half of the world’s population will be “middle class,” according to Brookings Institution scholar Homi Kharas.

Kharas defines the middle class as people who have enough money to cover basics needs, such as food, clothing and shelter, and still have enough left over for a few luxuries, such as fancy food, a television, a motorbike, home improvements or higher education.
middleclass  growth  global  income  WashingtonPost  2018 
23 days ago
Religion: why faith is becoming more and more popular | News | The Guardian
Faith is on the rise and 84% of the global population identifies with a religious group. What does it mean for the future?
religion  faith  statistics  penetration  Christianity  Islam  Buddhism  Hinduism  global  country  Guardian  2018 
23 days ago
Opinion | The New Socialists - The New York Times
The socialist argument against capitalism isn’t that it makes us poor. It’s that it makes us unfree. When my well-being depends upon your whim, when the basic needs of life compel submission to the market and subjugation at work, we live not in freedom but in domination. Socialists want to end that domination: to establish freedom from rule by the boss, from the need to smile for the sake of a sale, from the obligation to sell for the sake of survival.
socialism  politics  freedom  advocacy  BernieSanders  AlexandriaOcasioCortez  RashidaTlaib  USA  NYTimes  2018 
23 days ago
It Can Happen Here | by Cass R. Sunstein | The New York Review of Books
In their different ways, Mayer, Haffner, and Jarausch show how habituation, confusion, distraction, self-interest, fear, rationalization, and a sense of personal powerlessness make terrible things possible. They call attention to the importance of individual actions of conscience both small and large, by people who never make it into the history books. Nearly two centuries ago, James Madison warned: “Is there no virtue among us? If there be not, we are in a wretched situation. No theoretical checks—no form of government can render us secure.” Haffner offered something like a corollary, which is that the ultimate safeguard against aspiring authoritarians, and wolves of all kinds, lies in individual conscience: in “decisions taken individually and almost unconsciously by the population at large.”
Nazi  history  totalitarianism  consumer  personalaccount  comparison  politics  DonaldTrump  Germany  USA  NYReviewofBooks  2018 
23 days ago
New York gig economy under threat as city cracks down on app-based services | US news | The Guardian
City has jumped to the forefront of a worldwide push to clamp down on companies such as Uber, Lyft and Airbnb
Airbnb  Uber  Lyft  sharingeconomy  regulations  NewYork  USA  Guardian  2018 
24 days ago
If you want to save the world, veganism isn’t the answer | Isabella Tree | Opinion | The Guardian
Intensively farmed meat and dairy are a blight, but so are fields of soya and maize. There is another way
vegan  agriculture  environment  critique  meat  dairy  Guardian  2018 
24 days ago
Media Giants Rev Up Streaming Services to Compete With Netflix – Variety
The direct-to-consumer streaming video business model refined by Netflix is the reason Disney and Comcast chased 21st Century Fox with such fervor. It was a big part of AT&T’s motivation for scooping up Time Warner. It marks the biggest shift in entertainment industry economics in decades, and it is an evolution largely driven by a company that has been in the original content business for barely six years.
television  streamingmedia  Netflix  Disney  Comcast  AT&T  HBO  HBOGo  competition  strategy  review  USA  Variety  2018 
24 days ago
American Ownership Society Is Changing Thanks to Technology - Bloomberg
Each of these changes is beneficial, yet I worry that Americans are, slowly but surely, losing their connection to the idea of private ownership. The nation was based on the notion that property ownership gives individuals a stake in the system. It set Americans apart from feudal peasants, taught us how property rights and incentives operate, and was a kind of training for future entrepreneurship. Do we not, as parents, often give our children pets or other valuable possessions to teach them basic lessons of life and stewardship?
ownership  materialism  capitalism  decline  review  critique  author:TylerCowen  Bloomberg  2018 
24 days ago
Paradise Lost: Tourists Are Destroying the Places They Love - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Travel is no longer a luxury good. Airlines like Ryanair and EasyJet have contributed to a form of mass tourism that has made local residents feel like foreigners in cities like Barcelona and Rome. The infrastructure is buckling under the pressure.
tourism  review  critique  overtourism  travel  Spiegel  2018 
24 days ago
The NYTimes shouldn’t have relied so heavily on that Facebook and anti-refugee study.
This means that even if there is extremely strong correlation between anti-refugee sentiment on Facebook and attacks in the real world, this study isn’t designed to assess if one is causing the other.
