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Facebook's moonshots: Making brains type and skin hear
The social network finally unveils what its secretive Building 8 hardware lab has been working on for the past year. Communication might never be the same.
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april 2017 by iankennedy
Facebook and the cost of monopoly
Last year, before Facebook realized it could just leverage its network to squash Snap, Mark Zuckerberg spent most of his presentation laying out a long-term vision for all the areas in which Facebook wanted to innovate. This year couldn’t have been more different: there was no vision, just the wholesale adoption of Snap’s, plus a whole bunch of tech demos that never bothered to tell a story of why they actually mattered for Facebook’s users.
facebook  f8  BenThompson 
april 2017 by iankennedy
Climbing Out Of Facebook's Reality Hole
Mat Honan is pessimistic about Facebook's grip on reality
facebook  f8  MatHonan 
april 2017 by iankennedy

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