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Women In Tech Explain Why A Tech Conference For Women Went Awry And How To Make It Better | ThinkProgress
After heavy criticism for having a "tone deaf" advice to women on tackling sexism in tech, top executives get a "do over," opting to listen instead of dole out advice.
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january 2016 by hypatia
Why 2014 was actually a positive year for women in tech
Great piece on what 2014 meant to women in tech from : (w quote from me :) )
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december 2014 by hypatia
Changing the culture of the hackers - The Wireless
RT @meganjwhelan: TBH, I'm still worried about the internet's future cat video use, @kiwicon: (Feat: @iodboi, @hypatiadotca @lady_nerd)
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december 2014 by hypatia
What’s Your Honeywell Bubble Count? | TechCrunch
I look away from the interwebs for a few minutes and puts me on techcrunch, eek! :)
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april 2014 by hypatia
Hacking on the big and small screen looks fun, but not very accurate | Metro
Great clips on the spectrum from terrible to awesome Hollywood hacking by , featuring quotes frm urs truly:
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april 2014 by hypatia
New Disruptors 56: Doubling Down with Amelia Greenhall - Boing Boing
Feminist hackerspace shout-outs for @franceshocutt and me on @boingboing! :D Thanks @ameliagreenhall and @glennf!
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january 2014 by hypatia

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