Dropping Acid
In the 1980s, musicians in Chicago built a new genre out of obsolete machinery. Listeners lost their minds.
history  music  1980s  chicago  detroit  acid-house  electronic-music  house-music 
15 days ago
Getting Started With Gutenberg By Creating Your Own Block — Smashing Magazine
Gutenberg is the future of WordPress, and it is just around the corner. Brace up for it by learning how to build your own custom Gutenberg block.
gutenberg  wordpress 
9 weeks ago
Advanced Custom Fields Vs. Pods Vs. Toolset: A Detailed Comparison - Elementor
In this article, we provide you an in-depth review of three of the most popular custom post types plugins.
ACF  comparison  Pods  Toolset 
10 weeks ago
Automatic Cat Feeder Using the Raspberry Pi - StoriKnow
Learn how to create a globally accessible automatic cat feeder using the Raspberry Pi, Python and your personal Gmail account.
september 2018
Arduino Uno-Based, Easy-to-Build Pet Feeder - Arduino Project Hub
This is an easy to build pet feeder with two timers and accurate portions delivered each time.
september 2018
Skim reading is the new normal. The effect on society is profound | Maryanne Wolf | Opinion | The Guardian
When the reading brain skims texts, we don’t have time to grasp complexity, to understand another’s feelings or to perceive beauty. We need a new literacy for the digital age writes Maryanne Wolf, author of Reader, Come Home
internet  psychology  culture  digitalmedia  brain 
august 2018
10 things you need to know before starting a blog
Do you like writing, producing content and dreaming of starting your own blog? Here you'll discover some tips on how to launch media, to make it grow and become
august 2018
How to set up a Home Pentesting Lab on a shoestring by Dave Howe - course, password, network | Peerlyst
(Edit) - this is a quick-and-dirty setup guide to get you up and running as fast as reasonable; pakt do a much better and more detailed guide which they occasio
kali  pentester  pentesting  hacking 
august 2018
Swiss startup Energy Vault is stacking concrete blocks to store energy — Quartz
To deal with variable solar and wind power, the startup Energy Vault is coming out of stealth mode to offer alternatives to lithium-ion batteries.
energy  battery  storage  concrete 
august 2018
WordPress Responsive Images With Art Direction — Smashing Magazine
Support for responsive images was added to WordPress core in version 4.4 to address the use case for viewport-based image selection, where the browser requests the image size that best fits the layout for its particular viewport.
best-practices  responsive  wordpress  images 
august 2018
Why Every Software Developer Should Become a Consultant - DaedTech
The software developer consultant doesn't just work for agencies or as a freelancer. It's anyone to whom others defer on expert advice. And you need to become one.
august 2018
I’m a very slow thinker | Derek Sivers
Derek Sivers: When a friend says something interesting to me, I usually don’t have a reaction until much later.
life  thinking  inspiration 
august 2018
The Financial Life of a Weed Entrepreneur | Wealthsimple
David Alport may be one of the most established players in Oregon's booming marijuana industry, but he's still living in a modern day Wild West.
august 2018
Animations in web design – good, bad or ugly
Animated GIFs and banner ads are quick to set up with the right software, and clients will see the advantage of using them, especially if you explain how well
webdesign  Animations 
august 2018
How to Stop a DDoS Attack in Its Tracks (Case Study)
Check out these tips on how to stop a DDoS attack on your site. We took a site which was hit with 5,110,00 requests in 7 days and brought it back to normal.