Facebook  refugees  racism  xenophobia  extremism  Germany  research  review  author:FelixSalmon  Slate  2018 
26 days ago
How to Wrap Text Around an Image With CSS
Adding text and images to websites is easy. Text is added with standard HTML tags like paragraphs, headings, and lists, while images are placed on a page with the <img> element. Once you have added an image to your web page, however, you might want to have the text flow next to the image, rather than align below it (which is the default way an image added to HTML code will render in the browser). Technically, there are two ways you can achieve this look, either by using CSS (recommended) or by adding the visual instructions directly into the HTML (not recommended, since you want to maintain the separation of style and structure for your website).
image  wraparound  text  html  css  guide  lifewire 
28 days ago
Turkey Was Ripe for a Currency Crisis. Will It Spread? - Bloomberg
The country’s plight sparks fears of an emerging-markets meltdown.
economy  currency  review  critique  Bloomberg  2018 
4 weeks ago
A Bot Panic Hits Amazon Mechanical Turk | WIRED
After noticing an uptick in low-quality survey responses on Amazon Mechanical Turk, researchers wondered if bots were to blame.
MechanicalTurk  Amazon  research  critique  bot  review  Wired  2018 
4 weeks ago
Why Are Record Companies Dumping Their Spotify Stock? - Office of Copyright
Yet, if the prospects for Spotify are as rosy as the internet would have you assume, why, in a least two cases, dump the stock and run for the hills? (As of the writing of this post, only Universal Music Group still retains its full share out of the major labels.)
Spotify  profitability  results  review  critique  music  streamingmedia  OfficeofCopyright  2018 
4 weeks ago
How TripAdvisor changed travel | News | The Guardian
The world’s biggest travel site has turned the industry upside down – but now it is struggling to deal with the same kinds of problems that are vexing other tech giants like Facebook, Google and Twitter.
TripAdvisor  travel  usergeneratedcontent  consumerreviews  review  history  profile  Guardian  2018 
4 weeks ago
The Great Chinese Art Heist | GQ
Strange how it keeps happening, how the greatest works of Chinese art keep getting brazenly stolen from museums around the world. Is it a conspiracy? Vengeance for treasures plundered years ago? We sent Alex W. Palmer to investigate the trail of theft and the stunning rumor: Is the Chinese government behind one of the boldest art-crime waves in history?
art  crime  repatriation  ChinaGQ  2018 
4 weeks ago
Dating Study: At What Age Are Men, Women Most Desirable? - The Atlantic
A massive new study of online dating finds that everyone dates aspirationally—and that a woman’s desirability peaks 32 years before a man’s does.
onlinedating  relationships  research  USA  TheAtlantic  2018 
4 weeks ago
How to cook the perfect caponata | Food | The Guardian
Aubergine is the star of this classic sweet and sour Sicilian vegetable dish – but the rest of the ingredients are up for debate. Are fresh tomatoes a must? And is it worth slipping in a bit of chilli or chocolate?
caponata  aubergine  recipe  Guardian  2018 
5 weeks ago
The Instagram proving no one is unique on Instagram | Dazed
If a tree falls in the forest but you weren’t there to pose in front of it, is it still an opportunity for content?
Instagram  contentmarketing  critique  Dazed  2018 
5 weeks ago
Current Affairs | Culture & Politics
Ben Shapiro’s fans apparently think he is very smart. It is not clear why.
BenShapiro  profile  review  critique  politics  AltRight  CurrentAffairs  2018 
5 weeks ago
Trump Hurts U.S. Exports in the Marketplace of Ideas - Bloomberg
Over time, those ideological “exports” may prove a bigger problem than any particular misguided Trump policy. Trump too, is an innovation, and various populist right and alt-right parties around the world have taken comfort and drawn inspiration from his rise. Again, focus on the same general point that has made the American capitalist system so potent: Follow the ideas.
DonaldTrump  politics  critique  internationalrelations  author:TylerCowen  Bloomberg  2018 
5 weeks ago
JRA with the Angry Asian: Enough with the e-bike hate already | CyclingTips
“We now have an entirely new crop of bicyclists that will bring their buying power, advocacy, and potential lobbying ability. Let’s embrace them. Families with young children are already the exposed at-risk trail user amongst cyclists, inline skaters, joggers, and idiots. Let’s not use a few anecdotes as data. The mountain resorts face this same battle in the 80s with snowboarders and skiers squaring off on the slopes. The ‘careless’ snowboarders were ruining the experience for skiers in the minds of those consumers who had used the mountains and snow for enjoyment. As it turns out, the new sport of snowboarding brought investment from outside the endemic brands. In economic and environmental downtime, [snowboarding] may have saved a resort or two. In no plausible scenario does growing the pedal equipped two-wheeled transport hurt cycling as a whole. I’ll take a novice on a bike at a US assisted speed regulated to 20mph all day long, but I’m less optimistic that the influence of the bicycle curmudgeon will wane so quickly. Enthusiasts are genuinely threatened by e-bikes and their riders.”
