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Ask HN: Digital nomad taxes--which country to pay in? | Hacker News
If an American lives in one country (e.g. Spain) while working for an American startup and being paid in US dollars, should he pay taxes in the US or Spain, or both?

In Europe the national health care systems are tied to paying taxes in a country. How are nomads dealing with health insurance?

I'd really love to be completely above board w/r/t taxes and have health insurance, but all the advice I find online either sounds made-up or is "consult with your accountant". If I had an accountant I wouldn't be searching for this info!
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march 2015 by ianchanning
Soundbite Nation: Why Do People Vote Against Their Own Interests? Dvorak Uncensored: General interest observations and true web-log.
This is a fascinating article that explains why the quote often attributed to PT Barnum about a sucker is born every minute is even more true in America today where the emotional rantings of Beck, Palin, Rush, et al work and intellectual debate of issues in full doesnt. Read the whole article (this excerpt only touches the surface) to understand why we have become a nation of sheeple.
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august 2010 by ianchanning
A cat in a wild world | World news | The Guardian
The deportation of Cat Stevens from the US. Well done folks...
no, really.
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april 2008 by ianchanning

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