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Winter Soldier/any, ordered to rape
We know adrenaline can cause/mimic physical arousal. So what if one day Rumlow or whoever notices that the Winter Soldier's little soldier is standing at attention after a mission and gives him permission to rape a prisoner.
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july 2018 by hydratrashmeme
Bucky/Clint, conditioned triggers + forced pleasure
A variation on the prompt for conditioned sex triggers above (http://hydratrashmeme.dreamwidth.org/587.html?thread=19787):

Bucky has regained some/most of his memories and joined the Avengers, but his Winter Soldier conditioning remains largely intact. The others believe they have uncovered all of his combat trigger phrases, but they never suspected (and Bucky, ashamed, didn't tell them) that he's also been programmed to perform sexually on command.

Clint accidentally triggers the Winter Soldier's sexual conditioning when they're alone together. He didn't mean to, he doesn't swing that way, but now he's got 240 lbs. of brain-washed serum-enhanced super-soldier pinning him down, and he doesn't know the Winter Soldier's trigger-word for "stop." Trying to fight off the Winter Soldier only makes him work harder to pleasure Clint in all the ways he's been taught by HYDRA (the Winter Soldier interprets pain as a sign that he's not performing adequately and has to do better). In the end, Clint has no other choice than to let the Winter Soldier complete his "mission."

- Bonus points if Clint finds the situation more terrifying than arousing - the Winter Soldier is extremely dangerous, especially when he's following an unknown programming with nobody in control, and Clint is just a regular unaugmented person; the Winter Soldier could easily maim or kill him while sexing him up, and Clint is helpless to stop him.

- Double bonus points if Clint and Bucky have a really awkward conversation about it afterwards.
post.1  char:bucky  char:winter.soldier  char:clint  pair:bucky/clint  pair:clint/winter.soldier  kink:conditioning  kink:trigger.words  kink:non-con  kink:awkward.conversations  kink:unwanted.arousal  kink:unwanted.orgasm  kink:past.trash.party  -filled 
july 2018 by hydratrashmeme
Natasha/Winter Soldier, non-con and memory fuckery
Natasha and the Winter Soldier had an illicit affair going back in the Soviet days. When they're found out, one of the ways their superiors punish them is by erasing her memories of ever having known him and making him hold her down and fuck her against her will.

+1 if they both had the memory of that incident suppressed further down the line and it starts coming back when they get to know each other in the present day.

MCU, comics canon or fusion, take your pick.
post.1  char:natasha  char:winter.soldier  pair:natasha/winter.soldier  kink:non-con  kink:identity.porn  -unfilled 
july 2018 by hydratrashmeme
Rumlow/Bucky, peeing himself from fear, noncon
Rumlow managed to escape the ruined building relatively intact and after a while he catches up and captures Bucky. At this point Bucky's remembered a lot and he's barely coherent from shame and guilt and even fear because of what he's done. The serum given to him isn't as stable as Steve's and it's breaking down, so he's lost his superhuman abilities. In that state, he's easy prey for Rumlow.

Rumlow captures him and hurts him and Bucky's mental state is so vulnerable and fragile at this point that he can't help himself, he pees in his pants out of sheer fear from the situation he's in. Rumlow finds Bucky's fear and subsequent loss of control an incredible turn on and fucks him with Bucky peeing himself again during the act, both from fear AND pain this time around.

(Reposted from avengerkink, not my prompt but might as well have been pulled right out of my own dumpster of wet dreams

original post: http://avengerkink.livejournal.com/19023.html?thread=44971087#t44971087)
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july 2018 by hydratrashmeme
[no title]
Steve & friends are captured by Hydra. They force Steve to sexually service them in order to humiliate/degrade him. What they don't actually know is that he spent a fair amount of time as a kid giving blowjobs in back alleys for rent money, and he just goes back to that place in his head. By which I mean sarcastic teenage punk who knows exactly how good he is with his mouth and has zero shame about doing what he needs to do. (Your choice if the friends are watching or not)
post.1  char:steve  char:avengers  kink:non-con  kink:sex.work  char:natasha  char:sam  char:rumlow  kink:comeplay  char:bucky  kink:snark  -filled  kink:oral 
july 2018 by hydratrashmeme
Back in the 40's, Bucky liked to boast to his pals (and Steve) about all the gals he had sex with... but he never actually fucked/was fucked by anyone, because he was saving his V-card for when he found The One (because he's secretly sentimental). So, he never loses his virginity.

