Video @ Scale - Akamai
- Giga protocol: establish TCP channel which then signals (HTTP header) an alternative UDP endpoint (two handshakes; optional crypto)
- Committed to implementing QUIC
quic  akamai  video  w:2 
6 days ago
Do Lectures 2014 - Maria Popova - Build Pockets of Stillness Into Your Life - YouTube
- allow yourself the luxury of being wrong: seek to learn, say I don't know
- if I spent the rest of my life as I spent this day, or week, would I be happy?
- build pockets of stilness into your life
life  philosophy  video  w:3 
11 days ago
How To Design A Good API and Why it Matters - YouTube
- draft the one page API explainer, get feedback
- start writing against the API as soon as possible; write the code to address the use case
- address the use cases but recognize that you may not satisfy everyone equally
- spend 10x time on the example code; example code should be exemplary
- if you provide a string output, provide programmatic access to the string; you won't be able to change the string otherwise
video  api  design  google  w:4 
12 days ago
David Sumpter: "Soccermatics" | Talks at Google - YouTube
- player movement as an n-body problem: bridges, intersections, etc.
- best predictor we have is to recommend the last year's winner
soccer  research  visualization  google  w:1 
12 days ago
Stuart Diamond | Talks at Google - YouTube
- put emotional deposits first, be transparent about your agenda
- power play & tactics yield short-term gains
- understand the needs of the other party
negotiation  life  google  video  w:2 
12 days ago
Margaret Guroff: "The Mechanical Horse" | Talks at Google - YouTube
- large wheel offered smoother ride
- "safety" bicycle was smaller but not as good on unpaved roads
- bicycle as a "vehicle for liberation" for women
- future: can be good (less cars), or bad (unpredictable cars)
bicycle  history  google  video  w:2 
12 days ago
Shenzhen: The Silicon Valley of Hardware | Future Cities | WIRED - YouTube
- 300k to 10M in a span of a ~two decades
- the hardware startup capital of the world
shnzhen  china  hardware  video  startup  bbc  history 
17 days ago
Chris Anderson: "TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking" | Talks at Google - YouTube
- TED does not allow phones/devices, everyone must listen
- single track, the idea is to expose you to things you'd otherwise skip or ignore
- point out the gap in current model, people will want to fill it in
ted  video  w:3 
17 days ago
The surprising habits of original thinkers | Adam Grant - YouTube
- you need some buffer for the ideas to develop
- start early, let things sit and gestate
- it's OK to have many projects, that's how you come up with creative ideas
- you'll find connections along the way
ted  video  w:2 
19 days ago
How frustration can make us more creative | Tim Harford - YouTube
- embrace the constraints: the most popular jazz/piano recording was done on a broken piano; the constraint is what created the recording.
ted  video  piano  w:1 
19 days ago
CSS in 2016 and Beyond - YouTube
- color function with darker/lighter keywords
- custom media queries
css4  video  w:1 
20 days ago
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