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A most peaceful revolution
As economics 101 holds, busting a monopoly (governments are effectively local monopolists in the market for money) by introducing competitors should make the market fairer for consumers. Faced with no alternative, citizens were previously forced to save in their local currency and tolerate inflation. Now with an effective off-ramp, citizens have the choice to exit the local monetary regime, at significant cost to the central bank (selling their local currency increases the velocity of money and worsens inflation). So the mere existence of Bitcoin instills monetary discipline on a central bank which might otherwise pursue a ruinous level of debasement.
bitcoin  economics 
september 2019 by iankennedy
Bitcoin for Rockstars
Practical applications of the blockchain to real-world problems such as credits, royalties, and ownership.
bitcoin  music  businessmodel 
january 2015 by iankennedy

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