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A Map of White Space for Product Managers — Medium
“White space” can be conceived of as missing links in the product network; roles that, if filled, lead to a better functioning product network, and, consequently a more successful product.
productmanagement  from delicious
august 2014
Back To Square One | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
Jack Dorsey’s dazzling startup promised to transform the credit and finance industry with a sweeping, digitized vision of the future. After losing $100 million, has his company lost its edge?
square  jackdorsey  from delicious
august 2014
The secret of Minecraft
Minecraft is a game about creation, yes. But it is just as much a game about secret knowledge. . .To play, you must seek information elsewhere.
minecraft  from delicious
july 2014
Ode to a Non-Technical Product Manager — Medium
If you’re a young product manager lacking an engineering background, it’s really important you develop a few superpowers.
productmanagement  hunterwalk  from delicious
july 2014
Babe Ruth and Feature Lists — Medium
Lists are good at conveying relative importance, but not orders of magnitude
productmanagement  prioritization  from delicious
june 2014
Marissa Mayer product manager: A new, better kind of CEO.
She pays attention to the existing self-organization of small groups of smart people and sympathetically exerts soft power to try to leverage their skills on a larger scale, without wrecking what they already do well. She does not build from the ground up, but helps fit pieces together—horizontally.
productmanagement  leadership  MarissaMayer  from delicious
may 2014
How to make email newsletters a ‘powerful medium’ for engagement | Media news
Rather than "churning out 10 headlines from an RSS feed", he too gives his newsletters a conversational air, even when there have been serious stories covered throughout the day.
newsletters  emailmarketing  from delicious
april 2014
Whitepaper from Zendesk on how to handle difficult tickets.
zendesk  customerservice  from delicious
april 2014
Gabe Rivera Techmeme Interview - Business Insider
50/50 mix of editorial to automation. More manual work than I would have thought.
interview  techmeme  GabeRivera  from delicious
april 2014
Our Comrade The Electron - Webstock Conference Talk
A meditation on the surveillance state, interface design, tech culture, and the dangers of thinking you know what will happen next, told through the astonishing life of Lev Termen.
history  espionage  rfid  russia  MaciejCeglowski  from delicious
march 2014
Explaining eBay's Turnaround - Business Insider
The story of how eBay's newsfeed was hacked together by six people who flew to Australia for two weeks.
ebay  jackabraham  innovation  turnaround  from delicious
february 2014
Maximizing Distribution for Media Content
Helpful guide for media properties that share to Facebook. How to take advantage of Open Graph tags.
facebook  bestpractice  from delicious
january 2014
How to make your shopping cart suck less - The Oatmeal
"I know that an ideal password is one where it looks like my cat took a 12 hour nap on the keyboard, but if I want to make my password "boobs" it's my own shitty decision and you should let me roll with it."
usability  webdesign  funny  ecommerce  from delicious
january 2014
The Year We Broke the Internet - Esquire
"Watching the social media shares multiply exponentially on something I posted triggers the pleasure center of the brain like a stiff rip of cocaine." The incentives are all wrong.
internet  media  news  viral  from delicious
december 2013
MapBox | Design & publish beautiful maps
Hosted maps that can be created with an import of a CSV
maps  mapping  useful  online  from delicious
december 2013
Old S.F.
Mash-up of historical photos on map of San Francisco.
history  sanfrancisco  photography  maps  visualization  from delicious
december 2013
Postmortem of a Venture-backed Startup
Looking at reasons why Sonar failed. "You do not have 20% time. Identify your top three priorities. Throw away numbers two and three."
sonar  lbs  startup  Resources  from delicious
december 2013
TechCrunch - Brad Frost Web
Summary of TechCrunch page types and their design process.
