Sam Saccone: Recreating a dialup modem in javascript | JSConf US 2015 - YouTube
- baud: single character via keyboard instead of typing out the bit-pattern
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19 hours ago
Fields Institute Video Archive
- code is law on the internet, but can our law be interpreted as code?
- law is a set of instructions that is interpreted by lawyers
- ~1.4m sentences
- we can look at references to different regulations and acts - i.e. extract the dependency graph
- we can use all the graph + code complexity and health metrics to analyze law
- some core components are simply too complicated for humans to interpret -- unintended ripple effects
- formal proofs for laws?
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7 days ago
Scaling the Netflix Global CDN, lessons learned from Terabit Zero - YouTube
- deploying in popular pop's with small footprint to provide offload
- standardized hardware to simplify provisioning and maintenance
- mix of spinning rust and SSDs to serve archive and popular content
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7 days ago
Camille Fournier, CTO Rent the Runway.mov - pbell
- CTO's primary team are the executives; engineers are second
- CTO is representing the engineers, we need to hold them to a high standard
- your job is not to code; you're not the smartest developer; your job is to connect the business goals to engineering execution
- you shouldn't relinquish managerial duties; managing people is what allows you to yield influence and shield the team
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13 days ago
What Happens Next Will Amaze You
The goal of our laws should be to reduce the number of irrevocable decisions we make, and enforce the same kind of natural forgetfulness that we enjoy offline.
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14 days ago
Scaling Uber's Real-time Market Platform
- previous matching algorithm leveraged available supply only (small subset of data)
- goal of new matching algorithm is to leverage future ETA + supply predictions (e.g. this car should be available in x minutes); requires matching against the full available supply database
- world is divided into tiles via s2 algorithm: each tile has a unique integer ID
- 1 mile radius is covered by small number of s2 tiles
- matching router performs fanout to hosts responsible for each tile; all tiles are served via a hash ring and service can be scaled on demand
- everything is made "retryable" because availability is more critical then full consistency
- migrated away from per-city sharding because managing that many cities became a burden
- built own protocol, which is similar to Finagle: multiplexing, routing, logging, etc
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16 days ago
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