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The great shift in Japanese culture
The decline of Japan’s influence on world culture
japan  culture 
7 weeks ago by iankennedy
Japanese Animation Guide: The History of Robot Anime
The Japanese government commissioned a detailed report on the history of Japanese robot anime.
japan  animation 
april 2018 by iankennedy
In Japan, a Historian Stands by Proof of Wartime Sex Slavery
IT was about 15 years ago, recalled Yoshiaki Yoshimi, a mild-mannered historian, when he grew fed up with the Japanese government’s denials that the military had set up and run brothels throughout Asia during World War II.
nytimes  politics  WWII  history  japan  from delicious
january 2013 by iankennedy
Kobo Touch Rockets to #1 Selling Product on Rakuten’s Online Shopping Mall - SFGate
e-books hit Japan big time! RT @Shogannai: Kobo Touch Rockets to #1 Selling Product on Rakuten’s Online Shopping Mall http://t.co/pP8YXF5P
kobo  japan  rakuten  ebooks 
july 2012 by iankennedy
PayPal, Softbank Team Up On A Payments Joint Venture — PayPal Japan - TechCrunch
PayPal partners with SoftBank to outflank Square with international expansion for mobile payment platform. http://t.co/x4B0EmIA
paypal  softbank  square  japan 
may 2012 by iankennedy
The Hot Seat: Joi Ito
Time Out Tokyo interviews Joi about his Media Lab appointment, LinkedIn Japan, and the future of the Japanese economy
joiito  linkedin  japan 
may 2011 by iankennedy
DeNA CEO Tomoko Nambas interviewed at LeWeb
Mobage makes an insane US$1.2 billion revenue with 22 million members
dena  mobile  japan  socialgaming 
december 2010 by iankennedy
Shafuu 101–Choosing a company for the new generation
Overview of Japanese corporate culture broken down into four main types.
japan  company  culture  management 
july 2010 by iankennedy
Mobile Social Network GREE Lands a Big IPO, In Japan
Stock doubles on first day. GREE now has a market cap of over $1.3B, more than Mixi
japan  mobile  socialnetworks  gree 
december 2008 by iankennedy
English version of Japan's most popular mobile social network, Mobagetown
japan  socialnetworks  mobile 
december 2008 by iankennedy
KDDI au: au design project
Cool Japanese Mobile Phone Prototypes
phone  mobile  japan  gadgets  design 
november 2008 by iankennedy
Air Tagging Device “Sekai Camera”
Balloon Help for meatspace, currently only available on the iPhone.
mobile  japan  iphone  tagging  geotagging 
november 2008 by iankennedy
誕生! iPhoneにピッタリのYahoo! JAPAN
Yahoo Japan and iPhone mini-site. Softbank owns Yahoo Japan which is also distributing the iPhone in Japan
iphone  yahoo  japan  cellphone 
july 2008 by iankennedy
Yahoo Japan's Logoole
For your blog, kinda like MyBlogLog?
Yahoo  japan  stats 
march 2008 by iankennedy
Top 60 Japanese buzzwords of 2007
A rare look into the fertile world of Japanese popular culture
japan  language  culture 
november 2007 by iankennedy
Hello Kitty Hell
Everything branded Hello Kitty
hellokitty  japan 
april 2007 by iankennedy
Shiichan Anonymous BBS
Registration keeps out good posters and attracts trolls.
forum  community  japan 
march 2007 by iankennedy
A blog dedicated to the Yamanote line in Japan!
japan  train 
december 2006 by iankennedy
Japanese government prepares online lie-detector
$3M in research funds earmarked to define the truth
japan  AI 
august 2006 by iankennedy
TV in Japan
Blog covering the weird and wonderful world of Japanese television
japan  tv 
july 2006 by iankennedy
百式 - 100SHIKI.COM
Cool site of the day for a Japanese audience
japan  inspiration 
july 2006 by iankennedy
Web 2.0 in Japan
PingMag covers the web 2.0 landscape in Japan
japan  web2.0 
july 2006 by iankennedy
With a Cellphone as My Guide - New York Times
Point & Click vector maps for cellphones now live in Japan
mobile  maps  japan 
june 2006 by iankennedy

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