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Why should I have written ZeroMQ in C, not C++ (part I)
C++ exceptions just didn't fill the bill. They are great for guaranteeing that program doesn't fail — just wrap the main function in try/catch block and you can handle all the errors in a single place.

However, what's great for avoiding straightforward failures becomes a nightmare when your goal is to guarantee that no undefined behaviour happens. The decoupling between raising of the exception and handling it, that makes avoiding failures so easy in C++, makes it virtually impossible to guarantee that the program never runs info undefined behaviour.
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4 weeks ago by ianchanning
Less is exponentially more
If C++ and Java are about type hierarchies and the taxonomy of types, Go is about composition.
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march 2018 by ianchanning
A founder's perspective on 4 years with Haskell
Thus, Haskell seems like a particularly good fit for software where correctness and quality matter.
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july 2016 by ianchanning
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