Dr. Ron Siegel: "The Science of Mindfulness" | Talks at Google - YouTube
- mindfulness practice exists in all cultures; most pronounced in buddhism
- mindfulness is about awareness of own state and feelings, it's not about being passive or supressing them. Rather, it's acceptance of our own -uniquely human- shortcomings and learning to manage our own ups and downs.
- mindfulness builds resilience through awareness
- the goal is not and should not be to "not feel bad"; you can't feel good without having the 'bad'
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9 hours ago
Barry Prizant: "Uniquely Human" | Talks at Google - YouTube
- autism is an abused label with negative connotations
- we are all uniquely human, each with our own quirks
- one's 'autistic' is another's 'gifted'
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9 hours ago
Zoe Mickley Gillenwater | Flexbox | CSS Day on Vimeo
You can create much more complex and reliable layouts with flexbox than you can with floats, table display, or inline-block, all with far less CSS.
flexbox  design  layout  rwd  video 
Mike Monteiro: Keynote on Vimeo
- your job, as a professional, is to solve the business problem you've been hired for
- your job is not to be a friend, but also don't be an a**hole about it
- sell your work in their context, don't inundate them with useless minutea that doesn't advance the project
- your job is to sell design, and everything involved in that process is part of your job
- stand up, set the agenda, sell the product, let them know when you're done and what feedback you need
design  entrepreneurship  career  video  w:5 
4 days ago
Wilson Miner: "Steal This Talk" - YouTube
- we have a tense relationship between collaboration and appropriation
- we all build on each other's ideas
- it's liberating to be in an environment where appropriation is collaboration: let go of ego, stand over someone's shoulder, improve, and iterate.
- it's important to be in an environment where collaboration and appropriation are one
- what could you learn from the folks around you if you actually tried?
video  psychology  collaboration  appropriation  art  w:4 
6 days ago
John Waters’s Spectacular RISD Commencement Address on Creative Rebellion and the Artist’s Task to Cause Constructive Chaos | Brain Pickings
- A career in the arts is like a hitchhiking trip — all you need is one person to say “Get in!” and off you go. And then the confidence begins.
- Today may be the end of your juvenile delinquency, but it should also be the first day of your new adult disobedience.
- Contemporary art’s job is to wreck what came before — is there a better job description than that to aspire to? … Go out in the world and fuck it up beautifully… Horrify us with new ideas. Outrage outdated critics. Use technology for transgression, not lazy social living… It’s your turn to cause trouble — but this time in the real world, and this time from the inside.
commencement  creativity  art  career  video  w:5 
9 days ago
Falcor: Why Falcor? (Video)
- started with a RESTful API, added prop's selectors to optimize fetching, ended up with a RPC~like mechanism
- the promise of RESTful calls is clean separation, caching (at all layers); the cons are high cost of each request (in HTTP/1)
- Falcor presents a graph-like structure via RPC~interface: the model is the same on client and server, but server is the one responsible for orchestrating how the graph response is composed (e.g. a graph request comes in, the routes are matched, requests are sent, and response is returned)
- the client has to implement own in-memory cache (can probably be improved with SW?)
- JSON graph: JSON is for trees, but Netflix data structure is a graph.. point to shared references by ID
- instead of returning JSON arrays return maps: same access (and same underlying structure), but it's more explicit about random access and affords better client-caching
falcor  architecture  video  w:4  netflix 
12 days ago
Let’s Turn Real User Data Analysis into a Science - YouTube
- using redshift to store beacon data
- run daily pipelines to build aggregations
- using julia notebooks to drive analysis and expose underlying data to customers
soasta  architecture  rum  w:2  video 
12 days ago
PAYPAL MAFIA: Reid Hoffman & Peter Thiel's Master Class in China - YouTube
- "paypal mafia" is successful because of its network: exchange of information, helping each other
- good investing requires a contrarian perspective + [people, technology, business opportunity]; you want the idea to be ahead of what others think, and as an investor you have to understand why your insight is ahead of others
- the point is not to pivot (i.e. make mistakes), the point is to learn and to learn rapidly. you only have so many chances to make a mistake.
video  entrepreneurship  paypal  thiel  w:2 
12 days ago
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