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As much as I loath the term "growth hacking" there are some good ideas here.
growthhacking  toolkit 
april 2015 by iankennedy
open-source tool to create Facebook and Twitter image cards developed by The Times & Sunday Times digital team
march 2015 by iankennedy
Before the Startup
At its best, starting a startup is merely an ulterior motive for curiosity. And you'll do it best if you introduce the ulterior motive toward the end of the process.
paulgraham  startup  lifehacks  toolkit 
october 2014 by iankennedy
Mobile Boilerplate
Downloadable templates for HTML5 Mobile websites. Documentation and support for iphone, android, WP7 and symbian
mobile  html5  toolkit 
april 2011 by iankennedy
Tools for any agile web/software startup
From Sumit Chachra, list of tools for any start-up lets you get up and running for less than $200/month.
startup  toolkit 
april 2011 by iankennedy
Yahoo Events Browser
Great example of mashup that combines several Yahoo apis
netsquared  toolkit  net2 
may 2006 by iankennedy
Yahoo! Gallery
Discover and share applications that use Yahoo APIs
netsquared  toolkit  yahoo  net2  api 
may 2006 by iankennedy
ProgrammableWeb: Mashup Dashboard
Great place to start exploring the world of api mashups.
netsquared  toolkit  mashup  resource  net2 
may 2006 by iankennedy
Yahoo Developer Network
You bring the skills. We bring the ingredients.
yahoo  api  toolkit 
november 2005 by iankennedy

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