When Rumlow/Pierce/HYDRA people fuck him, it's the first time he has sex. Cue Rumlow/Pierce/HYDRA realizing this as they're fucking him, and being mock!gentle about it ("shhh don't cry...you feel so good and tight, etc")

Bonus points if filler can find a way to have Steve find out about this. Maybe after him and Bucky have sex, Bucky marvels at the fact that sex can feel good and "wow, that didn't hurt at all, are you sure you did it right Steve?" And Steve is confused about why Bucky thinks sex should hurt, only to find out that Bucky's first time (and every subsequent time he was fucked) was torturously abusive and painful.
post.1  char:bucky  char:winter.soldier  char:steve  kink:virginity  kink:non-con  kink:rape.aftermath  -unfilled 
july 2018 by hydratrashmeme
Rumlow/Steve, worst pillow talk ever
Halfway through fucking him, long before Steve is aware of the many excellent reasons he shouldn't be doing this, Rumlow leans in from behind and whispers "Hail HYDRA" in his ear and keeps on fucking him through the resulting freak-out.
post.1  char:steve  char:rumlow  pair:rumlow/steve  kink:surprise.hydra  kink:bdsm  kink:anal  kink:non-con  -filled 
july 2018 by hydratrashmeme
While Bucky still remembers who he is and is fighting the mind control, his captors rape him to break him down. Torture and other terrible things would be great too. I just want it to be Bucky and not the Winter Soldier.
post.1  char:bucky  kink:non-con  kink:torture  -unfilled 
july 2018 by hydratrashmeme
Disinterest kink? Is that a thing? Also, forced orgasms.
The "asset" being made to come again and again until he literally can't, by someone who's not even sexually interested in what they're doing. It's just a job to them, and kind of a boring one, or maybe they enjoy it purely as a power trip. It's routine. (Maybe it's aversion therapy so he won't get distracted by sex feelings when he's working?)
post.1  char:winter.soldier  kink:forced.orgasm  kink:indifference  kink:aversion.therapy  -filled  kink:non-con  kink:paperwork  kink:fucking.machines  kink:electricity  kink:medical  kink  kink:unwanted.arousal  kink:stun.batons 
july 2018 by hydratrashmeme
bloodplay, humiliation, rape
When Hydra was raping/torturing Bucky, they liked adding insult to injury by carving the names they'd call him into his skin. So maybe they'd carve "filthy whore" on his chest, or "cocksucker" on his cheek. Maybe other stuff, too, like "insert cock here" on his lower back with an arrow pointing down. Really, the filthier the better. The serum would make it fade, in a few days, but he'd have it on his body long enough for it to make him feel dirty, and to remind him of his rapes for days on end. Also possible aftermath where Bucky still feels like those words are visible on his skin, even though his skin is unblemished in that way, and just can't scrub clean. He thinks everyone will be able to see he's a dirty whore by just looking at him. Bonus if one of the guys doing that carving/raping is Rumlow.
post.3  -filled  char:bucky  kink:bloodplay  kink:humiliation  kink:body.writing  kink:non-con 
september 2015 by hydratrashmeme
Corrective Rape
A re-educational fucking, 1984-style. Like healing cock, but more brain-y. HYDRA or the Russkies got a new idea about how to train the Winter Soldier.
post.2  pair:winter.soldier/others  kink:non-con  kink:training.and.conditioning  -unfilled  char:winter.soldier 
february 2015 by hydratrashmeme
Roles Are Reversed
The Winter Soldier has finally snapped underneath all of the torture, the abuse and the multiple rapes and finally decides to retaliate, his conditioning coming loose.
So WS's form of revenge is rape.

