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The history of Gopher, the predecessor to the World Wide Web
history  internet 
january 2017 by iankennedy
The End of the Internet Dream?
In 20 years, the Web might complete its shift from liberator to oppressor. It’s up to us to prevent that. Jennifer Granick's keynote at Black Hat 2015
internet  culture  JenniferGranick  freedom  security  politics  speech 
august 2015 by iankennedy
The Year We Broke the Internet - Esquire
"Watching the social media shares multiply exponentially on something I posted triggers the pleasure center of the brain like a stiff rip of cocaine." The incentives are all wrong.
internet  media  news  viral  from delicious
december 2013 by iankennedy
The internet: Everything you ever need to know
Putting the short history of the internet into perspective. It's too early to begin to predict the impact of this transformative technology.
internet  history 
september 2010 by iankennedy
Documentary of a Finnish .com blowout.
finland  history  internet 
march 2009 by iankennedy

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