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Square Open Source
That's a bunch of open source.
square  opensource  java  ios  ruby  android  iosdev 
may 2013 by Inferis
MySQL ruby gem (MacPorts)
Dat kan ik nog wel eens nodig hebben.
ruby  mysql  macports 
november 2008 by Inferis
Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby
Why's such a creative guy. I'm pretty jealous of his skills (and time).
ruby  programming  tutorial  rubyonrails  howto  reference  book  developer  cartoons  code  coding  comics  why 
july 2008 by Inferis
Ruby In Steel :: Ruby Programming with Visual Studio 2005
Much check of ironruby. Again, so much cool stuff around!
ruby  blog  visualstudio  dotnet 
november 2007 by Inferis

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