analyze web traffic outside the browser using familiar Chrome DevTools interface
devtools  proxy  http  chrome 
5 days ago
Michael Taft: "The Mindful Geek" | Talks at Google - YouTube
- mindfulness increases behavior flexibility, it gives you more choices about the response
- respond, don't react; think before you act
- developing better awareness of own feelings allows you to tune in to feelings of others as well
mindfulness  psychology  video  w:3 
5 days ago
interblah.net - Why is nobody using Refinements?
- use lexical scope, which makes them tricky to understand
- rails / ruby core don't use them; other people told us they're "bad"
refinements  ruby  video  w:1 
6 days ago
Robert J. Shiller: "Phishing for Phools" | Talks at Google - YouTube
- "phishing" is not a malicious activity, but driven by the incentive systems in place
- slot machines: optimal reward time is short (buttons), electronic sound to avoid breaking the flow, hidden but not to hidden
phishing  marketing  economics  video  google  w:2 
6 days ago
Dan Ariely: On Dating & Relationships | Talks at Google - YouTube
- you can only reap some benefits if you think long-term: you need to invest and commit (e.g. daily apartment lease + renovation; dating is the same)
- many people overlook the transition costs of not being in a relationship: the search is an opportunity cost
- optimize for the ending: vacation, date, etc, because we place disproportionate value in it
- to get to know someone better, engage in shared experiences with them
psychology  dating  google  video  talk  w:3 
6 days ago
Running Aground: Debugging Docker in Production - YouTube
- catastrophic failures are good: they're visible, they're debuggable. may all your failures be hard failures.
- assert when you can to avoid soft failures; hard failures are easier to fix.
- restarting is not the answer and hiding failures leads to cascading failures and action at a distance
docker  debugging  video  w:3 
6 days ago
Run containers on bare metal already! - YouTube
- chroot > jails > zones
- zones were solving the wrong problem in 2000's: enterprise had poor tenancy MSFT machines and wanted to consolidate, they needed VMs.
- VM's virtualize hardware and provide poor resource utilizations; zones had it right.
- run your containers on bare metal: you don't wan't VMs underneath, that defeats the purpose.
container  history  video  presentation  w:3 
7 days ago
The Main Reason Why Gary Fong Switched From Canon and Nikon To Sony - YouTube
- electronic viewfinder vs optical: electronic allows you to compose and preview
- video is 30fps with electronic shutter, fast-burst is 11fps with mechanical shutter
sony  photography  video  w:2 
11 days ago
To Err is Human - Alex Liu on Vimeo
- expected exceptions: things you throw and can reasonably recover from
- when throw'ing an exception use new Error: provides callstack and other details
- errors can bubble via sync and async interfaces, for consistency you probably want to default to async handling (pass error callbacks)
- global handlers are (probably) a bad idea because you can't reason about the app-state
- unexpected errors are hard (impossible?) to recover from and should probably crash the app
exception  javascript  video  w:3 
13 days ago
The new kings of YouTube botting
allenge other premium options. Likewise, sites like Next Big Data—which aggregate data from services such as Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud—are picking tomorrow’s pop stars, and Billboard’s iconic charts have been factoring in YouTube views since 2013, when Baauer proved through “Harlem Shake” that you didn’t even need a complete song to have a hit.  
youtube  bot  seo 
14 days ago
BayLearn15-Keynote3 - YouTube
- new image models use 6M parameters instead of 60M: eliminated many parameters that applied to only a single image; using more convolutional layers.
- tensorflow: dataflow graph model that provides distribution, checkpointing, etc. C++ and Python interfaces.
acm  tensorflow  deeplearning  google  video  jeffdean  w:3 
14 days ago
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