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post-orgasm torture
You're Hydra. You have this excellent specimen in your custody-- he's strong, pretty, and his body assimilates your serums beautifully. Unfortunately, he won't do what you say, and the stronger he gets, the more of a problem that becomes. So you torture him as much as you possibly can. The trouble is that eventually, he gets used to torture; he learns how to go away in his head and just take it without reacting. Obviously, since you're trying to make yourself a compliant asset, this doesn't help you very much. You have to find a new way to make him hurt. How do you do that, you wonder? Well, first you totally shock him by going down on him. Haha, bet he didn't see a *blowjob* coming! Then, when he's still in shock at his own orgasm-- he probably forgot what pleasure feels like-- you pull out the (insert torture implement here) and go to town on his cock and balls. Finally, sit back and enjoy as he screams at even the gentlest touch to his *incredibly oversensitive* flesh.
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september 2015 by hydratrashmeme

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