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He “Was Struggling Not to Laugh”: Inside Netflix’s Crazy, Doomed Meeting With Blockbuster
When Netflix execs Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings met with Blockbuster brass in 2000, they wanted to sell for $50 million. Blockbuster all but laughed them out of the room, writes Randolph in That Will Never Work: The Birth of Netflix and the Amazing Life of an Idea. So they decided to “kick their ass.”
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september 2019 by iankennedy
Netflix's lost year: The inside story of the price-hike train wreck | Internet & Media - CNET News
"even visionaries can misread their customers when blinded by past success" @mediadls: Netflix's lost year http://t.co/ZsyJwtrr
july 2012 by iankennedy
Netflix analyzes a lot of data about your viewing habits — Cloud Computing News
Along with tracking 30 million plays per day, Netflix also notes everytime you rewind, fast forward and pause a movie http://t.co/0zCyL6cq
june 2012 by iankennedy
Level 3 concurs: Comcast appears to be prioritizing traffic — Cloud Computing News
Digging in further with a packet sniffer, Level 3 suggests that Comcast may be prioritizing Xfinity over Netflix. http://t.co/tI3V0aP0
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may 2012 by iankennedy

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