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Alameda, Calif.: On San Francisco Bay, With Great Views and Rising Prices
An island city celebrates families and diversity, and is finding ways to build affordable housing and confront homelessness.
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18 days ago by iankennedy
Grooming the Champions of the Keyboard
Evil Genius Lair in Alameda is home to a professional gaming team.
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october 2013 by iankennedy
The Alameda Japanese-American Experience
From the nineteenth century until World War II, Alameda had a thriving Japantown with its own bath houses, baseball teams, and a large Buddhist Temple. But today, even longtime Alameda residents know very little about this Japantown, or the ways in which Alameda offers a unique perspective on the Japanese-American experience.
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july 2013 by iankennedy
Battle of the Small Town Media Titans
A topix editor drags a local Alameda paper into the online world kicking off a copyright debate.
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january 2008 by iankennedy

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