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Pierce/Rumlow, puppy play
Pierce absolutely loves coercing Rumlow into acting like a good, obedient dog. The mixture of shame, self-loathing and fear in Rumlow's eyes only makes it so much better for Alex...
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july 2018 by hydratrashmeme
Non-Consensual Consent
Hill isn't hiding away in the prisoner transport, so Nat, Sam and Steve are actually captured. Pierce and Rumlow threaten to kill the Asset, or Sam or Nat, unless Steve does what they want. (What I really want is Steve being non-violently persuaded to perform sexual favors for HYDRA to save the others after being captured.)

It would be awesome if Pierce and Rumlow haul everyone else out of their cells to watch sometimes, just to compound Steve's hatred, and super cool if they make him comply with apparent enjoyment even though he hates it.
post.1  char:natasha  char:sam  char:steve  char:pierce  char:rumlow  char:winter.soldier  kink:coerced.consent  kink:voyeurism  kink:humiliation  -unfilled 
july 2018 by hydratrashmeme
Keep that dog on a leash, Pierce.
I'm easy to please. I want Pierce taking a docile and well-trained Winter Soldier to meetings on a leash. I want him to go on daily walks with his loyal hunting dog. I want him to threaten those who are even considering defying him with the idea of letting the Winter Soldier OFF that literal leash. I want the Winter Soldier's muzzle coming off and him snapping his teeth in people's faces before he nuzzles up against Pierce's leg. It's not puppy play - the Winter Soldier doesn't need to wear puppy gear. He's just leashed and lead around and always careful to position himself below Pierce so that Pierce can see the Winter Soldier's subservience. + for Pierce handfeeding the Winter Soldier ++ for Pierce making the Winter Soldier sleep across the foot of his bed (after the filthy tender sex) +++ for recover!Bucky trying some of the same mannerisms with *fill in the blank* and his partner is horrified but also popping guilt!boners all over the apartment.
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september 2015 by hydratrashmeme
I want sadist!Rumlow and Pierce. Either Pierce teaching Rumlow a lesson or Pierce bottoming.
post.2  char:rumlow  char:pierce  pair:pierce/rumlow  kink:sadism  -filled 
april 2015 by hydratrashmeme
Stupid Sexy Pierce
As seen on Tumblr: https://38.media.tumblr.com/47326fcb94fd0f61c61aebe292c0d2cd/tumblr_nha2o7LONL1rzp8q3o1_500.png

I just feel like we need more trash of charming young Alexander Pierce being a manipulative, conniving asshat. While looking like the American dream.
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january 2015 by hydratrashmeme
Roles Are Reversed
The Winter Soldier has finally snapped underneath all of the torture, the abuse and the multiple rapes and finally decides to retaliate, his conditioning coming loose.
So WS's form of revenge is rape.

+ He sexually abuses Pierce/Rumlow/Rollins the most
++ He overrides the Hydra system and keeps them all locked in a room as he has his way with them
+++ His mind reverts back to his Russian settings so whenever someone screams out a command he doesn't respond

Entertain me trashbabies
post.2  char:rumlow  char:pierce  char:rollins  pair:winter.soldier/others  kink:revenge  kink:non-con  -unfilled  char:winter.soldier 
january 2015 by hydratrashmeme
Pierce/WS, Pierce topping from the bottom
My needs are simple: I want Pierce (back in the day, when he was a lot less creaky and arthritic) aggressively topping from the bottom, and riding the Asset like a pony.

I offer a bag of mummified brussel sprouts to whosoever can make this happen with Pierce doing all the hair-pulling, slapping, biting and threats to castrate the Asset if he comes before Pierce does. And a lone, vintage, satsuma in a sock if, at one point, the Asset calls Pierce Steve, and Pierce's response is to ride the Asset harder while choking him with both hands.
post.2  char:pierce  pair:pierce/winter.soldier  kink:riding  kink:topping.from.the.bottom  -filled  char:winter.soldier 
january 2015 by hydratrashmeme
Pierce/WS, "So be good for goodness sake"
(Sort of unprompted fill - originally started this because of a request in the first dumpster. It got filled, so er, have some pine-scented trash over here instead! Happy Christmas, Trash Party.)
post.2  -unsolicited  char:pierce  pair:pierce/winter.soldier  kink:holidays.with.hydra  char:winter.soldier 
january 2015 by hydratrashmeme
Pierce/Rumlow, abuse grooming
I want younger Rumlow, who's just joined SHIELD, maybe after he gets out of the military, and Pierce taking notice of him, taking him apart and putting him back together to serve HYDRA. I'm pretty sure this can be done without woobifying Rumlow or making him ~sekritly a good guy all along~, I have faith in you, trashfriends.

(Please feel free to use those full frontal pics of Grillo when he was a hairless twink baby younger as reference.)
post.2  char:rumlow  char:pierce  pair:pierce/rumlow  kink:abuse.grooming  -unfilled 
january 2015 by hydratrashmeme
Pierce/Bucky, gilded cage
(I guess this could either go as a "Hydra wins" situation or just Pierce liking to take the Winter Soldier out every once in a while and play with him??)

