Social Media State of the union Keynote - NERVE 2014 - Philly PA - YouTube
- make sure you're marketing reflects the year we live in: stop wasting money on old methods, invest into growth vehicles (e.g. the startup that just got 100MM users)
- being early gives you an advantage on cost and performance
marketing  video  w:2 
3 days ago
DLD15 - The Four Horsemen: Amazon/Apple/Facebook & Google--Who Wins/Loses (Scott Galloway) - YouTube
- amazon needs to move into retail; Macy's is outperforming all the rest
- local distribution is (still?) important, retailers with local distribution have an edge
- Apple has the luxury market: luxury is more consistent across the world
amazon  apple  google  video  w:3 
3 days ago
Astro Teller: "Moonshots and Reality" | SXSW Live 2015 | SXSW ON - YouTube
- make your mistakes cheap: you have to fail to learn, and you should learn quickly
- self-driving car: highway driving is a solved problem, except.. we need to solve the full problem of driving everywhere, we can't trust the humans.
innovation  google  video  astroteller  w:3 
3 days ago
Video Of The Week: My Talk On Bitcoin, Crowdfunding, and Charitable Giving – AVC
- ~30% of operating budget for most charities was on fundraising
- new internet charities can slash the ~30% to just the cost of accepting payments
- with Bitcoin the full amount of the donation can go to the charity
- the value of Bitcoin itself is not the interesting part, the more important part is the velocity of trading; if velocity increases, the value will too.
bitcoin  charity  finance  video  w:2 
3 days ago
F8 2015 - Big Code: Developer Infrastructure at Facebook's Scale - YouTube
- machines should wait on humans, not humans on machines
- goal of developer infrastructure: provide great feedback within 10 minutes - e.g. tests, etc.
- built own IDE on top of GH's Atom to work with React and PHP
- started with three repos, now merging into one, backed by Mercurial
- did a lot of performance work on Mercurial to scale to FB's repos - e.g. sparse checkouts
facebook  culture  productivity  infrastructure  video  w:4 
3 days ago
React Native Fundamentals - Video Tutorial Series @eggheadio
- everything is a component: data is passed down via props
- navigation between components is done via routes
- components can be shared, e.g. helper / reusable views
- you're using native views and components
- can use ES6, fetch API, etc.
react  native  tutorial  ios  video  w:4 
3 days ago
GopherCon 2014 Opening Keynote by Rob Pike - YouTube
- designed informed by decades of language lessons
- designed by a small (and knowledgeable) team
- one of the important aspects was/is knowing when to stop: can't continue to break the language indefinitely
golang  history  programming  design  video  w:4 
4 days ago
F8 2015 - Lifting the Curtain: the Data Infrastructure Behind Facebook Apps - YouTube
- giraph: open source graph analytics engine built on top of hadoop
-- used to power group and other recommendations systems
-- supports k-means clustering, collaborative filtering alg's
- presto: data source independent execution engine
-- apache 2.0 license, all commits go directly to GitHub
facebook  video  w:3  hadoop 
4 days ago
Keynote: Why Virtual Reality Will Matter to You - Facebook Live
- our brain has a model, which it applies to actual inputs: sometimes the model overrides the actual data - e.g. color, sound, visuals.
- "reality" is subjective based on our interpretation of the signals
- current VR is sufficient to be coherent with most of our senses to provide an "immersive experience"
- we still need much higher visual resolutions; we need higher-resolution sound (easy enough); we need better haptics
- VR is finally making inroads: long-term commitment, commercial applications.. or, is that the same as we said a decade ago?
abrash  vr  facebook  video  w:4 
11 days ago
Brett Slatkin - How to Be More Effective with Functions - PyCon 2015 - YouTube
- gotcha with working with generators: if you consume the collection, the second iteration will get an empty result
- guard for iterables and be defensive to provide correct implementation
functions  programming  python  video  w:1 
11 days ago
Keynote - Jacob Kaplan-Moss - Pycon 2015 - YouTube
- we have the myth of a crappy vs star programmer, what about the middle?
- inverted bell curve vs. actual world: we're average programmers, there is nothing wrong with that
- the language of the star programmer is a harmful label: it dissuades people from engaging and associating with the community; it perpetuates stereotypes; it is a "reason" to tolerate behavior that we shouldn't
pycon  engineering  culture  video  w:3 
11 days ago
Type Hints - Guido van Rossum - PyCon 2015 - YouTube
- type annotations are not enforced at runtime, only for separate type checking
- python syntax already allows the type annotation syntax
- annotations are done in separate files: easy to annotate existing code, don't need to update existing code, completely optional
- lots of subtle gotchas in implementation
python  typing  annotation  video  pycon  w:3 
11 days ago
Cory Benfield - Hyperactive: HTTP/2 and Python - PyCon 2015 - YouTube
- selective header compression allows certain fields to avoid being compressed and leak context - e.g. password fields
- use http2bin.org for testing
http2  python  performance  video  pycon  w:1 
12 days ago
The Ten ‘Commandments’ of Sushi — Gone — Medium
“Sushi is fast food,” he said. “You shouldn’t even really sit down to eat it."
sushi  japan  food 
13 days ago
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