Lecture 14 - How to Operate (Keith Rabois) - YouTube
- focus on one thing: hard problems are hard, we tend to procrastinate and spend cycles on B-level problems and ideas; forcing focus forces you to work on A-ideas
- over-time you should be doing less editing, if that ratio is continuing to grow, the team is not growing in capabilities
- step 1: be excellent at something, step 2: be excellent at getting bunch of people to do something
- to avoid empire building: divide output by number of people; optimize that and be explicit at it.
leadership  w:5  entrepreneurship 
6 days ago
Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus: "The Minimalists" | Talks at Google - YouTube
- minimalism is about being intentional about things that make you happy
- minimalism helps clarity: saying yes to the right things
minimalism  video  w:2 
6 days ago
David Baron: You owe it to yourself to experience a total solar eclipse | TED Talk | TED.com
- if you're willing to travel, you can see it a few times in your lifetime
video  eclipse  ted  w:1 
6 days ago
Rethinking the Developer Career Path – Randall Koutnik | The Lead Developer UK 2017 - YouTube
- solution implementer -> solver -> finder
- you abstract your way by observing problem types
- you abstract up by finding problem areas
career  growth  culture  cs  programming  video  w:3 
7 days ago
Abstractivate: Hyperproductive development
Complex systems are easier to build than to figure out after they're working.
productivity  code  programming 
16 days ago
Michael Bhaskar: "Curation: The Power of Selection in a World of Too Much" | Talks at Google - YouTube
- world of retail: middle is disappearing, bottom competes on price, top is competing on curating an experience
- good curation comes from deep understanding of topic
curation  video  w:1 
22 days ago
Consumer Grade Wi-Fi Meshes - YouTube
- capacity is following Moores law and is getting ahead of consumption
- assuming capacity is no longer the problem, a lot of problems start to go away
-- use the channel as much as you can do to minimize air space
-- collisions are reduced, jitter problems are less painful, etc
-- hidden nodes are less of a problem
- LTE overhead may not be necessary in a new world, where capacity is not a problem
video  wifi  w:3 
27 days ago
How to Write Documentation for People that Don't Read - YouTube
- write less, provide visual separation, avoid things that look like ads
- most of the docs are not your docs
-- think debugging via Google
-- meet your users where they are
documentation  writing  video  w:2 
28 days ago
Don’t Use Split Buttons for Navigation Menus
But hover is a gesture not available on touchscreens, so designers must address this asymmetry when they scale their navigation UIs to work across many devices.
ux  navigation  usability  ui  mobile 
4 weeks ago
Grow your team by focusing on strengths not weaknesses - Inside Intercom
- you don't need to be a "round" person
- the competency of the team is the convex hull of skills
- there is a minimum skill investment, but the benefit of the team is that you support each other and don't have to be perfect at everything yourself
- build a team that complements each other's strengths
leadership  team  growth  strengths 
4 weeks ago
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