Re: Linux 2.6.29 [LWN.net]
So rather than come up with new barriers that nobody will use, filesystem
people should aim to make "badly written" code "just work" unless people
are really really unlucky. Because like it or not, that's what 99% of all
code is.

Theory and practice sometimes clash. And when that happens, theory loses.
Every single time.
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5 days ago
El Goonish Shive - 2018-02-26
"We did a thing that needed doing! If you did what you _should've done, guilt's_ a waste of time! Focus on what you need to do _NEXT_!"
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18 days ago
ID-107 | DeviantArt
Tattoo style lineart, minimalist, fantastic
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23 days ago
CPI Inflation Calculator
Dad's graduating class was told to aim to make enough money, decide how much was enough, then put all remaining focus on family etc. He suggested $100,000 should be enough... That same figure then is roughly $300,000 now. I don't make "enough"? I could contribute more.
8 weeks ago
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