webdesign  process  wayofworking  design  responsivedesign  from delicious
november 2013
How Promotion Affects Pageviews on the New York Times Website
Detailed study of effectiveness of social media and home page promotion at the New York Times
pageviews  metrics  publishing  newyorktimes  from delicious
november 2013
Top Hacks from a PM Behind Two of Tech's Hottest Products
Some good product management advice from the guy behind GMail and the Facebook newsfeed.
productmanagement  careeradvice  howto  from delicious
november 2013
collection of user-submitted icons and pictograms
icon  The  Noun  Project  icons  design  from delicious
november 2013
Grooming the Champions of the Keyboard
Evil Genius Lair in Alameda is home to a professional gaming team.
gaming  sports  Alameda  from delicious
october 2013
Why Finland loves saunas
For many Finns the sauna was the holiest room in the house and the one most closely associated with their well being.
finland  sauna  culture  from delicious
october 2013
How Google Converted Language Translation Into a Problem of Vector Space Mathematics | MIT Technology Review
To translate one language into another, find the linear transformation that maps one to the other. Simple, say a team of Google engineers
computerscience  language  machinetranslation  from delicious
september 2013
How to hire
Spend more time Get your hands dirty Look for effectiveness Have people audition Use your personal networks Sell your mission The Sunday test Hire for cultural fit Don't compromise Be generous, mostly with equity Trust your gut on red flags Always be recruiting Fire fast Add rigor around hiring process Don't hire if you don't need to
hiring  startup  resources  from delicious
september 2013
What You Want in a VP Eng from the Recruiters Behind Twitter and Zappos
design the role you want to fill by outlining the specific pain points and problems you’re trying to solve - and then determine your requirements and measure them rigorously
hiring  startup  resources  from delicious
september 2013
On Dick’s & Expectations
The Brilliant Conclusion & Somewhat Confounding Reactions To Phish’s 2013 Summer Tour
phish  from delicious
september 2013
The Truth About Marissa Mayer: An Unauthorized Biography
Epic Business Insider profile of Marissa Mayer. I had no idea she went to school with Josh Elman.
joshelman  google  yahoo  MarissaMayer  from delicious
august 2013
San Francisco
10 ways to open your heart to San Francisco
sanfrancisco  from delicious
august 2013
On The Future of iOS and Android
Android is going to face challenges. Fragmentation is a bitch.
Android  strategy  from delicious
august 2013
A Million Random Digits with 100,000 Normal Deviates
If you like this book, I highly recommend that you read it in the original binary. As with most translations, conversion from binary to decimal frequently causes a loss of information and, unfortunately, it's the most significant digits that are lost in the conversion.
review  funny  amazonreviews  from delicious
august 2013
Top Ten Horrible Book Covers | Ramp.ie
Books. Books are brilliant, there is no doubt about this, but when it comes to book covers, publishers can get it hilariously wrong.
review  funny  from delicious
august 2013
The Alameda Japanese-American Experience
From the nineteenth century until World War II, Alameda had a thriving Japantown with its own bath houses, baseball teams, and a large Buddhist Temple. But today, even longtime Alameda residents know very little about this Japantown, or the ways in which Alameda offers a unique perspective on the Japanese-American experience.
history  Japanese-American  internmentcamps  Alameda  from delicious
july 2013
Tool that helps you visualize a site at different resolutions.
responsivedesign  prototype  from delicious
july 2013
YouTube videos synced up with crowdsourced guitar tabs.
Online  Learning  music  guitar  from delicious
july 2013
A Product Manager’s Job
Great product managers understand the very tricky balance between getting it right and getting it out the door.
joshelman  productmanagement  from delicious
july 2013
Above and Below the Fold: Stop Talking about the Stinkin Fold
We all know how to scroll. Interesting content is what causes people to scroll. Design for that.
webdesign  scrolling  from delicious
july 2013
Do Things that Don't Scale
Counter-intuitive in this day and age of massively scaled consumer start-ups but in the beginning of every great start-up is the Hustler phase.
paulgraham  startup  resources  from delicious
july 2013
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