Jon Ronson When online shaming spirals out of control - YouTube
- first, we thought of it as a voice for the people
- then, the people turned on each other
shaming  ted  video  socialmedia  w:1 
17 hours ago
Bringing Wide Color to Instagram
At read time, our apps specify whether their display has a wide color gamut in their User-Agent, and the backend dynamically serves the image with the right profile.
color  image  instagram 
7 days ago
Dark Patterns: User Interfaces Designed to Trick People (Louder version) - YouTube
- security / SEO's distinguish black hat vs white hat work, why not UX?
- UX designers should have a moral code and names for anti-patterns
- most of the patterns emerge naturally from driving business metrics
ux  darkpatterns  moral  design  video  w:4 
12 days ago
10 years in the Bay Area - what I've learned at andrewchen
Don’t think that Silicon Valley has better entrepreneurs. They don’t. But they have more people trying. They have more crappy companies and mediocre entrepreneurs, but also they have more great companies and people too.
startup  sf 
12 days ago
CppCon 2014: Mike Acton "Data-Oriented Design and C++" - YouTube
- the purpose of programming is to solve problems, not write code
- the problem is data transformation
- abstractions often fail to capture the problem of the data
-- e.g. a hash table is not a {key,value} struct, because that's not how we access data
- think about data locality: L1, L2, L3 caches; reading cache lines
data  design  programming  video  w:4 
17 days ago
Resilience Engineering: Learning to Embrace Failure - ACM Queue
- it's not about game days, the process has to be continuous
- simulate real failures, you can't weed out real process bugs otherwise
- there is no single "root cause" in most cases
- need to build organizational support
resilience  engineering  devops  amazon  google  infrastructure 
18 days ago
How To Break Open The Web | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
Another problem with the net is that it’s still "technology," and "technology," as the computer scientist Bran Ferren memorably defined it, is "stuff that doesn’t work yet." We no longer think of chairs as technology, we just think of them as chairs. But there was a time when we hadn’t worked out how many legs chairs should have, how tall they should be, and they would often "crash" when we tried to use them.
networking  internet  decentralized  blockchain 
19 days ago
The rise and fall of the Gopher protocol | MinnPost
"In the years that followed, the future seemed obvious. The number of Gopher users expanded at orders of magnitude more than the World Wide Web. Gopher developers held gatherings around the country, called GopherCons, and issued a Gopher T-shirt — worn by MTV veejay Adam Curry when he announced the network’s Gopher site. The White House revealed its Gopher site on Good Morning America..."
gopher  history  internet  www 
19 days ago
Building and Scaling the Fastly Network - João Taveira at Fastly Altitude 2015 - YouTube
- build on commodity hardware, moving the logic into software
- instead of routers, using switches and pushing routing logic to edge nodes
fastly  networking  architecture  video  w:2 
19 days ago
How I program C - YouTube
- think about data alignment in structs, memory is allocated in 8 byte chunks
- you can attach a common header and switch on that in C
- create a naming convention and follow it throughout
c  programming  video  w:3 
19 days ago
10x Not 10% : Product management by orders of magnitude by Ken Norton at Mind the Product 2015 on Vimeo
- it's easy to default to 10%, by repeating what you were doing
- stepping back and adding or removing a zero (10x) forces you to think differently about the problem
- you have to allow yourself and your team to fail and learn from it
- sometimes (often, actually) you just need to try many things
-- the answer to the next product is in your previous attempt: keep trying.
pm  google  product  video  w:3 
19 days ago
Performance Calendar » Speed Versus Speed to Market
You have to do more than just talk about performance. You need to present the issue to your team in a way that evokes genuine concern for the user. Web performance is a user experience issue, after all.
20 days ago
GDC 2010: Sid Meier Keynote - "Everything You Know is Wrong" - YouTube
- great illustration of gameplayer psychology != rational thought
-- win ratios are completely broken
-- randomness < fixed path towards a goal (e.g. technology tree)
- game + player: unholy alliance
-- player suspends disbelief
-- game designer is cooperative with player's whims
psychology  games  video  w:4  civilization 
29 days ago
Jonathan Blow - How to program independent games - CSUA Speech - YouTube
- it's important to know the concepts, but to be a great programmer you also need to learn when and how to use them - e.g. not everything must be optimized.
- good enough is good enough most of the time
- refactoring also imposes state transfer: harder to grok, debug, etc
- keep things simple whenever possible
video  programming  w:3  career 
29 days ago
Building and scaling the Fastly network, part 2: balancing requests | Fastly
For every problem in computer networking there is a closed-box solution that offers the correct abstraction at the wrong cost
cdn  routing  fastly 
29 days ago
Why Kakoune — The quest for a better code editor
- vi is a text editing language
- the value of an editor is to help navigate the large amount of context
* e.g. bookmarks and jumps
- the challenge with Vi is that it uses verb > object, and you can't see the object.
* flipping object > verb allows you to see what you're about to do; interactive.
vim  editor  programming 
29 days ago
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