directory of radically transparent software companies
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4 days ago
React Layouts
nice scaffolding for variously-scoped layout bits; code examples for rebass (like basscss), Theme UI (styled-system or styled-components), and Emotion
webdev  reference  code  react  nodejs  library  grid  wireframe  productivity  prototyping 
4 days ago
The Arrogance of the Anthropocene - The Atlantic
“On geological timescales, human civilization is an event, not an epoch.”
climate  science  history  anthropology 
4 days ago
Jason Anderson - Fine Artist based in Dorset
chunky oil paintings, almost like pixels...mmm
pixelart  art  wishlist 
4 days ago
Minify Your SVGs -
nice little plugin for gatsby to optimize the shit out of svgs
gatsbyjs  optimization  svg  graphics  webdev  tools  opensource  library  react  nodejs 
6 days ago
The Real Problem At Yale Is Not Free Speech | Palladium Magazine
great snapshot of the ills of wealth hoarding, aka "crisis of elites" as i saw it encapsulated elsewhere
capitalism  money  culture  commentary  history  america  politics 
9 days ago
sandbox exploration for Tailwind CSS ...functional immutable classes ala basscss
css  webdev  library  productivity  prototyping  tools  code 
11 days ago
From Trump to Johnson, nationalists are on the rise – backed by billionaire oligarchs | George Monbiot | Opinion | The Guardian
“Defending ourselves from oligarchy means taxing it to oblivion. It’s easy to get hooked up on discussions about what tax level maximises the generation of revenue. There are endless arguments about the Laffer curve, which purports to show where this level lies. But these discussions overlook something crucial: raising revenue is only one of the purposes of tax. Another is breaking the spiral of patrimonial wealth accumulation.”
capitalism  politics  commentary  america  economy  money  progress 
17 days ago
The social ideology of the motorcar – Uneven Earth
from 1973, still true

“Unlike the vacuum cleaner, the radio, or the bicycle, which retain their use value when everyone has one, the car, like a villa by the sea, is only desirable and useful insofar as the masses don’t have one.”

“Everyone wants to escape from [the city], to live in the country. Why this reversal? For only one reason. The car has made the big city uninhabitable. It has made it stinking, noisy, suffocating, dusty, so congested that nobody wants to go out in the evening anymore. Thus, since cars have killed the city, we need faster cars to escape on superhighways to suburbs that are even farther away. What an impeccable circular argument: give us more cars so that we can escape the destruction caused by cars.”
capitalism  politics  america  environment  urbanism  transit  vehicles  society  culture 
18 days ago
A Night Under The Stars | Jordan Vincent
handsome charts of high/low seasons for national parks
backpacking  Outdoors  travel  reference  datavis 
20 days ago
Introducing Drama
framer w/out writing js? looks like a pretty clean/simple/focused prototyping tool
animation  prototyping  tools  ux  webdesign  ui  mobile  wireframe 
20 days ago
The Role of Doubt in Design
how to communicate concerns without being a bummer
design  ux  communication  commentary  management  business  work 
27 days ago
Locals and Tourists | Flickr
red = tourist photos, blue = local
maps  travel  datavis  reference 
4 weeks ago
Mac Open Web, by Brian Warren
A collection of open and indie Mac, iOS, and web apps that help promote the open web.
apple  ios  osx  software  tools  links  list  opensource 
5 weeks ago
Soulver 3
like notepad + markdown + calculator; great for annotated math thinking
software  tools  math 
5 weeks ago
Someone is wrong on the Internet | TechCrunch
“You understand, on some level, that the online divide is different from the awful things actually happening offline. That the latter matters, deeply, and the former … not so much. That the former distracts both sides from great systemic injustices which have learned to lie hidden in bland terminology, coolly steering clear of the outrage of Us versus Them.”
internet  psychology  communication  commentary 
6 weeks ago
Trajectories for the future of software –
Harsh dismissals, but not necessarily incorrect. We should be working to blur and eventually eliminate the boundary between code and UI. Echoes of Bret Victor here.

