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WTF is HTML5 (Infographic)
Nice. Not entirely complete though? Missing the audio element. And I think that Safari is more ahead than shown here.
browser  code  webdev  html5  html  design  compatibility  css  dev  development  infographics  reference  technology  infographic  web  webdesign 
june 2010 by Inferis
AntiPatterns2008.pdf (application/pdf Object)
some context would be nice, but it's good stuff nevertheless.
design  patterns  usability  gui  webdesign  anti-patterns 
may 2008 by Inferis
Wolf’s Little Store
"Common" knowledge, but a very good explanation.
css  design  usability  webdesign 
january 2008 by Inferis
Lost Boys
Nice use of 2.0 techniques.
design  dutch  webdesign  interactive 
november 2007 by Inferis

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