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The Eternal Jukebox
For when your favorite song just isn’t long enough. This web app lets you search a song on Spotify and will then generate a never-ending and ever changing version of the song.
hacks  music  visualization 
march 2018 by iankennedy
Inside The Playlist Factory
The rise of the curator at Spotify and the vital role they play as tastemakers.
spotify  curation  music 
july 2016 by iankennedy
Bitcoin for Rockstars
Practical applications of the blockchain to real-world problems such as credits, royalties, and ownership.
bitcoin  music  businessmodel 
january 2015 by iankennedy
YouTube videos synced up with crowdsourced guitar tabs.
Online  Learning  music  guitar  from delicious
july 2013 by iankennedy
Hey Dullblog
A blog for people that think a little bit too much about The Beatles
music  beatles  from delicious
may 2013 by iankennedy
The Plop's Dollops
Eighty-eight one hour compilations of live Grateful Dead music, year by year, absolutely heaps of prime performances, all soundboards, sourced from the GD vault.
music  gratefuldead  from delicious
november 2012 by iankennedy
JAM with Chrome
Play music online with your friends. Demo site for Chrome, HTML5, Web Audio, and Websockets for realtime collaboration.
music  html5  webaudio  collaboration  from delicious
november 2012 by iankennedy
Hectic City » Blog Archiv » Hectic City 15 – Paths To Graceland
Long lost origins of Paul Simon's Graceland. "Lekkar" as they say in Afrikaans.
paulsimon  southafrica  music  from delicious
july 2012 by iankennedy
30 Days of Dead 2011 Review
Archived live recordings from the Grateful Dead tape vault
gratefuldead  music 
january 2012 by iankennedy
Create a Spotify playlist from your Last.FM history.
music  hack  spotify  last.fm  from delicious
december 2011 by iankennedy
Behind The Scenes: Record Label Demands From Amazon
Guest post from mp3.com CEO on what demands record labels want from Amazon before they will let their music be stored in the cloud.
music  piracy  mp3  from delicious
april 2011 by iankennedy
James Winfield's Top Tunes
links to house mixes on youtube
april 2011 by iankennedy
you are listening to
ambient music from soundcloud overlayed with police scanners from around the world
music  ambient 
march 2011 by iankennedy
Isle of Tune
Music making can be fun! Make a virtual world and drive a car around to make music.
music  kids  games 
march 2011 by iankennedy
Software used by Girl Talk during live performances.
music  software 
march 2011 by iankennedy
SXSW Torrents
Links to Torrents from 2005 - 2010
music  sxsw 
february 2011 by iankennedy
masters of the mashup
january 2011 by iankennedy
Every ticket tells a story - fan-based history
music  crowdsourcing 
december 2010 by iankennedy
culling the best of the idie music web
music  streaming 
september 2010 by iankennedy
Songkick - Concerts, tour dates, and festivals for your favorite artists
Social Networks around concerts. Share notes, scans of ticket stubs, posters, etc.
music  concerts  socialnetworks 
july 2010 by iankennedy
Twisten.FM :: Listen to Twitter
crawls twitter for links to music files so you can play them
twitter  music 
march 2009 by iankennedy
Moshic.com - Viva la underground!
music  dj 
january 2009 by iankennedy
Girl Turk: Mechanical Turk Meets Girl Talk's "Feed the Animals" - Waxy.org
Within an hour, all but 4 answers were submitted. The median time to finish a request was an impressive 26 seconds. (Amazingly, over 110 answers were completed in under 10 seconds without any errors.)
mechanicalturk  amazon  music  analysis  andybaio 
september 2008 by iankennedy
In Radiohead's new video for "House of Cards" from the album "In Rainbows", no cameras or lights were used. Just data.
