xkcd: Misinterpretation
Alt text has a good counter-argument to "can't think of _everybody_" - you really can't find a middle ground of thinking of _some_ representative groups of people?
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23 days ago
Use-the-force.png (499×296)
Says: '"Use the force, Harry" -Gandalf', with a picture of Picard
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26 days ago
Sunny's Days - Fimfiction
Although she gets a lot of bisexual action, Sunny Day is upbeat and positive throughout, and demonstrates several valuable lessons learned. She does get a _lot_ of action though.
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28 days ago
BEM - Chapter 96 - State Guests of Elvenheim (2) - WuxiaWorld
‘A person’s footsteps is as deep as the weight of the load they are carrying on their back. If the person doesn’t fall along the way, they will be strongly conditioned. It is a hundred times better to be overwhelmed than to not receive any expectations.’
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6 weeks ago
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