It Takes a Village To Raise a Child - One That is Interoperable | Collaboration Summit 2014 - YouTube
- we are building a web of (iot) silos
- the attack surface is massive due to the variety of unique protocols and devices: no way to set or coordinate a security policy
- alljoyn aims to run on any device and is protocol agnostic (wifi, bluetooth, etc)
alljoyn  iot  qualcomm  video  w:2 
21 hours ago
Delay/Disruption Tolerant Networking - YouTube
- web DTN proxy: specify depth to crawl, ship all of the content in a single bundle
dtn  networking  latency  video  w:1 
Software G Forces: The Effects of Acceleration - YouTube
- software cycles are shifting to smaller time-scales
- the shorter the cycle the faster the communication and adaptation has to happen (e.g. stickies on the wall are effective because they are so cheap to adjust)
- quality vs speed is a false dichotomy: figure out how to delivery quality with maximum speed
software  management  video  w:2 
Brett Slatkin / Fan-in and Fan-out: The crucial components of concurrency - YouTube
- Tulip PEP == await in Python
- also provides Futures API for common tasks: waitall, etc.
async  python  video  w:1 
2 days ago
Multitasking and Triggered Background Tasks for Windows Phone Apps | Build 2014 | Channel 9
- can register for "resource intensive task" which will run on AC power / wifi
- new OS triggers in 8.1: BLE and other sensor notifications
- CPU usage monitoring is based on wall time of the process
windows  msft  build  video  background 
3 days ago
Mobile Push Notifications to Any Client with Azure Notification Hubs | Build 2014 | Channel 9
- push service works with all platforms: MSFT, Android, iOS
- ability to group users by notification hub + tag users and messages
- tags provide simple boolean matching (and/or) to distribute notifications
azure  notification  mobile  microsoft  build  video  w:2 
3 days ago
High-Performance Web Platform: Real-World Problems and Solutions | Build 2014 | Channel 9
- 6Mbps memory bus: 3Mb image will take 500ms to transfer to the GPU
- use raF to aggregate scroll events
performance  browser  ie  build  video  microsoft  w:1 
4 days ago
Michael Wolff: Never Stop Asking “Why?” - 99U
- branding is about building trust
- people will forget what you said and what you did, but they will remember how you will make them feel
- you have to cultivate your curiosity by always asking "why"
- design community loves to pat themselves on the back and has heard mentality
marketing  video  99u  w:2 
4 days ago
What’s New in Azure Networking | Build 2014 | Channel 9
- VPN access to local network to bridge enterprise to cloud
- ability to assign own IP range and IP addresses for each instance
- ability to do direct connect with Azure cloud datacenters (ExpressRoute)
azure  networking  microsoft  build  video  w:1 
4 days ago
Internet Explorer as a Web Application Platform | Build 2014 | Channel 9
- launched status.modern.ie
- enterprise mode for IE11 to "preserve" your investment for old browsers
ie  web  platform  video  build  microsoft  w:1 
4 days ago
How politics makes us stupid - Vox
Consider how utterly insane that is: being better at math made partisans less likely to solve the problem correctly when solving the problem correctly meant betraying their political instincts. People weren’t reasoning to get the right answer; they were reasoning to get the answer that they wanted to be right.

I asked Kahan how he tries to guard against identity protection in his everyday life. The answer, he said, is to try to find disagreement that doesn’t threaten you and your social group — and one way to do that is to consciously seek it out in your group. "I try to find people who I actually think are like me — people I’d like to hang out with — but they don’t believe the things that everyone else like me believes," he says. "If I find some people I identify with, I don’t find them as threatening when they disagree with me." It’s good advice, but it requires, as a prerequisite, a desire to expose yourself to uncomfortable evidence — and a confidence that the knowledge won’t hurt you.
politics  psychology  science 
5 days ago
The New Windows Phone Application Model | Build 2014 | Channel 9
- dynamic memory monitoring and allocation for apps: more apps will stay resident
- push notifications routed via cellular where possible for better reliability
- ability to register for sensor notifications & geofencing
windows  mobile  microsoft  video  w:2 
5 days ago
Windows and the Internet of Things | Build 2014 | Channel 9
- .NET embedded (netmf.com) runs on 64K of ram, with or without MMU, open-source, designed for microcontroller devices
- Netduino devices designed for .NET embedded
iot  microsoft  video  w:1 
5 days ago
How to Analyze Performance Issues in Your Windows and Windows Phone Apps | Build 2014 | Channel 9
- trace viewer: vsync graph allows highlighting of each frame
- can walk each frame and see how long it took / where it was happening
- ability to see system and app-specific perf data (via custom events)
wpf  windows  performance  video  w:2 
5 days ago
ONS2014 Keynote: Albert Greenberg, Microsoft / Azure - YouTube
- 100K+ machines powering Azure
- 10 GigE host networking on a 40 GigE network
azure  sdn  networking  microsoft  video  w:1 
6 days ago
ONS2014 Keynote: Vinod Khosla of Khosla Ventures - YouTube
- if the rate of change is low: optimize system performance
- if the rate of change is high: optimize system flexibility
- networking (SDN) is entering high rate of change
khosla  vc  sdn  networking  video  w:1 
6 days ago
Startup Lab workshop: How Google sets goals: OKRs - YouTube
- (O) objective, (K) key results: no more than 5, with measurable KRs
- if you're spending more than a few minutes on scoring, you're doing it wrong
- OKRs are not a performance tool
okr  google  productivity  management  video  w:2 
7 days ago
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