I can memorize tar arguments or makefile syntax... I choose tar arguments.
april 2015
Will IPython replace bash? (EuroPython 2013)
Somebody stole my idea for a talk, then went back in time and gave it on a larger scale. Dang.
july 2014
Python usage notes/pty and pexpect
pty example for when you don't feel like reading the module source
july 2014
/r/AskReddit - What is your best low effort recipe?
Couple steps away from fast food on the easy<->healthy spectrum.
july 2014
Average car insurance rates 18-25
Predatory lending is illegal but this isn't. I don't understand.
june 2014
Translation from Haskell to JavaScript of selected portions of the best introduction to monads I’ve ever read
A great intro to monads -- translated to Javascript from Haskell for human-readability.
june 2014
Super interesting blog series on gamedev
april 2014
Clean Code Cheat Sheet
It's hard to boil an entire profession down to a cheat sheet, but this resource does a good job of highlighting a number of important factors in creating clean, readable, extensible code.
june 2013
wdb is a complete web debugger for wsgi project (implemented as a wsgi middleware).
python  flask  debugging  via:liquidx 
february 2013
Skeleton: Beautiful Boilerplate for Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Development
Looks like bootstrap, but without the incredibly boring, generic feel Bootstrap tends to imbue web pages with. Could be very useful.
bootstrap  css 
december 2012
Subtle Patterns
Great source of basic background patterns for web apps.
october 2012
Single-element CSS iPhone
Really cool abuse of background gradients and box-shadow
september 2012
Set Up An Ubuntu Local Development Machine For Ruby On Rails
Works on Debian too. First time I've ever done an install of RVM + Ruby + Rails that went without a hitch.
rvm  ruby  howto 
august 2012
Use your iPhone as a computer mouse
june 2012
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