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The Year We Broke the Internet - Esquire
"Watching the social media shares multiply exponentially on something I posted triggers the pleasure center of the brain like a stiff rip of cocaine." The incentives are all wrong.
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december 2013 by iankennedy
Yes, We Can
So this year i wanted to get involved and do all i could early...
barackobama  election  inspiration  mashup  politics  viral 
february 2008 by iankennedy
Phil de Vellis, aka ParkRidge47: I Made the "Vote Different" Ad
"This ad was not the first citizen ad, and it will not be the last. The game has changed."
video  viral  politics 
march 2007 by iankennedy
Down the Rabbit Hole
Inside the viral marketing trio that is Campfire.
advertising  viral  socialmedia 
january 2007 by iankennedy
Advertising Age - Behind the Epidemic of Lousy Viral Campaigns
Most of the online viral campaigns you hear about and see these days have one thing in common: They suck.
advertising  socialmedia  viral 
january 2007 by iankennedy
Vanishing Point
Microsoft and AMD team up to promote Vista with an in-world game. The winner gets to ride a rocket into space with a NASA astronaut.
microsoft  games  viral  excellenceinadvertising 
january 2007 by iankennedy
What Is This Creepy Site Advertising?
I'm not so sure I want to be in Taos, NM on November 15th - metafilter is baffled
excellenceinadvertising  viral 
october 2006 by iankennedy
HansoExposed 8/25 53 Fragments
YouTube snippet uncovers more layers of the onion.
lost  excellenceinadvertising  viral 
august 2006 by iankennedy
Alltel immersive ad campaign
The experience is so immersive that not only are the clients getting confused, so are the publishers.
viral  advertising  excellenceinadvertising 
august 2006 by iankennedy
what exactly is viral marketing
agency.com tries to explain that cool people playing uncool people is actually cool
advertising  viral 
august 2006 by iankennedy

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