+ He sexually abuses Pierce/Rumlow/Rollins the most
++ He overrides the Hydra system and keeps them all locked in a room as he has his way with them
+++ His mind reverts back to his Russian settings so whenever someone screams out a command he doesn't respond

Entertain me trashbabies
post.2  char:rumlow  char:pierce  char:rollins  pair:winter.soldier/others  kink:revenge  kink:non-con  -unfilled  char:winter.soldier 
january 2015 by hydratrashmeme
Strike Team/ Steve Gang rape
There is only one thing that I want.
It's for poor Stevie to get gang raped in front of the Avengers by the Strike team and by the Winter Soldier.

+ If Steve cries but doesn't beg
+ If Natasha gets communication to someone just before their capture
+ The Avengers are in the room but are tied up/injected with something/anything that prevents them from fighting back.
+ They're in there for a few days and Steve gets raped every day
+ Someone on the Avengers team tries to talk him through the many rapes
++ If Coulson (who is miraculously alive) or Fury or Maria rescues them with a team of their own.

Please fill out my trashy request.
post.2  char:steve  char:strike.team  pair:steve/strike.team  kink:gangbang  kink:non-con  -unfilled 
january 2015 by hydratrashmeme
Gulag, pursued by a bear
Remember when Bucky got thrown in the gulag and Natasha had to come save his ass?

Give me what happened during the day, in between the fights. Give me Bucky's enemies hate fucking and beating the shit out of him, the wardens taking advantage of the fact he can't fight back or he'll be stuck there forever.

For extra bonus points, have Steve find out what's happening and be powerless to stop it, or else start an international conflict. Hell, maybe they send Steve a tape of Bucky's "prison rehabilitation".
post.2  char:bucky  pair:bucky/others  kink:non-con  kink:punishment  -unfilled 
january 2015 by hydratrashmeme
Rumlow/Sharon Carter - noncon payback
When Brock Rumlow gets out of the hospital after the events of TWS, I think it's likely that he's going to have a grudge. He can't get at the people most directly responsible for the failure of Project Insight, but when he has the opportunity to extract some payback from that chick who gave him trouble in the control room, he takes it. The fact that she's Peggy Carter's niece makes it all the sweeter.

Bonus for affably evil, sadistic bastard Rumlow and defiant Sharon, because both are my jam.
post.2  char:rumlow  char:sharon  pair:rumlow/sharon  kink:non-con  kink:revenge  -filled 
january 2015 by hydratrashmeme
Rumlow gives the asset a lovely present
Bosnia, 1993. Hydra is staging atrocities to be blamed on the other side when someone suggests the asset might like a turn.

A younger Rumlow (or OC, I guess) talking the Winter Soldier through raping a prisoner. Wweet, kind Rumlow sharing something so nice with the asset. It must be his birthday! He didn’t know he had a birthday, but there you go.
post.2  char:rumlow  kink:non-con  -unfilled  char:winter.soldier 
december 2014 by hydratrashmeme
WS ordered to rape Sam
I’ve seen scenarios with Bucky, as Winter Solider, ordered to rape a captured Steve. Would like something with a captured Sam. Something awakens in Bucky’s mind. Maybe he has some recollection of who he used to be (Sam mentioning Steve’s name triggers a memory?), or he’s so taken by Sam’s handsomeness he cannot bring himself to hurt him. He makes the contact as painless, and as pleasurable, for Sam. But one of the HYDRA agents catch on and Bucky’s punished severely for it, perhaps right in front of Sam.
post.2  char:sam  char:bucky  kink:non-con  kink:orders  -unfilled 
december 2014 by hydratrashmeme
Bucky/Steve - Roleplaying non-con
The Winter Soldier was never allowed to orgasm (and was punished if he did when his handlers used him for sex/he was caught masturbating) except when he was ordered to brutally rape HYDRA prisoners in lieu of conventional torture. As a result, post-CA:TWS, Bucky can only get off in violent non-con scenarios with him as the rapist - which, obviously, he finds horrifying, choosing self-imposed celibacy over the risk of hurting a lover.

