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Sam-Centric Trash
Okay there really isn't enough Sam trash on here so let's go with the simple things.

Maria Hill doesn't make it in time to rescue Steve & co. from Hydra. The trio is taken to Creepy Hydra Base #4 to be disposed of, but naturally trashy fun happens first.
Hydra knows all about Nat and Steve, but Sam's an unknown and it's kind of fun to watch the other two squirm in response to him being hurt.

+ dramatic rescue & emotional fallout because I'm a sucker for fics that attempt to patch up characters after breaking them horribly
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january 2015 by hydratrashmeme
WS ordered to rape Sam
I’ve seen scenarios with Bucky, as Winter Solider, ordered to rape a captured Steve. Would like something with a captured Sam. Something awakens in Bucky’s mind. Maybe he has some recollection of who he used to be (Sam mentioning Steve’s name triggers a memory?), or he’s so taken by Sam’s handsomeness he cannot bring himself to hurt him. He makes the contact as painless, and as pleasurable, for Sam. But one of the HYDRA agents catch on and Bucky’s punished severely for it, perhaps right in front of Sam.
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december 2014 by hydratrashmeme

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