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.bashrc generator: create your .bashrc PS1 with a drag and drop interface
4Your generated .bashrc PS1 and additional functions
Do you need help for setting up your prompt? read the documentation below!
bash  bashrc  configuration  shell  cli  terminal  color  generator  tool  linux  prompt 
january 2017 by imiric
De-centralise and Conquer: Masterless Puppet in a Dynamic Environment
"De-centralise and Conquer: Masterless Puppet in a dynamic environment" by Sam Bashton of Bashton Ltd., at Puppet Camp London 2013. Learn about upcoming Puppe…
puppet  pulp  software  devops  deployment  configuration  management 
april 2016 by imiric
A use-package declaration for simplifying your .emacs
config  emacs  manager  package  elisp  configuration 
november 2015 by imiric
ohai-emacs - The finest hand crafted artisanal emacs.d for your editing pleasure
configuration  emacs  tools 
october 2015 by imiric
homemaker - Efficiently manage your dot-file configuration settings.
dotfiles  golang  configuration  management  software  open-source 
september 2015 by imiric
Contribute to dotfiles development by creating an account on GitHub.
dotfiles  bspwm  lemonbar  software  configuration 
august 2015 by imiric
homeshick - git dotfiles synchronizer written in bash
dotfiles  github  sync  tools  automation  configuration  bash 
august 2015 by imiric
appdirs 1.4.0 : Python Package Index
A small Python module for determining appropriate " + "platform-specific dirs, e.g. a "user data dir".
python  library  configuration  xdg 
july 2015 by imiric
Hjson, the Human JSON
Hjson is a configuration file format that caters to humans and helps reduce errors. It's JSON with comments but without trailing comma problems.
javascript  json  configuration  node  alternative 
april 2015 by imiric

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