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Push Notifications Statistics (2019)
Mostly written for marketers but some good datapoints for the state of the market in 2019
notifications  mobile 
april 2019 by iankennedy
What You Must Know To Build Savvy Push Notifications
Noah Weiss (FourSquare, Slack) shares lessons learned on design and measurement of notifications
notifications  mobile  design 
october 2016 by iankennedy
Unnatural Acts And The Rise Of Mobile
As mobile usage and the poor CPMs on mobile advertising compound losses for publishers and app developers, advertising on mobile will only get more intrusive, ruining the experience for the users of these services argues Keith Teare.
KeithTeare  mobile  advertising  googleplus  facebook  from delicious
january 2013 by iankennedy
The Making of Fastbook: An HTML5 Love Story
Engineers from Sencha (a development framework) build a Facebook app in HTML5, showing not only how it can be done but how it can be made better.
sencha  mobile  facebook  html5  from delicious
december 2012 by iankennedy
LukeW | Multi-Device Layout Patterns
Collection of design patterns on how to flow from one screen size to the next.
designpatterns  webdesign  mobile  responsivedesign  from delicious
october 2012 by iankennedy
Easily create and instantly deploy tiny bits of interactive code to your army of followers via their mobile devices.
crowdsourcing  crowd  programming  python  mobile  from delicious
september 2012 by iankennedy
Will Facebook adapt to mobile or will mobile adapt to Facebook? — Mobile Technology News
Facebook revenues in 2011 were $3.7 billion, of which $3.1 billion came from ads, none of it from mobile...yet http://t.co/cQmhRRoR
facebook  mobile 
may 2012 by iankennedy
PayPal Mobile generating $6M daily in total payment volume
By the end of 2010, more than 5 million customers were using our mobile products, generating $750 million in total payment volume.
mobile  payment  paypal  ebay 
may 2011 by iankennedy
Square’s Disruptive New iPad Payments Service Will Replace Cash Registers
500,000 Square card readers shipped, 1 million Square transactions in May, and the startup is now processing $3 million in mobile payments per day.
mobile  payments  square 
may 2011 by iankennedy
Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0
W3C's list of best practices for designers of mobile web sites.
webdesign  mobile 
april 2011 by iankennedy
Mobile Boilerplate
Downloadable templates for HTML5 Mobile websites. Documentation and support for iphone, android, WP7 and symbian
mobile  html5  toolkit 
april 2011 by iankennedy
Vancouver-based luxury mobile phone maker.
hardware  mobile  phones  luxury 
april 2011 by iankennedy
Lekki, back to basics
Refurbished classic mobile phones (StarTac, Nokia 3210) with updated colors to show your hipster allegiance to retro technology
mobile  design  retro 
march 2011 by iankennedy
Mobile UI Patterns
Nice collection of UI Patterns collected by Mari Sheibley, lead designer of FourSquare.
ui  designpatterns  mobile 
february 2011 by iankennedy
DeNA CEO Tomoko Nambas interviewed at LeWeb
Mobage makes an insane US$1.2 billion revenue with 22 million members
dena  mobile  japan  socialgaming 
december 2010 by iankennedy
The State of Mobile Apps
September 2010 whitepaper from Nielsen, survey of 4000 mobile phone users in the US.
nielsen  survey  mobile  apps  smartphone 
september 2010 by iankennedy
Mobile Gaming Platform
mobile  games  location  lbs 
august 2010 by iankennedy
Nokia Instant Community project announced, tested
What if you could instantly connect with someone without friend requests or the need to sign up for yet another Social Network service? Peer-to-Peer social networks, imagined.
nokia  mobile  NRC  community  socialnetworks 
may 2010 by iankennedy
rhomobile - the open mobile framework
one dev environment for iPhone, Windows Mobile, RIM, Symbian, and Android. Free and Open-Source.
mobile  development  opensource  programming 
may 2010 by iankennedy
Social Mobile Framework - Symbian Developer Community
Shared and Open platform to connect Symbian phones to Social Networks
socialnetworks  mobile  symbian  opensource 
march 2010 by iankennedy
In Mobile, Fragmentation is Forever. Deal With It.
Great post by @rich_wong on complexities of mobile ecosystem and why html5 is no silver bullet
html5  mobile  strategy 
march 2010 by iankennedy
Bump Technologies, Inc.
