Minimally Sufficient Pandas – Dunder Data – Medium
In this article, I will offer an opinionated perspective on how to best use the Pandas library for data analysis. My objective is to argue that only a small subset of the library is sufficient to…
pandas  data  science 
7 days ago
The Winners of the World Data Visualization Prize — Information is Beautiful
The results are in. After combing through hundreds of impressive, insightful and creative entries, we’ve decided on the winners of the World Data Visualization Prize 2019. Conducted in partnership with the World Government Summit, the prize focuses on how governments are improving citizens’ lives. We asked entrants to use the power of data-visualization to illuminate data […]
7 days ago
About - Matt Willey
TypoCircle Poster. An A1 poster for a TypoCircle talk given in London on the 25th October 2018. Photograph by Jack Davison.
portfolio  design 
27 days ago
Nuno Coelho Santos, Designer. Work & Profile
Profile and recent work of the portuguese graphic designer and developer
portfolio  design 
27 days ago
CATK is an interdisciplinary design studio, based in Berlin, Germany
portfolio  design  agency 
4 weeks ago
McKinsey Connected Homes
The vision of the connected home is finally beginning to come together. Explore McKinsey's insights to the connected home customer segments, emerging opportunities, and key issues to tackle in order to unlock growth.
report  strategy  iot 
4 weeks ago
Information Visualization for Text Analysis (Ch 11) | Search User Interfaces | Marti Hearst | Cambridge University Press 2009
Full text content of the book Search User Interfaces, written by Marti Hearst and published by Cambridge University Press, 2009. Chapter 11: Information Visualization for Text Analysis
ui  text 
4 weeks ago
Search interface: 20 things to consider – UX Planet
This post is a collection of questions we should answer before designing a solution and a check-list of elements we should think about while prototyping.
4 weeks ago
Dimensions.Guide | Database of Dimensioned Drawings
A comprehensive reference database of dimensioned drawings documenting the standard measurements and sizes of the everyday objects and spaces that make up our world.
communications  design 
5 weeks ago
About me | Devon's Site
Hello, world! My name is Devon. I’m a writer (of code and words). The thing that matters most to me is unlocking human potential, so I think a lot about incentive design, tools for thought, and cities. These days, I'm researching cooperation problems...
urban  life  blog 
5 weeks ago
Treepedia :: MIT Senseable City Lab
Exploring the Green Canopy in cities around the world
urban  life 
5 weeks ago
Real Time VFX
A Community for Real-Time Visual Effects Artists
vfx  graphics 
5 weeks ago
How To Become A Centaur
Essay Competition Winner | The old story of AI is about human brains working against silicon brains. The new story of IA will be about human brains working with silicon brains. As it turns out most of the world is the opposite of a chess game: Non-zero-sum—both players can win.
essay  longreads 
5 weeks ago
A look back at GROW 2018 – GROW Paris – Medium
With a background in artistic direction, Juliette Bibasse has a taste for simple and stripped down aesthetics. Since 2009, she has been applying her skills to the digital art scene, creating connexions and opportunities between artists, festivals and cultural actors. She collaborates with several international artists, touring their existing projects as well as developing new creations.
videos  conference  graphics  generative  art 
6 weeks ago
Essence of linear algebra — 3Blue1Brown
Essence of linear algebra.  Vectors, span, linear dependence, linear
transformations, determinants, column space, change of basis, eigenvectors
and eigenvalues, etc.
linear  algebra  education  math 
6 weeks ago
Leaf Notes – An Interactive Web Toy
— Try the experience in your browser at https://tendril.ca/ I recently launched a small and interactive web toy for the Toronto-based Design + Animation Studio, Tendril. You can try it out on their home page. Their site rotates through different... | Matt DesLauriers | creative developer
tutorial  3d 
9 weeks ago
Process — Studio for Art and Design
Process is a studio for Art and Design based in Vienna that works in interactive audio-visual installations, graphic design and software development.
generative  portfolio  design 
9 weeks ago
C82: Works of Nicholas Rougeux
C82 is dedicated to the personal and business works of Nicholas Rougeux. Works include data visualization, web design, and inspirational fractal posters.
portfolio  art  dataviz 
9 weeks ago
Making of Byrne’s Euclid - C82: Works of Nicholas Rougeux
C82 is dedicated to the personal and business works of Nicholas Rougeux. Works include data visualization, web design, and inspirational fractal posters.
geometry  dataviz 
9 weeks ago
Polo Club of Data Science: Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Interactive Data Visualization, Human-computer Interaction | Georgia Tech | Atlanta, GA 30332, United States
At Georgia Tech, we innovate at the intersection of data mining and human-computer interaction (HCI) to synthesize scalable, interactive, and interpretable tools that amplify human’s ability to understand and interact with billion-scale data and machine learning models. Our current research areas: human-centered AI, adversarial machine learning (how to break and protect AI), large graph exploration & visualization, scalable graph mining, cybersecurity & fraud, and social good, health...
AI  visualization 
9 weeks ago
Cogs Agency - Digital Careers & Candidates. London, Singapore, Germany & Hong Kong
Find the best jobs and careers with Cogs Agency. Offices in Jobs listings for London, Singapore, Germany and Hong Kong
recruitment  employment 
10 weeks ago
Realtime graphics, code, art
vr  3d 
11 weeks ago
Primer | About
Primer builds machines to accelerate our understanding of the world by automating the analysis of large volumes of information.
12 weeks ago
Fran Rios
Fran Rios is a cinematographer based in Barcelona. His commercial work includes pieces for renowned production companies like Canada, O and Sofa Experience.
photography  portfolio 
12 weeks ago
ArtRabbit is a platform for international contemporary art exhibitions and events
Find contemporary art exhibitions and events and connect with museums, galleries, artists and curators worldwide.
art  curation 
november 2018
Gut – Sagmeister & Walsh
Abstract spiral logo animation inspired by gut intestines created for Miami and Buenos Aires based agency Gut.
november 2018
Web Components | MDN
As developers, we all know that reusing code as much as possible is a good idea. This has traditionally not been so easy for custom markup structures — think of the complex HTML (and associated style and script) you've sometimes had to write to render custom UI controls, and how using them multiple times can turn your page into a mess if you are not careful.
november 2018
The Power of Web Components - Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog
Web Components comprises a set of standards that enable user-defined HTML elements. These elements can go in all the same places as traditional HTML. Despite the long standardization process, the ...
november 2018
Trend List
Trend List — Exploring visual trends in contemporary graphic design.
graphic  design 
november 2018
Rhythm in Web Typography | Better Web Type
Horizontal rhythm mostly impacts the legibility, while vertical rhythm impacts the readability of the text and establishes a sense of visual hierarchy.
web  typography 
november 2018
Simon Phipps
A photographic exploration of post-war British modernist and brutalist architecture by Simon Phipps
photography  brutalism 
october 2018
Tutorials Archives - 42Percent Noir
Watch ropef2-short GIF by gilzissu on Gfycat. Discover more related GIFs on Gfycat
max  msp  jitter 
october 2018
Domain Storytelling
Learn domain language. Talk about requirements. Tell domain stories.
service  design 
october 2018
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