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ThreeJS Explorations / Observable
recommended intro tutorials for 3d canvas via threejs
3d  javascript  threejs  tutorial  code  webdev  programming  generative  animation 
4 days ago by inrgbwetrust
Build a blog using Gatsby.js & React – codeburst
kinda entry level, but a thorough introduction (v1 or v2?)
gatsbyjs  static  blog  tutorial  code  webdev  javascript 
9 days ago by inrgbwetrust
Create React components using your favorite (functional) CSS framework, e.g. Basscss
react  javascript  webdev  css  library  tools  code 
11 days ago by inrgbwetrust
Modern JS is gatekeeping | Go Make Things
pretty tempted to go through this guy's Vanilla JS courses
javascript  nodejs  webdev  commentary  tutorial 
20 days ago by inrgbwetrust
netlify-templates/victor-hugo: Victor Hugo is a Hugo boilerplate for creating truly epic websites!
nice scaffold for hugo with a robust (npm/gulp powered) asset pipeline for more complicated css and js requirements —— great guide to extending features here:
css  javascript  webdev  resources  tools  static  hugo  nodejs  organization 
26 days ago by inrgbwetrust
With actionable guidance and analysis, helps developers like you learn and apply the web's modern capabilities to your own sites and apps.

Worth running sites against it...?
webdev  resources  tools  reference  optimization 
4 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
What is a Design System Anyway? - Marvel Blog
mostly fluff but a couple solid reference points and links to better articles
styleguide  webdesign  webdev  reference  commentary  links 
10 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
Fathom Analytics
paid analytics that respect visitor privacy; use ?ref=producthunt for 20% off
analytics  tools  privacy  webdev 
11 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
GraphCMS - The GraphQL Headless CMS
slightly more generous free tier, but must display a promotion badge
api  javascript  cms  static  tools  webdev  gatsbyjs 
11 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
Priceline One Design System
very nice design system from @jxnblk, ready for React projects
react  styleguide  inspiration  ui  webdev 
11 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
In defense of Functional CSS | Mike Crittenden's Blog
thorough explanation of benefits to using things like basscss; see link at bottom for huge collection of similar articles

important point: "Also, if you find yourself in a situation where you're using the exact same classes in a bunch of different places, that's probably a DRY problem with repeated markup, and you should likely consider abstracting that into a reusable fragment or template so that you can define it in one place and just include it wherever you need it."
css  productivity  organization  commentary  links  webdev  html 
11 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
pixelsign/html5-device-mockups: HTML5 mockups of popular devices, to showcase your portfolio and spice up your website.
wide selection of devices to wrap around a scrollable iframe (with option to hook home button clicks to js)
mobile  prototyping  html  ux  ui  webdev  webdesign  resources  opensource 
11 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
Tailwind CSS - A Utility-First CSS Framework for Rapid UI Development
progeny of basscss? configurable using postcss, huzzah. structured to facilitate design systems too.
css  framework  productivity  webdev  resources  ui  prototyping  opensource  css3  styleguide 
11 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
Trolley — integrate purchases into a static site
Stripe is awesome, but you need a developer and a server. Trolley takes that away and lets you use Stripe with any website, including static sites.
money  static  webdev  resources  business 
11 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
highly polished UI elements, but no theming available yet
javascript  react  library  webdev  ui  resources  productivity 
11 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
rwieruch/gatsby-mdx-blog-starter-project: Gatsby MDX Blog Starter Project
hell yeah markdown for gatsby pages; other nice features like pagination & code syntax highlighting too
gatsbyjs  javascript  webdev  react  theme  static 
11 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
Flexbox: How Big Is That Flexible Box? — Smashing Magazine
excellent and very thorough dive into the spec (part of a series)
css  css3  flexbox  reference  webdev 
11 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
code doodles made with P5; all source available on GH
generative  art  design  opensource  inspiration  reference  code  javascript  webdev 
12 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
Vapid: an intentionally simple CMS
very clean/smart templating (that generate the page edit UI), but still requires a node-friendly host for the admin/edit UI
cms  nodejs  webdev  opensource  tools 
12 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
Atomic Design | Atomic Design by Brad Frost
free in-progress online book (with paper copy available $$)
book  css  webdev  organization  optimization  toread  tutorial 
12 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
Css and Scalability
the OG shit that kicked of Basscss and my love of functional CSS
css  webdev  optimization  organization  code 
12 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
Improving User Flow Through Page Transitions — Smashing Magazine
smoother page transitions w/ Barba js (used on — but will never be as fast a gatsby
javascript  animation  webdev  tutorial  ajax  library 
september 2018 by inrgbwetrust
trying to make a bulletproof fullscreen modal popup ...with some success
webdev  reference  mobile  browser  code  javascript  css 
september 2018 by inrgbwetrust
Publii - Open-Source CMS for Static Website
runs locally & guides you through deploy to s3 or other static hosts, interesting
blog  cms  opensource  static  tools  webdev 
september 2018 by inrgbwetrust
like gatsby? focused on publishing project docs tho
javascript  static  vuejs  library  webdev 
august 2018 by inrgbwetrust
looks like a very nice competitor to paperjs
animation  canvas  javascript  library  generative  art  design  webdev  nodejs  paperjs 
august 2018 by inrgbwetrust
animated grid lines
great starter for animated lines in a field
javascript  nodejs  generative  art  tutorial  webdev  code 
july 2018 by inrgbwetrust
Build 20 real components from scratch | Learn JavaScript with Zell
solid foundation and lively writing style; pricey at $500ish up to $1200 for white glove service
javascript  tutorial  education  webdev  code  programming 
july 2018 by inrgbwetrust
styled-system/ at master · jxnblk/styled-system
"A bunch of style utilities by @jxnblk that allows you to pass predefined styes like spacing, color, widths, etc to your components directly. Like the atomic css approach (tacyons/basscss) mixed with styled-components and themes." — @laurie_jones
webdev  react  css  productivity  library  code  tools  javascript 
june 2018 by inrgbwetrust
SVG Icons Library - Vivid.js
works kinda like an icon font? too bad they're pretty stylized and would likely clash with existing art direction
svg  icons  javascript  library  free  resources  stock  webdev 
june 2018 by inrgbwetrust
Generative Artistry
nice simple tutorials for simple projects (only 3 right now)
generative  art  tutorial  javascript  code  webdev  programming 
june 2018 by inrgbwetrust
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