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usbdriveby/dns_spoofer.pl at master · samyk/usbdriveby
USBdriveby exploits the trust of USB devices by emulating an HID keyboard and mouse, installing a cross-platform firewall-evading backdoor, and rerouting DNS within seconds of plugging it in. - samyk/usbdriveby
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4 days ago by iiridayn
The ActivityPub protocol is a decentralized social networking protocol
based upon the [ActivityStreams] 2.0 data format.
It provides a client to server API for creating, updating and deleting
content, as well as a federated server to server API for delivering
notifications and content.
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june 2018 by iiridayn
Proof-of-stake - Wikipedia
I like peercoin's approach; yes, central signing, but I was planning that anyway.
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june 2017 by iiridayn
Kill file - Wikipedia
The data deluge was being handled in the 80's with kill files. We're still working on it...
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june 2017 by iiridayn
Transparent Persistence
Web caching proxy thing; this is what I'm talking about (but with indexing...)
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may 2015 by iiridayn
Things Of Interest @ Things Of Interest
Should consider making Iiridayn.info look more like this site - good design.
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july 2014 by iiridayn
Orbital Content · An A List Apart Article
Article points out that attribution is a key feature for acceptance; I want it for myself, but it might help as well here.
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may 2014 by iiridayn
favicon inspiration - doesn't work for some of the favicons I'd like it to, but I can add exceptions for those ones
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july 2013 by iiridayn
Diceware Passphrase FAQ
Human recognition of independent 122-bit (uuid's have 6 fixed bits) values. Can also use Josh's idea of base 31 w/o 01ilo, to compete with the color bands effort (25 letters total, can chunk at 5). Words > number/letters for broadband symbolic recognition?
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july 2013 by iiridayn
Domain name generator
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july 2013 by iiridayn
Ad Hoc P2P Networks - Communications
Need verified computation, assuming resource discovery problem already solved. This means (since all such games have elements of randomness), needs a secure, repeatable (for authentication), yet _unpr...
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may 2013 by iiridayn
Sentence diagram - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Note that some words are only offensive in certain contexts - eg, "blood".
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april 2013 by iiridayn
Web Browser History
History is a DAG (like git), with all actions and information required to display the content stored - by default ephemerally, but can be 'remembered', which is permanent. Support branches and tags (b...
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march 2013 by iiridayn
JC Herz on Harnessing the Hive Via Online Games.pdf (application/pdf Object)
It sounds odd to put StarCraft maps and Sims dinettes in the same category as fiddle music and quilting, but socially they're congruent.

It's not enough for players to amass knowledge and skill; they have to see it those characteristics manifest themselves in the physics of the game. The accretion of value in persistent worlds changes the psychology of leisure: You haven't "spent" 1,000 hours playing a game; you've "built up your character." You've made progress! Accretion transforms idle time into something that feels industrious. It turns spending into earning. You see the same psychological dynamics with frequent flyer miles... Accretion elicits emotional investment. In the physical world, travelers cherish their stamp-filled passports ... Scouts have badges...

One reason the Web seems so rootless and superficial is the lack of accretion; there are very few mechanisms that render people's investment of time, attention, and emotional energy into persistent artifacts of quantifiable value. (I wish to build this for images!)

Story about game client controlling lighting, when there were unlit dungeons in UO. Chaos ensued, when hacked clients could see far better.
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february 2013 by iiridayn
RF Freight FAQ
Q13: How do you prioritize contracts?

A: We try to handle the oldest contracts first. However, we try to handle the whole queue as efficiently as we can. That means we look to see where the oldest contract is located and then try find a contract or set of contracts that will take us closer to the oldest contract. If there aren't any, a pilot might simply take the next closest one if they are too far away from the oldest. That's because long AFK trips take several hours, and its better for the overall queue to clear as many contracts as possible in the shortest amount of time.

Here are some very general things that affect how we work the queue, but they are not guarantees of any kind:

1. The majority of contracts go into or out of Jita, which means Jita outbound contracts tend to get picked up more quickly.

2. Jita outbound contracts to other hub systems or to systems along the main trade routes (i.e. routes from hubs to Jita) tend to get picked up more quickly.

3. Contracts that are close to Jita, hub systems, and the main trade routes tend to get picked up more quickly.

4. Red Frog pilots love round trips. These are picked up pretty quickly.

5. Large numbers of very long-distance, one-way trips to out-of-the-way systems (e.g. Jita to Zinkon) tend to take a little longer to complete as a group. This is because after the delivery the pilot is in the middle of nowhere and there aren't any other nearby contracts for the return trip.


VERY interesting, simplified parallel of real world logistics. They could use some software... route planning...
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february 2013 by iiridayn
Quad Digitigrade Dragon -- Schematic - YouTube
Key takeaway - don't need thumb articulation, can use for wings.
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january 2013 by iiridayn
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