Steve finds out and offers to help. Cue hardcore BDSM with Steve pretending to be the Winter Soldier's victim, crying for help and begging him to stop (the more wretched the better - but always consensually, with a safeword). Steve doesn't get off on it, but he wants to help Bucky (and while vanilla sex does nothing for Bucky, maybe he finds it emotionally soothing to be gentle with Steve before/after their roleplaying?).

+1: Someone walks in on them and thinks it's real.
post.2  char:bucky  char:steve  pair:steve/bucky  kink:roleplay  kink:non-con  -unfilled 
december 2014 by hydratrashmeme
Alexander Pierce/Bucky[Winter Soldier], noncon and torture
Bringing this over from my prompt at capkink:

Bucky while tightly bound is being fucked mercilessly by a fucking machine (http://kink-wiki.dreamwidth.org/16470.html) as Pierce watches and plots whatever else he'd like to do to his asset before wiping his memories once more.

Give me all the dirtybadwrong for this pairing
post.1  char:pierce  pair:pierce/winter.soldier  kink:fucking.machines  -filled  -wip  char:winter.soldier  kink:nipple.torture  kink:forced.orgasm  kink:medical  kink:non-con 
december 2014 by hydratrashmeme
Rumlow/many, 'order through pain' was a lesson hard learned, gang rape
Maybe it happens under the pretense of being a training exercise in 'what to expect when captured by the enemy', maybe it's punishment - either way, (a maybe younger?) Rumlow gets abused by a bunch of fellow Hydra agents.
post.1  char:rumlow  pair:rumlow/others  kink:gangbang  -filled  char:pierce  char:winter.soldier  kink:torture  kink:non-con  pair:winter.soldier/rumlow  kink:unwanted.arousal  kink:unwanted.orgasm  kink:anal  kink:dirty.talk  kink:facial  kink:oral  kink:training.and.conditioning 
december 2014 by hydratrashmeme
Taking Care of Toys...
Sure, the Winter Soldier is a tool, a toy to play with when he's out of cryo and hasn't yet been deployed on a mission. And of course, Rumlow likes to rough him up, and fuck him, and maybe let the rest of his strike team have a little fun with him.

But at the end of the day, Rumlow takes care of his things.

So. Give me something where Rumlow uses the Winter Soldier/lets others hurt him and fuck him. But after everyone is done, Rumlow takes him away, and washes away the blood and gives him clothes to wear and food to eat, and reassures him that he did a great job.

And because Rumlow's the only one who's ever treated him nicely, the Winter Soldier will be good and do whatever Rumlow wants, because he craves the small affections and treats Rumlow allows him when he's done a good job.

[How did I manage to make this prompt both noncon and hurt/comfort, wow, I really do belong in the trash.]
post.1  char:rumlow  pair:rumlow/winter.soldier  kink:hurt/comfort  kink:aftercare  kink:dehumanization  -filled  char:winter.soldier  char:pierce  kink:stun.batons  kink:gangbang  kink:trash.party  kink:bdsm  kink:non-con  kink:oral  kink:anal  kink:object.insertion 
december 2014 by hydratrashmeme
The Winter Soldier becomes desensitized to getting brutally fucked all the time. Pierce gets bored too; he misses seeing fear in the Winter Soldiers dazed eyes.

Until Pierce tries sounding on him. Cue non-con sounding. Non-con docking would be nice too.
post.1  char:pierce  pair:pierce/winter.soldier  kink:sounding  -filled  char:winter.soldier  kink:non-con  kink:gangbang 
december 2014 by hydratrashmeme
Alexander Pierce/Brock Rumlow/Winter Soldier, non-consensual, torture
"Order through pain."

Pierce orders the Winter Soldier to fuck and simultaneously torture Rumlow to teach him this lesson. Maybe when Rumlow first joined Hydra as a promising recruit? Either way, Pierce watches, as he is a creeper like that.
post.1  char:pierce  char:rumlow  pair:pierce/rumlow/winter.soldier  kink:punishment  kink:torture  kink:voyeurism  -unfilled  char:winter.soldier  kink:non-con  pair:winter.soldier/rumlow 
december 2014 by hydratrashmeme

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