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SQL Indexing Tutorial | Use The Index, Luke!
SQL indexing and tuning tutorial for developers.
No unnecessary database details—just what developers need to know.
Covers all major SQL databases.
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march 2016 by imiric
PostgreSQL Magic - Project A Techblog
In my last post I demonstrated how stored procedures can boost performance in PostgreSQL. Today, I want to show you some more tricks that can come in handy when working with PostgreSQL databases. In the following, I have put together … Continued
postgresql  postgres  database  tips  tricks 
september 2015 by imiric
DisplayLag | HDTV & Monitor Input Lag Database
Welcome to DisplayLag, the world's largest HDTV & monitor input lag database. If you want to find the best HDTV or monitor for gaming, look no further!
database  gaming  monitor  display  lag  tv  television 
may 2015 by imiric
PostgreSQL smart command-line interface.
cli  database  opensource  postgresql  psql  shell 
january 2015 by imiric

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