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The 25 Best Board-Game Mobile Apps for 2018
The current golden age of tabletop gaming has also led to a similar surge in apps that adapt board games to tablets and phones, with new ones arriving almost every week — and some games even premiering in digital form at the same time they show up on store shelves. I’ve tried more than 50 such apps, all of which are based on games you can buy in stores, and here are my top 25. Unless otherwise noted, these are all available on iOS and Android, with some on Steam, as well.
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may 2018 by ianmclaury
State of the Art - Unify the Phone Numbers and All Else Follows - NYTimes.com
Rave from David Pogue. Grand Central was great -- Google Voice is better!
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march 2009 by ianmclaury
How to Block Cellphone Spam - Pogue
AT&T lets you 1) block all internet messages; or 2) block specific senders. Verizon similar. Sprint and T-Mobile, not so much.
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june 2008 by ianmclaury
Sensemaking: Cell Phone Software: The Billion-Dollar Sand Trap
Why developing software for cell phones is a bad business idea
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may 2007 by ianmclaury

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