vfaronov/httpolice: Lint for HTTP requests and responses
HTTPolice is a lint for HTTP requests and responses
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3 days ago
HTTP is not enough - O'Reilly Media
- current devices route to the cloud (ouch) - e.g. wemo devices create a VPN
- our smartphones can be last-mile nodes to deliver messages - e.g. propagate state to devices that can't or don't speak the protocols to connect to WAN
- perhaps we can propagate firmware updates via blockchain?
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8 days ago
Product Management and the Foggy Labyrinth — Medium
And it’s not just learning from parts of the labyrinth that you’ve already visited. To the extent that you’ve already explored a similar labyrinth and can generalize your learnings, or that you have a guide who is familiar with this labyrinth, or that it is a labyrinth that is well-traveled by others, the fog will not be as dense.
productmanager  pm  productivity 
8 days ago
Joel Spolsky - Pluralism - YouTube
- pluralistic: intelligence is at the leaf, let them make decisions
- you can't tell people to just do things, you have to convince them that it's something they want to do themselves
- manager's job is actually much harder, you can't rule by decree
- authoritative control is prime for drama, which is why most every TV show uses it
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12 days ago
Raffi Krikorian - Every Problem is a Scaling Problem - Dec. 17, 2014 - YouTube
- management is part bureaucracy and part therapy
- it's your job to explain your work and hire and motivate people to join; not recruiters
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13 days ago
How Facebook Tries to Prevent Office Politics
Most people think “success” happens when you get the big job with the big title — that you’re not growing unless you’re moving up. At Facebook, moving into management is not a promotion. It’s a lateral move, a parallel track.
facebook  culture 
14 days ago
Ansel Adams - YouTube
- "the negative is the score, the print is the interpretation"
photography  anseladams  video  youtube 
14 days ago
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