And now, a brief definition of the web - The Verge
- linkable
- accessible by interoperable clients
11 days ago
Web Components: Just in the Nick of Time (Polymer Summit 2017) - YouTube
- we got lucky multiple times: relying on the platform reduces size and optimizes fast path
- the problem is that frameworks are non-interoperable monoliths, there is no encapsulation or reuse
webcomponents  history  video  w:2 
12 days ago
Custom Elements Everywhere (Polymer Summit 2017) - YouTube
- elements provide an implementation boundary and should act as native elements
- events should be raised when internals change without host knowing - e.g. promise completions
- you should respond / support attribute and property changes
elements  webcomponents  video  w:3 
12 days ago
Embrace AMP or AMP Wins – Dennis Forbes
AMP is an assurance to the user, not the publisher.
26 days ago
Nadeem Hussain: "Financial Inclusion for the next Billion Users" | Talks at Google - YouTube
- micro-finance rates are high due to high acquisition costs: unbanked, no credit history, corruption, defaults
- getting behavior change is the hard problem with adoption: started by focusing on utility bill payments via SMS
pakistan  microfinance  money  video  w:2 
27 days ago
1% Better Every Day - James Clear at Craft + Commerce 2017 - YouTube
- small improvements compound over time
- create a specific plan: the problem is not motivation, it's lack of clarity
- focus on how to get started, instead of the finish line
- shape your environment to make desired behavior easy
habit  productivity  video  w:3 
28 days ago
The Difference Between Amateurs and Professionals
Amateurs think knowledge is power. Professionals pass on wisdom and advice.
Amateurs focus on being right. Professionals focus on getting the best outcome.
Amateurs focus on first-level thinking. Professionals focus on second-level thinking.
performance  career 
6 weeks ago
Simon Sinek on Millennial and Internet Addiction - YouTube
- we're impatient: in a world of easy dopamine hits, we devalue the long-haul relationship and skill building work
- we have to model the behavior: be present, pay attention, connect on a human level
life  video  w:3 
6 weeks ago
Applying the Universal Scalability Law to organisations | the morning paper
Alpha is modelling what happens when you don’t delegate decisions and tasks effectively. The more operational decisions you need to be involved in, and the deeper you get involved, the more tasks you handle yourself, the higher your α coefficient and the more you limit the overall scalability of your organisation. So the first lesson is that it’s really important you learn to delegate effectively and to choose carefully the things that you do get involved in.
management  culture  productivity 
7 weeks ago
How to Tell the Truth – Andreessen Horowitz
In any human interaction, the required amount of communication is inversely proportional to the level of trust.
leadership  culture  business  communication 
7 weeks ago
Google's BBR fixes TCP's dirty little secret - Tom Limoncelli's EverythingSysadmin Blog
That's TCP's dirty little secret: it under-utilizes your network connection by as much as 50%.
bbr  google  tcp 
7 weeks ago
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