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Leo Breiman 1928--2005
Professor Breiman was a member of the National Academy of Sciences. His research in later years focussed on computationally intensive multivariate analysis, especially the use of nonlinear methods for pattern recognition and prediction in high dimensional spaces. He was a co-author of Classification and Regression Trees and he developed decision trees as computationally efficient alternatives to neural nets. This work has applications in speech and optical character recognition. He was the author of the textbooks Probability and Stochastic Processes with a View Toward Applications, Statistics with a View Toward Applications, and Probability.
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Agda is a dependently typed functional programming language. It has inductive families, i.e., data types which depend on values, such as the type of vectors of a given length. It also has parametrised modules, mixfix operators, Unicode characters, and an interactive Emacs interface which can assist the programmer in writing the program.
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Map of the complex roots of ax^2 + bx +c
beginfig(2) %%%%
%range for a, b, c
u:=2cm; %unit
p:=0.1bp; %diameter of dots
for a=1 upto n:
for c=-n upto n:
for b=-n upto n:
if Delta<0:
draw ((-b)/(2*a)*u,d*u/(2*a)) withpen pencircle scaled p
draw ((-b)/(2*a)*u,-d*u/(2*a)) withpen pencircle scaled
draw origin withpen pencircle scaled 3bp withcolor red;
draw (1u,0) withpen pencircle scaled 2bp withcolor blue;
mathematics  Inspiration  art 
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Ham Mathematics
The supermarket was using the term in the mathematical sense: difference as in subtraction. The taste had been subtracted.
mathematics  food  supermarkets  blogs 
july 2015 by ianchanning
David Ruelle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Coined the term "strange attractor". Belgian scientist who won the Max Planck medal in 2014
physics  belgium  belgie  belgique  science  mathematics  chaos  turbulence  max  planck  medal 
november 2014 by ianchanning
BBC NEWS | Magazine | A tale of small numbers
Governments can only spend what they tax or borrow. They can only tax a share of what we, the public, already have. So it helps to know what share they want and then how they plan to share that out between all the things they want to do. Note that we're talking shares here, or proportions. Not billions.
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october 2009 by ianchanning
Peter Jipsen's home page
Extremely useful set of mathmatical computing links.
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june 2009 by ianchanning
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