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Treated like a doll
So the "Let's give him punk rock hair while we're at it" part of this post (http://tinysteve.tumblr.com/post/82068872493/look-at-the-winter-soldiers-little-glove-though) made my brain go straight to the dumpster. What if the techs who shave him/trim his hair/whatever entertain themselves by making him get dressed up different ways? I figure they must have a couple different tactical getups for different field situations not to mention some actual clothes for when he has to pretend to be a real person on hand. They're not doing it for sexual gratification, they're just bored. Although maybe getting off on the power trip of being able to manhandle/order around someone who has absolutely no boundaries? Fighting over what to do ("His hair should be like this." *yank* "No, like this! *yank*) and Winter Soldier nudity (especially of the kind that a normal person would be embarrassed about) a plus. Please no forced feminization/crossdressing or actual sex.
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