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Facebook tells publishers to take it or leave it
Embedded with full interview with Campbell Brown and Adam Mosseri at Recode's Code Media conference.
facebook  newsfeed  AdamMosseri  CampbellBrown 
february 2018 by iankennedy
How Facebook News Feed Works
The ultimate guide with all the latest, will be updated as new changes are made.
facebook  newsfeed  joshconstine 
september 2016 by iankennedy
Who Controls Your Facebook Feed
A small team of engineers in Menlo Park. A panel of anonymous power users around the world. And, increasingly, you
facebook  newsfeed  algorithm 
january 2016 by iankennedy
How 30 Random People in Knoxville May Change your Facebook News Feed
Augmenting algorithmic tuning with a staff of 600 in centers around the US.
facebook  newsfeed  algorithm 
august 2015 by iankennedy
Cracking the Facebook Code
How does the social media giant decide who and what to put in your feed? Tom Weber conducts a one-month experiment to break the algorithm, discovering 10 of Facebook's biggest secrets.
facebook  newsfeed  algorithm 
october 2010 by iankennedy

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