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The Web of Identities: Making Machine-Accessible People Data
RRW surveys the state of identity on the web and lists a few use cases for an interconnected set of identities.
identity  dataportability 
july 2009 by iankennedy
Creating Open Profiles - kentbrewster.com
Kent outlines a service that can manage and control access to your aggregated online identities.
dataportability  profile 
february 2009 by iankennedy
You don’t nor need to own your data » By Elias Bizannes
Property gains value with scarcity, data gains value with access.
identity  dataportability 
december 2008 by iankennedy
LinkedIn Could Replace Outlook and SalesForce
What if LinkedIn became your contact manager and email?
linkedin  dataportability 
october 2008 by iankennedy
Announcing Facebook Connect
Facebook Connect is the next iteration of Facebook Platform that allows users to "connect" their Facebook identity, friends and privacy to any site.
facebook  dataportability 
may 2008 by iankennedy
MySpace's Data Availability is not Data Portability
David Recordon's take on MySpace opening up. Without caching rights, it ain't portable.
dataportability  myspace  davidrecordon 
may 2008 by iankennedy
The Social Graph API and Surprises
David Recordon posts about The Principle of Least Surprise
dataportability  google  privacy  sixapart  xfn  davidrecordon 
february 2008 by iankennedy
Hack to use openID firefox extension to record OpenIDs of visitors to a site,
dataportability  openid  hacks 
january 2008 by iankennedy
Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life - Facebook Right, Scoble Wrong: Social Network Interoperability and the O'Reilly Social Graph FOO Camp
Can you imagine if email interoperability was achieved by making it easy for Gmail users to export their contacts to Yahoo! mail instead of it being that Gmail users can send email to Yahoo! Mail users and vice versa?
dataportability  socialnetworks  facebook 
january 2008 by iankennedy

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