DDoS  security  Sucuri 
august 2018
Devhints — TL;DR for developer documentation
A ridiculous collection of web development cheatsheets · One-page guide to
programming  reference  tips  cheatsheet  webdev 
august 2018
ML Universal Guides  |  Google Developers
Simple step-by-step walkthroughs to solve common machine learning problems using best practices.
machinelearning  tutorial  google  learning  machine-learning 
august 2018
The Structure of Stand-Up Comedy
The genius of Ali Wong’s Netflix special.
comedy  narrative  culture  interesting  humor 
august 2018
Common webpage design mistakes
Simple layout and design tips to help you create a stunning webpage
design  tips  webdesign  typography 
august 2018
7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI (Part 1) – Erik D. Kennedy – Medium
If you went to art school or consider yourself a UI designer already, you will likely find this guide some combination of a.) boring, b.) wrong, and c.) irritating. That’s fine. All your criticisms…
design  ui  web  webdesign  tips 
august 2018
Shopify Cheat Sheet - Liquid variables
A cheat sheet with all the variables, filters, and templates you can use on your Shopify theme.
shopify  cheatsheet  reference  liquid  documentation  howto  webdev 
august 2018
137 FREE ebooks on User Experience, Usability, User Interface Design and more
An ultimate list of ALL free books on Usability UX UI User Centered Design and more. The list is constantly updated with new books, so be on the lookout.
books  ui  ebooks  freebie  literature  ux-ui  design-books 
august 2018
Efficient Responsive Design Process — Smashing Magazine
_What's your responsive design process like? Do you feel that it's efficient? The following article is an excerpt from Ben Callahan’s chapter “Responsive Process,” first published in the eBook version of [Smashing Book 5](https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2016/02/efficient-responsive-design-process/#about-the-book) ([table of contents](https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2016/02/efficient-responsive-design-process/#toc-smb5)). We've collected some useful techniques and practices from **real-life responsive projects** in the book — and you can [get your hard copy](https://smashing-magazine.myshopify.com/cart/1194620755:1) or [grab the eBook](https://smashing-magazine.myshopify.com/cart/2685825091:1) today. You will not be disappointed, you know. —Ed._
_“The successful respondent to this RFP will provide three static design options for our team to evaluate.”_ I’ve never been a huge fan of taking a multi-option design approach, but I get it — sometimes a client needs this. _“Each of these options will provide design for three unique layouts: home page, listing page, detail page.”_ All right. Now, we’re up to nine static design files. This is getting a bit out of hand.
design  responsive  rwd  best-practices  responsive-design 
august 2018
User Story Traps | The Scrum Crazy Blog
Feel free to add your own User Story Traps in the comments below. Intro This article assumes that User Stories are used with Scrum, though much of the advice can be translated to other development processes.  User Stories and Scrum are two completely independent practices.  Neither requires the other, though they are often used together. …
august 2018
Vagrant vs Docker: Which is better for WordPress development?
Find out what the difference is between Vagrant and Docker, which is better, and see how to set up a WordPress development site in each.
docker  vagrant  wordpress  comparison  virtualization 
july 2018
Tweak These 5-Minute Productivity Tricks To Make Your Workdays More Organized
From frog eating to the pomodoro technique, there are six common productivity tricks that everyone from remote workers to Olympic athletes rely on for success. Let’s take it one step further to explore how you can tweak these tricks in order to give your workday a tangible boost right now.
productivity  organized 
july 2018
wg/wrk: Modern HTTP benchmarking tool
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects.
tools  http  performance  benchmark  load 
july 2018
Save game backup/restore on 5.02 -> BOTW WiiU conversion? | GBAtemp.net - The Independent Video Game Community
Here is how I did it:

I have a hacked WiiU, and I am afraid if your WiiU isn't hacked you are going to have to go find that info somewhere else. I followed this guide for backing up my WiiU save game (using SaveMii) and converting it to Switch format on my PC.
I followed this tutorial for installing Homebrew menu on my 5.02 Switch. This guide also includes a super simple way to 'short' the two pins on the right joycon with a piece of tinfoil. EVERYTHING you need is mentioned on there except...
When adding the homebrew menu onto my Switch SDCard I also added Checkpoint - for backing up and restoring save games. (the Checkpoint.nro should be located in \switch\Checkpoint\ on your SD Card)
I booted my Switch into the RCM menu (following guide in 2 above). I loaded Checkpoint and BACKED UP my Switch save game for Zelda BOTW. This is just so it made a folder on my SDcard with the right name etc.
