Selling China by the Sleeve Dance
Beneath the ubiquitous posters for the Shen Yun ballet is a battle between dissidents and the state over the soul of a nation, both at home and across the diaspora.
china  shenyun 
2 days ago
Assessing Local Journalism
News Deserts, Journalism Divides, and the
Determinants of the Robustness of Local News
journalism  local  localnews 
7 days ago
Apple News’s Radical Approach: Humans Over Machines
Longish profile of Apple New's contrarian, human editors.
Apple  applenews  news 
15 days ago
Google disables some Gmail smart suggestions because it can’t fix AI gender bias
a company researcher typed “I am meeting an investor next week,” and Smart Compose suggested “Do you want to meet him?” instead of “her”
google  AI  email 
16 days ago
Apple's new map
Exhaustive comparison of Apple and Google maps comes down pretty negatively on Apple's closed ecosystem vs. Google's crowdsourced one.
maps  google  apple 
5 weeks ago
Nokia Mobile - We Were Connecting People
Documentary about the history of Nokia
nokia  movies 
6 weeks ago
David Rumsey Map Collection
Overlay old maps onto each other to see the evolution of land
maps  history 
6 weeks ago
Did Facebook’s faulty data push news publishers to make terrible decisions on video?
This was Facebook’s actual error: It divided total time spent watching a video not by the total number of users who spent any time watching the video (a group that would have included people “quickly scrolling past muted auto-playing video advertisements”), but instead by only the number of users who watched a video for three seconds or more. The result: “A highly misleading result that favored Facebook.”
facebook  video  metrics 
8 weeks ago
The Temptation of Apple News
The world’s most valuable company is wooing the media with a human touch and a huge audience. One thing it hasn’t delivered: money.
apple  applenews  subscription 
11 weeks ago
California Coronary – Popula
Another thing to keep me up at night.
climatechange  sfbay 
11 weeks ago
Facebook Is The World's Biggest Right-Wing Media Company | Crooked Media
The company’s lip-service defense of free speech is in practice a choice to collapse the distinction between disinformation and news-analysis. The right-wing narrative of social-media censorship is dishonest, but it has also been incredibly effective in pressuring platforms into accepting lies as opinion.
august 2018
Masayoshi Son’s secret to running his $100 billion fund: Telling start-ups to treat each other like family
Son holds dinners every few months with the CEOs of his investments to encourage them to partner with other companies he has invested in and conduct status checks on their businesses.
MasayoshiSon  Softbank  VC 
august 2018
The Greatest Sales Deck I’ve Ever Seen
“What’s this?” Tim asked.
“This,” I said, “is the greatest sales deck I have ever seen.”
sales  presentation 
august 2018
AI at Google: our principles
AI at Google: our principles
google  AI  ethics 
june 2018
Mobile ad mediation’s new era: SDK bidding
Summary of mobile app ad tech stack today as it evolves towards true RTB.
june 2018
Thread by @noah_weiss on Product Management
Product Management isn’t a major one can study, few folks graduate into, and most people learn by apprenticeship.
may 2018
Facebook Doesn't Make as Much Money as It Could—On Purpose
How Facebook's ad auction model is different, the Vickrey-Clarke-Groves model
advertising  algorithm  facebook 
may 2018
Exclusive: Facebook Opens Up About False News
Facebook is today making three important announcements on false news, to which WIRED got an early and exclusive look. In addition, WIRED was able to sit down for a wide-ranging conversation with eight generally press-shy product managers and engineers who work on News Feed to ask detailed questions about the workings of the canals, dams, and rivers that they manage.
facebook  fakenews  nicholasthompson 
may 2018
Product Development Cycle Fundamentals
Popular, YC-recommend Product Management framework.
may 2018
Japanese Animation Guide: The History of Robot Anime
The Japanese government commissioned a detailed report on the history of Japanese robot anime.
japan  animation 
april 2018
Terms of Service; Didn't Read
crowd-sourced ratings of all those click-wrap agreements you never read
april 2018
How Pizza Night Can Cost More in Data Than Dollars
Even a low-key evening at home can mean handing over a trove of personal information to high-tech companies
datamining  privacy  socialnetworks 
april 2018
A gentle introduction to self-sovereign identity
Today, we keep passports, birth certificates, utility bills at home under our own control, maybe in an “important drawer”, and we share them when needed. We don’t store these bits of paper with a third party. Self-sovereign identity is the digital equivalent of what we do with bits of paper now.
march 2018
Increase funnel conversion with Psych
Elements of a webpage either inspire us by giving us more units of Psych or overwhelm us by depleting our existing store of Psych. Once you understand what elements are adding to or depleting users’ energy, you can then start to manage that energy: adding inspiration and minimizing overwhelm to help users take your core actions.
onboarding  productmanagement 
march 2018
The Eternal Jukebox
For when your favorite song just isn’t long enough. This web app lets you search a song on Spotify and will then generate a never-ending and ever changing version of the song.
hacks  music  visualization 
march 2018
Inside Google’s plan to make the whole web as fast as AMP
Can the most contentious piece of the web form the basis of a new standard?
google  amp 
march 2018
Looking Back at r/Place
In just 72 hours, over a million redditors placed 16.5 million tiles to transform a simple, white, 1000×1000-pixel canvas into a surprisingly beautiful clash of communities, nations, ideologies, and fandoms.
reddit  culture 
february 2018
Facebook tells publishers to take it or leave it
Embedded with full interview with Campbell Brown and Adam Mosseri at Recode's Code Media conference.
facebook  newsfeed  AdamMosseri  CampbellBrown 
february 2018
Inside the two years that shook Facebook - and the world
How a confused, defensive social media giant steered itself into a disaster, and how Mark Zuckerberg is trying to fix it all.