cycling  ebikes  review  advocacy  author:JamesHuang  CyclingTips  2018 
5 weeks ago
How Millennials Killed Mayonnaise – Philadelphia Magazine
The inexorable rise of identity condiments has led to hard times for the most American of foodstuffs. And that’s a shame.
mayonnaise  food  trends  Hellmanns  history  PhiladelphiaMagazine  2018 
5 weeks ago
Turkey Is Following a Familiar Emerging-Market Script - Bloomberg
The currency crisis may well be the start of tough times for Turkey. Capital outflows themselves are manageable with capital controls, as China demonstrated after its 2015 stock market crash. But the longer-term damage of an economy with high debt levels, with too many resources oriented toward real estate and construction, could be harder to escape.
economy  review  critique  realestate  productivity  crisis  RecepTayyipErdogan  Turkey  author:NoahSmith  Bloomberg  2018 
5 weeks ago
REDEF ORIGINAL: Why HBO Needs to Grow (The Future of HBO, Pt. I)
HBO is one of the most successful media brands in history. But like all businesses, it will still need to change and grow if it wants to remain king. Over-the-top distribution means far more than just changing screens.
HBO  television  streamingmedia  profile  review  flywheel  winnertakesall  forecast  REDEF  2018 
5 weeks ago
Behind the wheel of a Tesla Model 3: It’s a giant iPhone — for better and worse - The Washington Post
Our tech columnist took a three-day test drive in the car that’s really a connected gadget. He says cars won’t ever be the same.
Tesla  TeslaModel3  automotive  review  WashingtonPost  2018 
5 weeks ago
Not just a fad: the surprising, gut-wrenching truth about gluten | Food | The Guardian
While just 1% of the UK is allergic to the proteins that cause coeliac disease, many others suffer with gluten-related digestive problems. Some researchers believe mass-produced food is to blame
gluten  diet  food  trends  health  Guardian  2018 
6 weeks ago
LEL and PBP – how do they compare? – Cycling Intelligence
As this is going to be a long post, I’ll try to give a short answer first. Both Paris-Brest-Paris and London-Edinburgh-London are ruddy fantastic events. Taking part and finishing was among the best experiences I’ve ever had. From the outside, PBP and LEL may look very similar – you ride your bike for a bloody long way. But in fact, both events are rather different: PBP is a party, while LEL is an adventure.
LondonEdinburghLondon  ParisBrestParis  comparison  cycling  brevet  audax  personalaccount  CyclingIntelligence  2017 
6 weeks ago
Germany's 'China City': how Duisburg became Xi Jinping's gateway to Europe | Cities | The Guardian
The city is host to the world’s largest inland port, with 80% of trains from China now making it their first European stop
transport  logistics  SilkRoad  Duisburg  China  Germany  Guardian  2018 
6 weeks ago
How a Notorious Gangster Was Exposed by His Own Sister | The New Yorker
Astrid Holleeder has lived in hiding since becoming the star witness in a murder trial against her brother.
AstridHolleeder  crime  justice  Netherlands  NewYorker  2018 
6 weeks ago
“Who is Hackney for?” Mayor Philip Glanville on the borough’s controversial changes to nightlife licencing | CityMetric
But if London is to continue to be the world’s greatest city, we must make sure that growth does not come at the expense of the people and businesses who have made it what it is today. Local councils, faced with dwindling resources and fewer powers, face an increasingly difficult challenge to make that happen.
nightlife  localgovernment  regulation  Hackney  author:PhilipGlanville  CityMetric  2018 
6 weeks ago
The War on Soy Milk | The New Republic
America has federal laws about milk that leave little room for interpretation: The product must be produced in sanitary environments to prevent milk-borne disease. It also must be packaged in hermetically sealed containers, to prevent leaks and spoilage. But what is milk, precisely? That’s not as black and white.
soy  milk  regulations  USA  NewRepublic  2018 
6 weeks ago
The decline of northern England, 1780–2018 | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal
Northern England is now less educated and less productive than the south. This north-south divide is often characterised by policymakers as evidence of market failure. This column uses surname distributions to show that the northern decline can instead be explained by persistent outmigration of talent from the north. People of northern origin perform as well on average as those of southern origin. Talented northerners, however, are now mainly located in the south, where they are an economic elite.
inequality  region  migration  research  income  education  England  UK  Vox  2018 
7 weeks ago
How LA’s Underground Street Racing Scene and The Fast And The Furious Grew Up
Indeed, it was a scene that birthed the first of the Fast and Furious movies. Yet like any other scene, it has since grown, and in many ways, warped. Today the city is more familiar with takeovers or sideshows, where crowds of onlookers occupy an intersection to use for car stunts and endangering onlookers.
automotive  streetracing  history  TheFastandtheFurious  LosAngeles  Jalopnik  2018 
8 weeks ago
RA: Opinion: Hackney Council's decision is a huge setback for London nightlife
The Night Czar role's limitations have been exposed by the messy battle over nightlife in the East London borough, writes Dan Beaumont.
alcohol  licensing  clubbing  Hackney  London  author:DanBeaumont  ResidentAdvisor  2018 
8 weeks ago
Why Netflix’s share price dropped.