“The problem is that the web invited in two generations of programmers who somehow believed that this perverse ecosystem was sane and that wasting their own time and the resources of the computers their stuff was running on was natural.”

“The difference between a programmer and a non-programmer is fundamentally that the non-programmer was told that some tools were off-limits to them and they believed it.”

“Programming language design is part of user interface design. Not only that, but user interface design is part of programming language design. A user interface is a language with which a user explains their intent to the computer, and a user interface that makes decisions that would not be welcome in a programming language is broken, because a user interface is a programming language.”
webdev  code  programming  ui  commentary  history  browser  html  javascript  internet  software 
6 weeks ago
Hiring the best doesn't always mean hiring the right people
hire for diversity; hedge your bets; good points contra meritocracy

“[If you hire the quantified ‘best’ it] all but guarantees not creating the best team. Ranking people by common criteria produces homogeneity. And when biases creep in, it results in people who look like those making the decisions. That’s not likely to lead to breakthroughs.”

hmmm worrying smells of ‘diversity of thought’ shit tho
business  management  work  jobs  optimization 
6 weeks ago
The Innovator’s Agenda | John Patrick Leary
People had learned, through years of Depression and war, to associate freedom with security from the thing called “the market,” in its various manifestations: a cruel boss, a closed factory gate, a sped-up assembly line. To redeem the free enterprise system, the apostles of private property needed a vocabulary for emancipation through the market. To do this, they needed to make the market the sort of misty abstraction you could never confuse with the “sweat of another’s brow.”

To change the way people think about capitalism, you have to start with how they talk about it.

excellent study of capitalist propaganda
socialism  capitalism  history  america  business  propoganda  commentary  politics  economy 
6 weeks ago
The American Counterrevolution • Commune
US colonies declared independence in part due to the desire to maintain slavery
america  history  race 
6 weeks ago
newsletter of remote-friendly design jobs
webdesign  freelance  search  jobs  newsletter  design 
7 weeks ago
My personal journey from MIT to GPL | Drew DeVault’s Blog
“The GPL is the legal embodiment of this Golden Rule: in exchange for benefiting from my hard work, you just have to extend me the same courtesy.”
opensource  copyright  reference  programming  webdev 
7 weeks ago
Get started | Learning Synths
lovely presentation with interactive examples
music  interaction  education  inspiration  ui  webdesign 
7 weeks ago
Interview: ‘Poor Teeth’ Writer Sarah Smarsh on Class and Journalism
“Before I could read words, my mom was holding a coupon next to the canned nuts, telling me to run to the baking aisle to check the price on bulk walnuts. So, when I was a budding investigative reporter, nobody had to teach me to follow the money.”
america  capitalism  journalism  commentary  money  culture  economy 
7 weeks ago
Every NIMBY’s Speech At a Public Hearing - McSweeney’s Internet Tendency
“I’m a retired professional who rose through the ranks because competition in my field was minimized due to systemic discrimination against women and people of color. My job was well paid, did not punish me for my lack of soft skills, and convinced me that I know what’s best for other people, even if it seems like what’s worst for other people. I grew up here and, after leaving for a time to go to college and start my career, returned to this town, my true home, in order to raise a family and stop time from progressing. I’ve lived in the same house in the Elm Heights neighborhood for the past twenty years, and I just love everything about this town except for the problems that my politics have directly created.”
humor  politics  nesting  urbanism  commentary  race  economy  capitalism 
8 weeks ago
Why Millennials Can't Afford to Buy a House - The Atlantic
And then, of course, there is the fact that even as old-fashioned biological explanations of racial hierarchy fell out of fashion, white homeowners continued to pass and uphold racist housing policies, by shifting their rationale to property values, as David Freund showed in his book Colored Property. “Federal policy promoted restrictive zoning and created a flush new market for housing that required racial segregation, yet encouraged whites to believe that it was the free market, not racial prejudice or government policy, that set the rules of competition,” Freund wrote: “that the exclusion of minorities was not about race per se but about the principles of real estate economics and homeowners’ rights to control their communities.”
nesting  urbanism  history  race  america  capitalism  economy  money  commentary  politics 
8 weeks ago
The rules of the Game Of Oligarchs | TechCrunch
“I am saying that the ultra-rich have long tried to maintain their positions by dividing the masses, via stoking hate against The Other. They have manipulated democracy in part by hacking its systems — regulatory capture at scale — but also by turning people against taxing oligarchs to give their (mounds of) excess money to the poor, by promoting the fear that this money will go to The Wrong Sort Of People Who Don’t Deserve It. By which is always tacitly meant: immigrants and visible minorities. Oligarchy implicitly monetizes racism.”