I shutdown my Switch and put the SDCard into my PC. I then made a copy of my Switch save game (for safe keeping) and copied the WiiU converted save (made in part 1) into the folder made by Checkpoint. (for me this was located at \switch\Checkpoint\saves\0xLONGGAMENUMBER The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild\ANOTHERSET-OFNUMBERS myswitchusername\ on my SD Card...)
I then put the SDCard back in my Switch, booted into RCM again, and RESTORED the WiiU converted save.
I rebooted my Switch into normal mode and HEY PRESTO - it all works.

I think that should be everything.
wiiu  switch  backup 
july 2018
Brutalist Web Design
Guidelines for web design that adhere to the tenets and ethos of Brutalism
webdesign  design  brutalism  guidelines  architecture  web 
july 2018
Losing 100 pounds in 276 days
I've spent the last 10 months tightly monitoring, recording, and restricting the amount of calories I ate everyday. This is a simple site to show all this data in several different ways. The results are crazy -- it really does it work. No exercise required.
health  fitness  diet  weight  weightloss  howto 
july 2018
WordPress Management: Ongoing Costs to Help You Budget - WPMU DEV
It’s important to realize that WordPress management costs amount to much more than web development help from an employee or outside service.
wordpressmanagement  WordPress 
july 2018
A Directory of design and front-end resources
An expert curation of amazing resources for Designers & UI Developers.
UI  goodies 
july 2018
mmccaff/PlacesToPostYourStartup: Compiled list of links from "Ask HN: Where can I post my startup to get beta users?"
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects.
business  marketing  startup  pr  list  startups 
july 2018
How to Generate a Static HTML Copy of Your WordPress Website | Elegant Themes Blog
One of the only things WordPress can't do is generate static pages. In this article, we'll teach you how to create static WordPress pages in two steps!
july 2018
Not All SSL Certificates Are Made Equal: How to Choose the Right One
There are a number of ways to categorize SSL certificates. Before you purchase and install an SSL certificate for your WordPress site, familiarize yourself with the options so you can choose the right one.
SSL  certificates  howto  guide 
july 2018
4 Ridiculous Mistakes I Made Building WordPress Sites for Clients - WPMU DEV
What are the biggest mistakes you made when you started out building websites for clients (and family and friends)? Today on the blog, guest writer Thom...
july 2018
A Directory of design and front-end resources
An expert curation of amazing resources for Designers & UI Developers.
ui  tools  accessibility  resources 
july 2018
Canada marijuana market set to eclipse liquor sales by 2020 - Business Insider
Canada's legal marijuana market will be a $6.5 billion industry by 2020, according to a new report from CIBC. That's far more than Canadians spend on liquor, and it's approaching wine sales.
marijuana  business 
july 2018
DevTube - The best developer videos in one place
Enjoy the best technical videos and share it with friends, colleagues, and the world.
learning  programming  video  development  videos  tutorials 
july 2018
Grow the Puzzle Around You - Jessica Livingston
In 2005, I cofounded Y Combinator, the first "accelerator." Today there are hundreds of them all over the world, but in 2005 what we were doing was so unusual that most people in Silicon Valley...
startups  startup  business 
july 2018
Two Centuries of US Immigration Visualized -- Metrocosm
Watch 200 years of U.S. immigration history in one animated map. Migration flows are visualized as colored dots, each one representing 10,000 people.
immigration  maps  visualization  data  infographic  civics 
july 2018
Working With Nested Blocks and Child Blocks in Gutenberg • Atomic Blocks
In this article, we will be discussing the concept of nested blocks and child blocks in Gutenberg. What exactly are these nested blocks? And do they serve a specific purpose?
WordPress  Gutenberg 
july 2018
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