Netflix famously commissions new shows by looking at enormous amounts of data on who watches what. The assumption is that people watch what they like and that the more they watch, the more they value the service. But that’s not necessarily true: It suffers from the same fallacy as Facebook’s assumption that people click on and engage with the content they most want to see. If people stream hours on end of garbage shows on Netflix six days a week while they wait for the next episode of the show they really care about on a legacy cable channel, then Netflix will never have the market power to raise its subscription price to a profitable level.
Netflix  strategy  growth  results  review  streamingmedia  television  Slate  2018 
8 weeks ago
Project ‘Fuchsia’: Google Is Quietly Working on a Successor to Android - Bloomberg
For more than two years, a small and stealthy group of engineers within Google has been working on software that they hope will eventually replace Android, the world’s dominant mobile operating system. As the team grows, it will have to overcome some fierce internal debate about how the software will work.
Google  Fuchsia  Android  mobileoperatingsystems  Bloomberg  2018 
8 weeks ago
How to Tell If a President’s Words Are Treasonous - Bloomberg
Alarm over Trump’s Russia comments is justified, but they don't qualify as "perfidy" in the constitutional sense.
DonaldTrump  review  critique  treason  Bloomberg  2018 
8 weeks ago
Trump Is (Probably) Not a Russian Pawn - Bloomberg
Using economic game theory to try and understand the relationship between Trump and Putin.
DonaldTrump  VladimirPutin  politics  internationalrelations  review  author:TylerCowen  Bloomberg  2018 
8 weeks ago
When a U.S. citizen heard he was on his own country’s drone target list, he wasn’t sure he believed it. After five near-misses, he does – and is suing the United States to contest his own execution – Rolling Stone
When a U.S. citizen heard he was on his own country’s drone target list, he wasn’t sure he believed it. After five near-misses, he does – and is suing the United States to contest his own execution
assassination  law  drones  review  critique  humanrights  RollingStone  2018 
8 weeks ago
How Social Science Might Be Misunderstanding Conservatives
Maybe things aren’t as simple as conservatives being more intolerant than liberals, they write. Maybe what’s really going on here is that one side views certain groups as opposed to their interests and beliefs, and the other side views other groups as opposed to their interests and beliefs, and both sides have a penchant for intolerance toward the groups they view as opposed to them. That is: Sure, conservatives are more intolerant than liberals of groups traditionally viewed as liberal — but what happens when you ask liberals about groups they often view as their ideological adversaries, like members of the military or fundamentalist Christians?
authoritarian  liberal  conservatives  comparison  research  critique  NYMag  2018 
9 weeks ago
Why New Zealand Is Furious About Australia’s Deportation Policy - The New York Times
The cancellation of Australian visas on the grounds of “character” has soared since December 2014, when the government amended its immigration law. Last year, more than half of those visas belonged to New Zealanders, almost 1,300 of whom have been deported since January 2015. They are now the largest group in Australia’s immigration detention centers, whereas before the legal changes New Zealanders were not even in the top 10.
immigration  migration  xenophobia  internationalrelations  Australia  NewZealand  NYTimes  2018 
9 weeks ago
Stacking the Bricks: How the Blog Broke the Web
And the damn reverse chronology bias — once called into creation, it hungers eternally — sought its next victim. Myspace. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest, of all things. Today these social publishing tools are beginning to buck reverse chronological sort; they’re introducing algorithm sort, to surface content not by time posted but by popularity, or expected interactions, based on individual and group history. There is even less control than ever before.
blog  history  webdesign  reversechronological  sequence  userexperience  critique  creativity  StackingtheBricks  2018 
9 weeks ago
How Not to Scout for Soccer Talent - The Atlantic
Two new books raise interesting questions about the ethics and effectiveness of the sport’s selection system, with its early and intense winnowing process for aspiring players.
