Introduction to React.js - YouTube
- all existing frameworks are based around the "Model -> something"
- the view updates are a pain to maintain and update, it's much easier to blow them away and rerender
- react takes the rerender approach by doing smart diffing between render updates
- the entire DOM representation is maintained in parallel JS structure, which creates overhead but it's not prohibitive and has not been a problem for FB
- JS is fast: comparisons and diffing is fast, doing DOM updates is the bottleneck
- react components call render recursively
- Instagram uses React + Backbone router
- FB ads and likes/comments all based on React
- The final target doesn't have to be DOM: can be canvas, native components, etc.
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7 hours ago
How Cooking Can Change Your Life - Michael Pollan - YouTube
- the consistency of the manufactured food requires industrial-scale processing: pesticides and chemicals, etc.
- best diet: eat the food you cook; you'll put in far less salt, fats, etc.
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7 hours ago
Marie Kondo, "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" - YouTube
- organize by category, not by location
- take out all the stuff then organize: allows you to see what you have, discard what you don't need
- leave mementos for last, don't get hung up on them
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16 hours ago
Track JavaScript, AngularJS and jQuery errors with Google Analytics
Track JavaScript, AngularJS and jQuery errors with Google Analytics
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2 days ago
The Rise of Opaque Intelligence
sufficiently advanced logic is indistinguishable from stupidity?
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3 days ago
Rob Knight: How our microbes make us who we are - YouTube
- there is more microbe bio-diversity in the human body than in our geo-environment
- we're only now starting to understand the value and power of modifying the microbe biome
- research showing that antibiotics in young children may affect their future biome
medicine  microbes  ted  video  w:2 
3 days ago
Guy Winch: The case for emotional hygiene - YouTube
- we are taught about personal hygiene, but not emotional
- often we are our own worst enemies: we deepen the cuts ourselves
- what if, we recognized these patterns and had effective techniques for dealing with them? e.g. shift context to avoid ruminating, etc.
- hygiene significantly improved our longevity; emotional hygiene can do the same for our quality of life
psychology  ted  video  w:3 
3 days ago
"The Future of Data Visualization" - Jeffrey Heer (Strata + Hadoop 2015) - YouTube
- existing tools do not provide guidance for what visualization are good visualizations
- tools should automatically surface the right views of the data, based on type of data
visualization  bigdata  video  w:2 
3 days ago
Michael Brooks: "This. Only This. Mindfulness Strategies for Discovering Peace in Every Moment" - YouTube
- the point is to quiet the mind, which enables you to observe how our background thoughts are driving and shaping what we think and how we act
- be mindful in the moment: observe what thoughts are on your mind, how you feel
- be introspective about the patterns: what triggers certain moods, thoughts, behaviors
mindfulness  psychology  video  w:2 
3 days ago
Mastering the Pixel: 25 Years of Photoshop - YouTube
- first launched in 1990 and quickly became an Adobe bestseller
- born as a collaboration between researcher and ex-ILM employee
- first filter: levels; much simpler way to control whites and blacks than darkroom
- "layers was probably the most powerful feature ever added"
- the people working on the tools are users themselves (e.g. photographers)
photoshop  history  adobe  video  w:3 
3 days ago
Masking difficult images in Photoshop Tutorial - YouTube
- select color to create mask > levels to cleanup > repeat in multiple steps
photoshop  masking  tutorial  w:1 
3 days ago
Female Founders Conference 2014 - YouTube
- homejoy: became a cleaner for X months to learn how the business works
- livingston: it's OK to be a quiet cofounder; get stuff done; focus on priorities.
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3 days ago
Barbara Oakley | Learning How to Learn | Talks at Google - YouTube
- focused vs diffuse mode: you need space/break to get into diffuse mode
- recall is the best method to gauge your memory and understanding: underlining is not effective; instead write it down and/or try to remember what you just read
learning  education  video  math  w:3 
3 days ago
The Connection: Mind Your Body
- all religions use the same mental "trick": shift focus to something outside of self, plus repetition, which allows you to gain distance from that what worries you; meditation is the same concept, but without the religious subtext.
- "gut neurons" - second brain in your stomach?
- feeling of well being does affect your body chemistry, which can have impact on how you feel, etc.
video  documentary  health  medicine  mindfulness  meditation  w:2 
4 days ago
Fireside Chat with Eric Schmidt and Sal Khan of Khan Academy - YouTube
- started with video, now moving into algorithmic learning (e.g. measuring and rewarding grit, comparing school performance, etc)
- khan academy is inverting the classroom and providing positive pressure on teachers to change their method: when you have people together, focus on interaction.
- there is a large existing effort to translate content into all languages.
education  salkhan  video  w:3 
7 days ago
React.js Conf 2015 - YouTube
- react native: layout done on separate thread; UI components are mapped to native components but controlled via JavaScript
- emit full DOM, let the framework handle the diffing via virtual DOM and apply the right transformations
- efficient implementation of immutable structures and tree diffing is the key enabling technology
- virtualizing DOM allows the framework to apply smart transfors (coalesce updates, etc)
- using React: you fall into pit of good performance
- GraphQL: client express the shape of the data they want, the server constructs the response and returns it as described; this removes logic from the server and keeps it on the client - fewer places to update, etc.
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9 days ago
Why I read a book a day (and why you should too): The Law of 33% | Tai Lopez | TEDxUBIWiltz - YouTube
- you need to download the mindset from those that inspire you
- its supposed to be hard, the hard is what it great
- sped 33% with those above you: 10x of where you want to be
psychology  motivation  video  ted  w:2 
9 days ago
Gershon Ben Keren, Krav Maga | Talks At Google - YouTube
- violence is a process: the goal should be to prevent the situations before they develop
- dark alleys and quiet spots are stereotypes, in reality perpetrators want a wide selection, many exit points
- build simple decision trees to react under duress: give them what they want, don't put them under pressure, let them exit and deal with it later
- e.g. burglar in a house: call police, shout "will be here in 5 minutes" to let them exit; chances are they don't want to see you either.
selfdefense  video  security  w:3 
13 days ago
Tim Harford at Mind the Product 2013 on Vimeo
- "chief of marginal improvements" vs. remove yourself from marginal world and go rethink the problem
- "harvard has become a bastion of marginal improvements - e.g. you need to impress those around you?

"Not all innovation is marginal. So often we match the two together. Both areas of innovation are vital. People who bet on long shots don’t have success all the time. They often fail. But we owe it to them to share the risk a little more."
video  innovation  risk  w:3 
14 days ago
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