3d  google  music 
july 2008 by iankennedy
Last.fm normalised rankings
Billboard Magazine style ranking uses your last.fm account to rank your favorite artists and albums based on normalized list of how long you've listened to each artist.
last.fm  mashup  music 
february 2008 by iankennedy
Trent Reznor: Why won't people pay $5? | Tech news blog - CNET News.com
Trent Reznor: a bit disappointed that sales of his downloaded album didn't do as well as expected
music  online  business 
january 2008 by iankennedy
Band Name Origins
I always wanted a list like this - now you can find out where names like AC/DC and They Might Be Giants came from.
music  lists 
november 2007 by iankennedy
Purple Radio
Streaming mixes from the UK
november 2007 by iankennedy
Convenience Wins, Hubris Loses and Content vs. Context, a Presentation for Some Music Industry Friends
Notes and visuals from Ian Roger's presentation on DRM and the future of music on the web
copyright  drm  yahoo  music  ianrogers 
october 2007 by iankennedy
Rick Rubin Claims the iPod Is Dead
The time is ripe for a subscription model to music
music  business  businessmodel 
september 2007 by iankennedy
The Annotated "Ramble On Rose"
Finally a place that explains all those references that I've always wondered about.
gratefuldead  lyrics  music 
july 2007 by iankennedy
deadheads now have a social network
socialnetworks  gratefuldead  music 
july 2007 by iankennedy
Pearls Before Breakfast
What if one of the nation's greatest musicians busked a busy rush hour metro? Would anyone notice?
attention  culture  music 
may 2007 by iankennedy
Wifi-Enabled SanDisk Sansa Connect
Unlimited streams off of Yahoo Music and personable error messages like, "um, lost the connection to Wifi, dude"
yahoo  sandisk  music 
april 2007 by iankennedy
SonyBMG, Six Apart Launch A&R Social Net, Kill Off DemoTapes
Oh great - now in order to get in front of an agent, you need to post into their social network. Why can you just submit your rss feed to them instead?
sixapart  music 
march 2007 by iankennedy
iTunes: Just how random is random?
Artists whose five songs were bought from iTunes were consistently more likely to appear on the random playlists than those whose songs were ripped from CD.
apple  iTunes  music 
march 2007 by iankennedy
samurai.fm | new music radio Tokyo, Japan & London
samurai.fm - new music radio from Japan. Transcending national boundaries, we bring you the best of international electronic music.
imported  music 
january 2007 by iankennedy
Anil Dash: My Library Is Dead
Anil's iTunes meta-data is lost which is, of course, everything.
iTunes  loss  music 
january 2007 by iankennedy
Lefsetz Letter » Blog Archive » The Man From Google Returns
based on how often people were searching for a film . . . they could predict the gross of a movie with EIGHTY TWO PERCENT ACCURACY!
google  music  movies  search 
december 2006 by iankennedy
Concert Vault – Where Live Music Lives
Stream live recordings of classic rock concerts.
music  live  concerts 
november 2006 by iankennedy
"Road to Peace" - Tom Waits
Tom Waits singing about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
tomwaits  music 
november 2006 by iankennedy
Technophilia: 15 ways to get more out of Pandora - Lifehacker
How to run it more smoothly and shortcuts to training the algo.
music  pandora  tips 
september 2006 by iankennedy
Instant Live Concerts
High quality concert CDs available minutes after the show! Also with download service.
music  commerce 
september 2006 by iankennedy
Amie St
Prediction Markets comes to music recommendations.
predictionmarkets  music 
july 2006 by iankennedy
The Resident's latest release: Blank discs
$14.99 buys you two blank discs and a code to unlock downloaded episodes pulled from their website.
music  copyright 
june 2006 by iankennedy
Record & catalog music from FM Radio on your PC
march 2006 by iankennedy
Yahoo! Music Personalization Primer
Yahoo Music Blog on Personalization engines such as Pandora, LastFM, and Soundflavor
music  yahoo 
february 2006 by iankennedy
Last.fm versus Pandora (Continued)
The ongoing debate between two music recommendation services.
pandora  lastfm  music 
february 2006 by iankennedy
MySpace Music Profile - Phish Archives - - BURLINGTON, Vermont, US
phish  music 
december 2005 by iankennedy

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