Mathias Bynens — Front-End Performance: The Dark Side on Vimeo
- you can time the network fetch, but that may be subject to a lot of noise
- you can fetch the response and pump it to video element, or cache, and execute this many times to get a good guess on which response is larger/smaller
- research: https://vagosec.org/academic/#ccs2015-timing
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2 days ago
Want a Better Pitch? Watch This. — Firm Narrative — Medium
- name the enemy
- answer "why now?"
- show the promise land before explaining how you get there
- identify obstacles and explain how you'll overcome
- present evidence that you're not making things up
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5 days ago
20 lines of code that will beat A/B testing every time
e treatment works, group B lost out. This sacrifice is made to get good data. But it doesn't have to b
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22 days ago
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