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So, I just realized how hot dogshaming it would be if it done to people, but it turns out googling "dogshaming but with people" doesn't yield a bunch of porn like I was hoping. Then I was thinking of circumstances for this and I thought of the Winter Soldier! Idea: 1)WS does something weird and annoying to his handlers (but probably quite reasonable and sad in his fucked-up, trauma-ridden brain)--for some reason I'm partial to it being animalistic or a fucked up attempt at trying to show or get affection--like hoarding objects or food, hurting himself or wetting himself to get medical attention/cleaned up. Or maybe it's that his old personality/memories resurface in response to certain things that remind him of things or people from his old life. Whatever it is, it's inconvenient and annoying, but funny, to his handlers. 2)To inform other Hydra employees about these issues, they take dogshaming-esque pictures of him holding signs they've written describing his behavior, like, "I will eat napkins because I think they're food," or, "I wet myself for attention, but if you hit me with a cattle prod I won't do it again." Or maybe they record a video of him saying these things. He may not even understand what he's talking about or that this is embarrassing, but that's part of the joke for them. = profit? If anyone is with me on this, more ideas on this concept are EXTREMELY welcome.
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september 2015 by hydratrashmeme

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