The most important skill in software development | John D. Cook
You can’t appreciate a feat of organization until you experience the disorganization. But it’s hard to have the patience to wrap your head around a disorganized mess that you don’t care about. Only if the disorganized mess is your responsibility, something that means more to you than a case study, can you wrap your head around it and appreciate improvements. This means that while you can learn algorithmic wizardry through homework assignments, you’re unlikely to learn organization skills unless you work on a large project you care about, most likely because you’re paid to care about it.
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8 days ago
Erin Moore -  An Hour On Time - Video Archive - The Conference by Media Evolution
- designers are the new clockmakers: designers determine how and where we spend our time
- many products can be viewed through time-management lens: TV -> TV guide -> VCR (past) -> DVR -> on-demand.
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9 days ago
Junling Hu - Achieving Perfect Health with Runmeter on Vimeo
- good health is not running faster or farther, it is being injury free and not having to take sick days off
quantifiedself  video  health  w:1 
9 days ago
When is One Ready to Settle Down? - YouTube
- everyone is wrong in fascinating and diverse ways
- you're mature when you're deeply embarrassed of who you are
- relationships should be an education towards becoming two better people
love  philosophy  life  video  w:1 
11 days ago
- first abstraction was the distributed filesystem, such that you didn't have to think about where things are stored (GFS)
- second abstraction was hiding the computing infrastructure behind the Map-Reduce execution model: distribution, shuffling, aggregation is handled
- Map-Reduce provides a single transform, in practice you need to implement multiple steps, which is why "DataFlow" (Flume) came to be
- Moving to the cloud to manage VMs is not a big win; reasoning at container level is better; container orchestration is where you have to head
google  history  architecture  cloud  video  w:3 
11 days ago
On finding 'the right one' - YouTube
- the real challenge of relationships is not to find the perfect match, but to negotiate the difference without panic or nastiness
- learning to give up on perfection, may be the most romantic move we can learn to make
life  philosophy  love  w:2 
11 days ago
Why We Encrypt - Schneier on Security
Every time you use encryption, you're protecting someone who needs to use it to stay alive.
security  encryption  https  cryptography 
11 days ago
Ensuring a Performant Web for the Next Billion People - Bruce Lawson Keynote - YouTube
- it doesn't matter how smart your device is, if the network is dumb/slow
- "2G is insufficient for practical use of the internet"
- 53% growth last year in userbase (130M)
- focus on compatibility going forward
- "we reckon we can compress 30-50% better"
velocity  opera  proxy  video  w:2 
12 days ago
RedDotRuby 2015 - Keynote: Super Dry Ruby by Yukihiro 'Matz' Matsumoto - YouTube
- new concurrency model in ~3
- adding some typing ("soft typing") support
ruby  history  video  w:1 
15 days ago
Bing Moving to Encrypt Search Traffic by Default | Webmaster Blog
Beginning this summer, we will begin the process of encrypting search traffic by default. This means that traffic originating from Bing will increasingly come from https://www.bing.com as opposed to http://www.bing.com.
https  microsoft  security 
18 days ago
ETL with Google BigQuery and Javascript by THOMAS PARK and FELIPE HOFFA at Big Data Spain 2014 - YouTube
- full V8 runtime with all the functions
- can provide subquery before you run JS to narrow down the data
- e.g. implement levenstein distance to find misspellings
bigquery  javascript  wikipedia  video  w:1 
19 days ago
BlinkOn 4: Moving OWP Security Forward - YouTube
- first-party cookies: only send in top level context
- working on suborigin policies
security  blink  chrome  video  blinkon  w:2 
22 days ago
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