Thought as a Technology
Rather than just solving problems expressed in terms we already understand, the goal is to change the thoughts we can think.
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5 days ago
An Event Apart News: Eric Meyer: Designing for Crisis
- add a crisis persona to your list: can you guide them to answer their questions?
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9 days ago
David Bodanis: "Einstein's Greatest Mistake" | Talks at Google - YouTube
- golfers vs tennis players: types of engagement
- create a mid-level abstraction and project down from it
- if real-world matches expectations then you're on the right track
- Einstein held on to avoiding uncertainty for too long; it was his undoing
einstein  video  google  w:3 
4 weeks ago
Benjamin Bergen: "What the F" | Talks at Google - YouTube
- swear words have a common structure
- used to communicate passion and emotion
- controlled / suppressed by separate region in the brain
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4 weeks ago
Story of XMLHTTP » Alex Hopmann’s Blog
Which is the real explanation of where the name XMLHTTP comes from- the thing is mostly about HTTP and doesn’t have any specific tie to XML other than that was the easiest excuse for shipping it so I needed to cram XML into the name (plus- XML was the hot technology at the time and it seemed like some good marketing for the component).
xmlhttprequest  http  browser  history 
5 weeks ago
Making Linux TCP Fast - Yuchung Cheng, Neal Cardwell - YouTube
- probe the network by increasing the flow and observe the ack rate
- tracks both the RTT and the max throughput and optimizes for both
- orders of magnitude performance in the face of packet loss
tcp  performance  bbr  google  video  w:4 
5 weeks ago
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