Cool way to swap data between phones. Here's a list of winners of their API contest
api  mobile  iphone 
february 2010 by iankennedy
Caller ID Spoofing, Voice Changing & Call Recording | Prank Calls
callerid  mobile  hack  spoof  security 
february 2010 by iankennedy
Mobile Phone app store
appstore  mobile 
january 2010 by iankennedy
WURFL is an XML configuration file which contains information about capabilities and features of many mobile devices. The main scope of the file is to collect as much information as we can about all the existing mobile devices that access WAP pages so that developers will be able to build better applications and better services for the users.
mobile  community  reference 
september 2009 by iankennedy
Google's Marissa Mayer on the importance of real-time search | Technology | The Guardian
But there's a potential third form of search, she explains, which uses the sensors built into devices around us. "I think that some of the smartphones are doing a lot of the work for us: by having cameras they already have eyes; by having GPS they know where they are; by having things like accelerometers they know how you're holding them."
MarissaMayer  google  mobile  search  realtime 
july 2009 by iankennedy
MoBots | MoBots Beta
Object-Oriented Scripting language for Symbian phones - reminds me of AppleScript
mobile  symbian  nokia  programming 
june 2009 by iankennedy
Cross platform mobile framework for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android
mobile  javascript  android  iphone  development  blackberry 
april 2009 by iankennedy
Follow the Mobile User
Stating the obvious about why mobile browser usage is lower than expected.
mobile  trends  research 
march 2009 by iankennedy
Mobile twitter client, written in Java, runs on Nokia e71.
mobile  twitter  e71 
march 2009 by iankennedy
Mobile Identi.ca client, written in Java. Runs on Nokia e71
mobile  e71  software 
march 2009 by iankennedy
Location-Based Android App changes settings based on proximity to GPS locations. Turn of your phone when you arrive home, set ringer to vibrate when near office.
mobile  android  geolocation 
january 2009 by iankennedy
I Am Here: One Man's Experiment With the Location-Aware Lifestyle
And that's when it hit me: I had gained better location awareness but was losing my sense of place.
mobile  geolocation  socialnetworking  foursquare  lbs 
january 2009 by iankennedy
Spies in Your Mobile Phone
Consumer advocacy groups argue that mobile marketers are collecting personal data without enough disclosure
advertising  mobile 
january 2009 by iankennedy
The OpenID mobile experience, part II | FactoryCity
thoughts on how to integrate OpenID & OAuth on mobile
openid  mobile  oauth 
january 2009 by iankennedy
Hyperlinking the Real World - ReadWriteWeb
bringing real and virtual worlds together via mobile mapping annotations
mobile  maps  geolocation 
january 2009 by iankennedy
Mobile Social Network GREE Lands a Big IPO, In Japan
Stock doubles on first day. GREE now has a market cap of over $1.3B, more than Mixi
japan  mobile  socialnetworks  gree 
december 2008 by iankennedy
Mobile Opportunity: Mobile data: Be careful what you wish for
the number of data-capable phones is definitely growing faster than network capacity, so overload is just a matter of time.
mobile  bandwidth 
december 2008 by iankennedy
English version of Japan's most popular mobile social network, Mobagetown
japan  socialnetworks  mobile 
december 2008 by iankennedy
KDDI au: au design project
Cool Japanese Mobile Phone Prototypes
phone  mobile  japan  gadgets  design 
november 2008 by iankennedy
Battle for the smart-phone's soul | The Economist
as handsets get smarter the nature of the industry will change. It will be less about hardware and more about software, services and content. In fact, for the first time, more will be spent this year on such intangibles than on the handsets themselves
mobile  cellphone  business 
november 2008 by iankennedy
Mob4Hire - Crowdsourced Mobile Application Testing
Hire people from around the world to test your mobile application on a number of platforms.
crowdsourcing  mobile  development 
november 2008 by iankennedy
Mobiles in-a-Box
Using mobile phones to extend the reach of your cause - a toolkit
mobile  nonprofit  howto 
november 2008 by iankennedy
Soocial.com Stefan Fountain. FOWA presentation
Making address book synch simple, ubiquitous, and boring.
addressbook  mobile 
november 2008 by iankennedy
Air Tagging Device “Sekai Camera”
Balloon Help for meatspace, currently only available on the iPhone.
mobile  japan  iphone  tagging  geotagging 
november 2008 by iankennedy
And The Top Mobile Social Networks Are... - ReadWriteWeb
it's becoming apparent that mobile social networking isn't necessarily going to be the new frontier that everyone thought it would be. Instead, as consumers surf the "real internet" on their mobile devices, they're also interacting with "real" social networks
mobile  socialnetworks 
october 2008 by iankennedy
The State of Location-Based Social Networking On The iPhone
iPhone application platform limitations are keeping the cap on true innovation
socialnetworking  iphone  mobile 
september 2008 by iankennedy
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