Alain de Botton: Atheism 2.0 - YouTube
- need to move past "believe" arguments; religion has a lot of insights to offer
- museums: chronological order is nonsense, we need guidance and themes
- education: we need repetition and "sermons", not just information in form of a lecture
religion  video  debotton  w:2 
2 days ago
Bruce Schneier | Data and Goliath: The Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control Your World - YouTube
- data pollution: our new industry emits clouds of data, and we will likely be judged in the future based on how we act on this pollution
- the dichotomy is that we value our private data and aggregate insights at the same time
- organizations need to fight laws and orders that prevent them from disclosure: without this we cannot have any trust in the system
privacy  security  schneier  video  w:2  bigdata 
2 days ago
Kailash Satyarthi, 2014 Nobel Peace Prize Recipient - YouTube
- ~180M children subject to child slavery, ~1-2M to sexual abuse/slavery
- child labor is cheaper, work longer.. labor rules are present but not enforced
- organization in 100+ countries, doing on-the-ground work to track down (and sometimes liberate) children
slavery  video  w:2 
2 days ago
How to live to be 100+ - Dan Buettner - YouTube
- plant based diet and stop before you're full
- walking and activity as part of everyday life (not exercise per se)
- sense of community with those around you (family, friends)
health  cooking  life  ted  video  w:2 
5 days ago
DevCore Boston 2015 l What Satoshi Didn't Know l Gavin Andresen, Bitcoin Foundation - YouTube
- open questions about legal standing and bootstrapping
- Satoshi was not a crypto-guy, some of the hashing & addresses could have been done more efficiently
bitcoin  btc  satoshi  design  video  architecture  w:2 
9 days ago
EmberConf 2015 - Opening Keynote - YouTube
- 6 week release cycle, similar to Chrome & Firefox
- RFC process for developing and tracking new features
- new "Glimmer" rendering engine: don't rerender the full template, only update the data that change (ala React)
ember  framework  video  architecture  w:2 
10 days ago
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