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The Membership Puzzle Project
Research on how to make membership work as a business model.
media  subscription  businessmodel 
september 2017 by iankennedy
The Platform Press: How Silicon Valley reengineered journalism
25,000 words on how media is using (and being used) on major digital distribution platforms.
facebook  businessmodel  media  twitter  EmilyBell 
april 2017 by iankennedy
A Jolly Jaunt Through the Sentiment of News
analysing the sentiment towards the 2016 presidential candidates in online media
election  media 
october 2016 by iankennedy
Did I Kill Gawker
Former editor Max Read speculates what brought Nick Denton's publishing empire down while sharing a view from the belly of the beast.
nickdenton  gawker  publishing  media 
august 2016 by iankennedy
64 Ways To Think About a News Homepage
forget everything you know about info design and suggest new types of homepage designs.
design  news  media 
february 2015 by iankennedy
Silicon Valley and Journalism - Make up or Break up
Legacy media did not understand what it was losing, Silicon Valley did not understand what it was creating
EmilyBell  journalism  media 
november 2014 by iankennedy
The Year We Broke the Internet - Esquire
"Watching the social media shares multiply exponentially on something I posted triggers the pleasure center of the brain like a stiff rip of cocaine." The incentives are all wrong.
internet  media  news  viral  from delicious
december 2013 by iankennedy
Twitter is building a media business using other people’s content — Tech News and Analysis
Twitter growing beyond a simple message bus. Walks delicate line with expanded tweets to keep users from clicking away http://t.co/35cizHUW
twitter  media 
july 2012 by iankennedy
Forbes Update: Record Traffic, New Products -- and our Fix-It and To-Do Lists
Following their article page redesign, forbes.com is showing record traffic using a combination of new products and incentives.
media  design  forbes 
october 2011 by iankennedy
The Death and Life of Great American Newspapers
Suggesting an annual tax subsidy of $200 to subscribe to the paper of your choice
businessmodel  newspapers  media  journalism 
march 2009 by iankennedy
Behind the Incredibly Shrinking Media - BusinessWeek
The audience's attention capacity has not shrunk, but the demands on it did—exponentially. Without broad strokes or simplification, we humans are, for the most part, simple creatures that like to feel, well, good. That means being included, being liked, respected, taken care of, admired, satisfied. This "new world" brought us massive amounts of information but no new time to digest it, so we cognitively economize and focus on what's required. This isn't me saying humanity is destined to become a group of wandering watercooler idiots, but I think we can all agree we need to tame our info lust and refocus.
newspapers  media  trends  journalism 
march 2009 by iankennedy
Guardian API Maps - Home
Crowdsourcing geo-tagging of Guardian news. A Stamen Design project.
api  maps  flickr  media  mapping  news  stamen 
march 2009 by iankennedy
Information Wants to Be Expensive
Gordon Crovitz on online news. "For years, publishers and editors have asked the wrong question: Will people pay to access my newspaper content on the Web? The right question is: What kind of journalism can my staff produce that is different and valuable enough that people will pay for it online?"
businessmodel  media  journalism  economics 
march 2009 by iankennedy
The Newspaper Industry and the Arrival of the Glaciers
Clay Shirky on the demise of print. Read it for the comments.
newspapers  media  clayshirky 
december 2008 by iankennedy
New York Times API Coming - ReadWriteWeb
The goal of an API is to make the NYT programmable. Everything we produce should be organized data
nytimes  api  newspapers  media 
june 2008 by iankennedy
The social graft
Nicholas Carr's take on Facebook's social advertising announcement at AdAge NYC
advertising  facebook  media 
november 2007 by iankennedy
Journal Investment Group
first he needs to get the typo out of his mission statement
media  myspace  dowjones 
june 2007 by iankennedy
Kara Swisher's Ethics Statement on All Things Digital
It is more than most of you want to know, but, in the age of suspicion of the media, I am laying it all out.
transparency  media  ethics 
april 2007 by iankennedy
Top 30 Most Popular Newspaper Sites
February Nielsen/NetRatings report includes time spent.
media  newspapers  online  stats 
april 2007 by iankennedy
The Doc Searls Weblog : How to Save Newspapers
The Doc weighs in on the latest cycle of this age old debate
journalism  newspapers  media 
march 2007 by iankennedy
Doc Searls : Giant Zero Journalism
We are all authors of each other. What we call authority is the right we give others to author us, to make us who we are.
journalism  media 
march 2007 by iankennedy
Buffett Pessimistic About Newspapers - washingtonpost.com
"newspapers no longer held a monopoly on news and information."
media  newspapers 
march 2007 by iankennedy
journalism.org weekly news index
Trend watching news coverage in the mainstream media.
journalism  media  analysis 
january 2007 by iankennedy

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