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Mortification of the Flesh
I would love to see some mortification-heavy trash.

Rumlow seems interested in the use of pain for higher purposes, and it's easy to imagine that this could be Hydra-wide theme. There is certainly a pleasurable release in tangible physical punishment and I think the Soldier might come to love and even crave a good whipping when he feels he has transgressed.

It could be a special, intimate moment between Rumlow and the Soldier where he gets exactly what he asks for, what he feels he deserves, and Rumlow dutifully performs it, not with the intent to humiliate but to satisfy. I would love to see the asset waiting patiently and trying to contain the pleasure he feels during this, and Rumlow might feel a combination of privilege and discomfort.

Or with Steve, he still craves this abuse, maybe even performs self-flagellation, but with only minimal fulfillment, fantasizes about Steve doing it for him, but knows that this is something Steve would never accept.

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december 2014 by hydratrashmeme

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