facebook  nicholasthompson  fredvogalstein 
february 2018
Operation Elop
The final years of Nokia’s mobile phone
stephenelop  nokia  finland 
february 2018
The Economy of Ideas
Why copyright is not the right concept in an age when ideas can be distributed at no cost.
ideas  johnperrybarlow  copyright 
february 2018
Cassidy's Tale
John Perry Barlow on Neal Cassady and the origin story of the Grateful Dead song, Cassidy.
johnperrybarlow  nealcassady  gratefuldead 
february 2018
Super Bowl LII Ad Tracker
Adweek’s Super Bowl LII Ad Tracker. Here you’ll find a frequently updated list of all the national (plus a few regional) commercials that will air during the Big Game on Feb. 4, along with details on the agencies that created them.
advertising  superbowl 
february 2018
The Fall of Travis Kalanick Was a Lot Weirder and Darker Than You Thought
Silicon Valley CEOs are supposed to be sacrosanct. So how did it all go wrong at Uber?
january 2018
A Saucy App Knows China’s Taste in News. The Censors Are Worried
According to Bytedance, every piece of content is automatically screened to check that it is acceptable before appearing on Toutiao. But once something has attracted more views, the system applies a more sophisticated screening algorithm. Certain material is also examined by humans as a final check.
Toutiao  socialnetworks  china  Bytedance 
january 2018
Tech alone cannot defeat fake news
Ultimately, any cure will require the following: clever technical solutions to stop the spread of fake news; efforts to cut fake news publications from revenue sources; and legal sanctions against those that intentionally try to mislead the public, in order to shape public debate.
january 2018
Overflights, mapping fiber-optic networks, “strange activities.” Moscow’s West Coast spies were busy.
sanfrancisco  russia  spying 
december 2017
Pushed beyond breaking: US newsrooms use mobile alerts to define their brand
Findings from CJR research into newsroom’s use of push notifications.
push  newsroom  research 
november 2017
The Best Interview Questions We've Ever Published
How to get the most out of an interview with a candidate
interview  hiring 
november 2017
Really Good Emails
like pinterest for email design
emailmarketing  design 
november 2017
The Membership Puzzle Project
Research on how to make membership work as a business model.
media  subscription  businessmodel 
september 2017
There's Blood In The Water In Silicon Valley
the political class can smell blood. That Zuckerberg campaign was, to the political world, blood in the water, a signal of a new vulnerability around his company and his industry.
politics  amazon  facebook  technology  google 
september 2017
Slack Engineering Blog : Introducing Highlights
high-level description of machine learning models used to predict what goes into a user's highlights
slack  machinelearning 
september 2017
You Are the Product
London Review of Books on Facebook
The Attention Merchants: From the Daily Newspaper to Social Media, How Our Time and Attention Is Harvested and Sold by Tim Wu
Chaos Monkeys: Inside the Silicon Valley Money Machine by Antonio García Martínez
Move Fast and Break Things: How Facebook, Google and Amazon have Cornered Culture and What It Means for All of Us by Jonathan Taplin
september 2017
How to Detect Fake News in Real-Time
Advice to news platforms from the creator of Google News, Krishna Bharat
august 2017
How BuzzFeed News revealed hidden spy planes in US airspace
BuzzFeed News trained a computer to find them by letting a machine-learning algorithm sift for planes with flight patterns that resembled those operated by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.
machinelearning  faa  datajournalism 
august 2017
So you want to continue playing soccer in college?
Checklist of how to prep for playing soccer in college
julia  soccer 
august 2017
News You Can Use
Great for folks, who read their news on the go.
smartnews  review 
august 2017
Why the scariest nuclear threat may be coming from inside the White House
Trump’s budget eliminates ARPA-E altogether. It also eliminates the spectacularly successful $70 billion loan program. It cuts funding to the national labs in a way that implies the laying off of 6,000 of their people. It eliminates all research on climate change. It halves the funding for work to secure the electrical grid from attack or natural disaster. “All the risks are science-based,” said John MacWilliams when he saw the budget. “You can’t gut the science. If you do, you are hurting the country. If you gut the core competency of the D.O.E., you gut the country.”
trump  michaellewis  nuclearwaste  environment  government 
july 2017
Toolkit & online curriculum designed for high school teachers of news literacy.
fakenews  teaching 
july 2017
Maggie Farley and JoLT hacked together a game to test your ability to sniff out fake news.
fakenews  game 
july 2017
iOS 11: The Ultimate App Store Guide
details on upcoming changes to the iOS app store layout
iOS  iOS11  appstore  aso 
july 2017
The Immortal Myths About Online Abuse
After building online communities for two decades, we’ve learned how to fight abuse. It’s a solvable problem. We just have to stop repeating the same myths as excuses not to fix things.
anildash  communitymanager  community  abuse 
july 2017
Towards Bursting Filter Bubble via Contextual Risks and Uncertainties
Rikiya and Shunan propose a novel Bayesian model of uncertainty-aware scoring and ranking for news articles.
filterbubble  Bayesian  algorithm 
july 2017
Snapchat Shows: Inside the Plan to Reimagine TV for the Mobile Era
With Snapchat Shows, the company’s content team is seeking nothing less than to redefine the very experience of video entertainment on mobile devices.
snapchat  video 
may 2017
Alex Jones Will Never Stop Being Alex Jones
Take a kernel of truth, warp it and its context in a funhouse mirror, and set it against a heavy backdrop of conspiracy, while raising the stakes with a generous dose of fear. The strategy has made Jones — a stocky central Texan with a penchant for clamorous outbursts, fanciful digressions, and meandering stream-of-consciousness monologues — a celebrity.
AlexJones  celebrity  politics 
may 2017
Questions to ask as a new designer on the team
Written for designers but appropriate for product managers too.
april 2017
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