class solidarity as opposition to racism
society  socialism  politics  capitalism  tech  internet  commentary 
8 weeks ago
Relearn CSS layout: Every Layout
common layouts thoroughly dissected/discussed and built using very clever methods, incl. component-ization at the end of each, how refreshing
css  webdev  code  commentary  education  tutorial  reference  inspiration  react 
9 weeks ago
Raster—CSS Grid System
very sharp documentation/examples for a fancy-yet-simple grid syntax using custom elements (& css vars etc etc)
css  grid  inspiration  reference  webdev  code 
9 weeks ago
Why a hipster, vegan, green tech economy is not sustainable | Canada | Al Jazeera
greenwashing, vegans discount human suffering, and all eco/sustainable advances are subsumed by the capitalist growth imperative
economy  progress  environment  commentary  culture  food  sustainable 
9 weeks ago
Half of Americans Are Effectively Poor Now. What The?
goddamnit i really want to like this umair haque guy but his shit is sloppy and rushed ...maybe just a grifter? or just busy on his day job?

“Is this the 1300s? What do we call a population that live and debt “in debt”? We certainly don’t call them free in any real sense. They’re the modern equivalent of serfs or peasants — who are born owing, and who will die owing, a fictional, unplayable amount.

...They’re the modern equivalent of serfs or peasants — who are born owing, and who will die owing, a fictional, unplayable amount.”
economy  money  politics  america  capitalism  commentary 
9 weeks ago
Theme UI
progeny of styled-system or styled-components? looks pretty good even though i don't grok it yet
react  library  css  webdev  productivity  prototyping  javascript  nodejs 
9 weeks ago
No matter the setting, shiny futurist scenarios are often the same: Perfect people in perfect settings, using tech that never fails. The world seemingly becomes more perfect with the addition of expensive, battery-intensive, and visually complex technology.

While these fantasies might seem benign, I believe their narratives are corroding the way we develop the future by distorting our perceptions of how we think the future will actually be implemented.
tech  progress  commentary  hardware  urbanism  cycling 
9 weeks ago
designy nerd who runs his own shop; strong branding
blog  tech  inspiration  shopping  hack  hardware  design  identity  logos  branding 
9 weeks ago
Uber’s Path of Destruction - American Affairs Journal
In the early 1990s, a coordinated campaign advocating taxi deregulation was conducted by a variety of pro-corporate/libertarian think tanks that all received funding from Charles and David Koch. This campaign pursued the same deregulation that Uber’s investors needed, and used classic political propaganda techniques. It emphasized emotive themes designed to engage tribal loyalties and convert complex issues into black-and-white moral battles where compromise was impossible. There was an emphasis on simple, attractive conclusions designed to obscure the actual objectives of the campaigners, and their lack of sound supporting evidence.

This campaign’s narratives, repeated across dozens of publications, included framing taxi deregulation as a heroic battle for progress, innovation, and economic freedom. Its main claims were that thousands of struggling entrepreneurial drivers had been blocked from job opportunities by the “cab cartel” and the corrupt regulators beholden to them, and that consumers would enjoy the same benefits that airline deregulation had produced. In a word, consumers were promised a free lunch.
business  tech  startup  politics  commentary  capitalism  economy  money 
9 weeks ago
Pylon — Declarative layout primitives for CSS & HTML
intuitive wrapper for flexbox inspired by iOS/swift UIkit vocab; kinda functional like basscss
css  library  opensource  webdev  tools  prototyping 
10 weeks ago
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