football  recruitment  children  critique  exploitation  Africa  TheAtlantic  2018 
9 weeks ago
How the BBC Lost the Plot on Brexit | by Nick Cohen | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books
In the preface to Animal Farm, George Orwell provided a line that today would be apt for the walls of the BBC headquarters: “Unpopular ideas can be silenced, and inconvenient facts kept dark, without the need for any official ban.” No doubt, if the shift of public opinion against Brexit continues, the BBC’s silence will end and, like a weather vane, it will swing with the prevailing wind. It will receive no plaudits from me. No one should praise journalists who speak out when, and only when, they are certain that public opinion is with them. Not just journalists, but anyone engaged in political life should learn from the BBC’s abject performance. Whether you are on the left or the right, there will be times when you will be frightened of saying what you believe for fear of offending your friends, breaking a taboo or going against the ephemeral consensus of the day. Allow that fear to dominate you and you will end up like the BBC: platitudinous, frightened, and irrelevant.
BBC  journalism  Brexit  critique  NYReviewofBooks  2018 
9 weeks ago
Brexit’s Future Without Boris Johnson - The Atlantic
The grand promises of withdrawal from the European Union run aground on the tedious and technical details that campaigners ignored.
Brexit  review  critique  internationalrelations  politics  UK  EuropeanUnion  TheAtlantic  2018 
10 weeks ago
Opinion | Boris Johnson Has Ruined Britain - The New York Times
“He knows that the verdict of history is about to come down on him — and bury him.”
BorisJohnson  politics  Brexit  profile  review  critique  UK  NYTimes  2018 
10 weeks ago
Russia and the Menace of Unreality - The Atlantic
Ultimately, many people in Russia and around the world understand that Russian political parties are hollow and Russian news outlets are churning out fantasies. But insisting on the lie, the Kremlin intimidates others by showing that it is in control of defining ‘reality.’ This is why it’s so important for Moscow to do away with truth. If nothing is true, then anything is possible. We are left with the sense that we don’t know what Putin will do next—that he’s unpredictable and thus dangerous. We’re rendered stunned, spun, and flummoxed by the Kremlin’s weaponization of absurdity and unreality.
internationalrelations  informationwarfare  propoganda  VladimirPutin  Russia  TheAtlantic  2018 
10 weeks ago
AT&T's Doomed Plans to Turn HBO Into Netflix - The Atlantic
The channel’s stature is what makes it baffling to learn of reports that the new Warner Media chief executive John Stankey recently lectured HBO employees on the hard times ahead. In the eyes of Stankey, an AT&T veteran, HBO is apparently too small, too nimble, and too boutique—ill-fitted for a media world that’s all about size.
HBO  television  streamingmedia  strategy  review  TheAtlantic  2018 
10 weeks ago
J Hus, Knife Crime and the Way the UK Mainstream Consumes Music - Noisey
Unless people are able to consume and enjoy underground subcultural produce at arms length, without having to think about the difficult or challenging reality that it is often sourced from, it is rarely given a balanced hearing. We require more from our media in its engagement with the roots of music culture and the lives of artists who contribute towards it. Because simply cherry-picking surface level aspects of artistic expression, without properly trying to understand and be compassionate about its deeper social complexities – the very complexities that often make music as exciting and progressive as it is – will only further demarcate cultural boundaries in our patchwork society.
JHus  music  culture  journalism  critique  Noisey  Vice  2018 
10 weeks ago
‘Cargo-Bike Moms’ Are Gentrifying the Netherlands - The Atlantic
n Rotterdam, the bakfiets utility bike has become a symbol—and a tool—of urban displacement.
gentrification  urbandevelopment  cargobikes  Rotterdam  Netherlands  review  TheAtlantic  2018 
10 weeks ago
Xiaomi IPO: Xiaomi is looking less and less like Apple, and more and more like Muji — Quartz
Xiaomi originated as a smartphone maker less then a decade ago, and later branched out into other gadgets like drones, fitness trackers, and smart home devices that sync with an app—such as this wifi-enabled rice cooker. Over the past two years, however, it has offered an increasing number of decidedly low-tech products to its customers.
Xiaomi  comparison  Muji  strategy  Quartz  2018 
10 weeks ago
What’s Holding Mexico’s Economy Back - Bloomberg
The sad reality is that the new Mexican regime probably cannot improve its economic performance unless it can address basic problems with education and productivity.
Mexico  economy  review  critique  education  productivity  author:TylerCowen  Bloomberg  2018 
10 weeks ago
Opinion | Germany’s Political Crisis Has Just Begun - The New York Times
The fight over refugees has introduced a new climate of fear-mongering and brinkmanship.
politics  immigration  refugees  AfD  CSU  review  Germany  EuropeanUnion  NYTimes  2018 
10 weeks ago
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