Pierce keeps Bucky like a treasured exotic pet. Jeweled collar, gold leash, dressed up all pretty, nothing to do all day but sleep in featherbeds and be petted and hand-fed at meals. You know, the works.

(And Bucky can't understand why Steve or anyone would want him to leave Mr. Pierce, who's such a good master to him. )
post.2  -unfilled  char:pierce  kink:luxury  char:winter.soldier 
january 2015 by hydratrashmeme
Bucky/Pierce - Operation: Dinner Out
So, yes, I was one of the people in the Spy Game groupwatch last night and, oh, is that movie bunny fuel. And now I need a fix of some Young(er) Pierce acting as Bucky's field handler/contact during the Cold War.

But then I got thinking about the restaurant scene in Nikita (http://youtu.be/4vcT4r7Tljk & http://youtu.be/Hxg_DjlkaMA). 'Cause Pierce would be the type of bastard to give Bucky a Nice Thing after cryo (expensive clothes, a meal at a posh restaurant, a wrapped gift) only expect him to pull off a public assassination with crap exit/escape information instead, 'cause Nice Things don't happen to Bucky.

That's sort-of the prompt. I'd like something where Pierce earns Bucky's trust through covert ops, treats him like a friend, a collaborator and a mentor. Pierce dusting the rough edges off Bucky's Soviet programming, easing his transition from long-range sniper to close-quarters assassin. Then Pierce whisking Bucky away, cranking up the charm, luring him into a false sense of security annnnnd dropping Bucky into an impossible operation.

And if that isn't trashy enough, I'm all for Pierce taking advantage of Bucky at the rendezvous point while Bucky's grimy, scorched and crying but he's not sure why. I mean, really, just all the false apologies and rough sex, please?

I have a mighty need for action-trash.
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january 2015 by hydratrashmeme
Alexander Pierce/Bucky[Winter Soldier], noncon and torture
Bringing this over from my prompt at capkink:

Bucky while tightly bound is being fucked mercilessly by a fucking machine (http://kink-wiki.dreamwidth.org/16470.html) as Pierce watches and plots whatever else he'd like to do to his asset before wiping his memories once more.

Give me all the dirtybadwrong for this pairing
post.1  char:pierce  pair:pierce/winter.soldier  kink:fucking.machines  -filled  -wip  char:winter.soldier  kink:nipple.torture  kink:forced.orgasm  kink:medical  kink:non-con 
december 2014 by hydratrashmeme
Rumlow/many, 'order through pain' was a lesson hard learned, gang rape
Maybe it happens under the pretense of being a training exercise in 'what to expect when captured by the enemy', maybe it's punishment - either way, (a maybe younger?) Rumlow gets abused by a bunch of fellow Hydra agents.
post.1  char:rumlow  pair:rumlow/others  kink:gangbang  -filled  char:pierce  char:winter.soldier  kink:torture  kink:non-con  pair:winter.soldier/rumlow  kink:unwanted.arousal  kink:unwanted.orgasm  kink:anal  kink:dirty.talk  kink:facial  kink:oral  kink:training.and.conditioning 
december 2014 by hydratrashmeme
Alexander Pierce/Winter Soldier, diplomatic trash party
Winter Soldier giving Pierce a blowjob under the the conference table during a diplomatic negotiation while everyone tries to act normal. Pierce is of course business as usual. Maybe they pass the Winter Soldier around the room during the negotiation. Pierce is really strategic about it and uses the asset as a distraction to get what he wants.
post.1  char:pierce  kink:trash.party  -unfilled  char:winter.soldier  pair:pierce/winter.soldier  kink:politics 
december 2014 by hydratrashmeme
Taking Care of Toys...
Sure, the Winter Soldier is a tool, a toy to play with when he's out of cryo and hasn't yet been deployed on a mission. And of course, Rumlow likes to rough him up, and fuck him, and maybe let the rest of his strike team have a little fun with him.

But at the end of the day, Rumlow takes care of his things.

So. Give me something where Rumlow uses the Winter Soldier/lets others hurt him and fuck him. But after everyone is done, Rumlow takes him away, and washes away the blood and gives him clothes to wear and food to eat, and reassures him that he did a great job.

And because Rumlow's the only one who's ever treated him nicely, the Winter Soldier will be good and do whatever Rumlow wants, because he craves the small affections and treats Rumlow allows him when he's done a good job.

[How did I manage to make this prompt both noncon and hurt/comfort, wow, I really do belong in the trash.]
post.1  char:rumlow  pair:rumlow/winter.soldier  kink:hurt/comfort  kink:aftercare  kink:dehumanization  -filled  char:winter.soldier  char:pierce  kink:stun.batons  kink:gangbang  kink:trash.party  kink:bdsm  kink:non-con  kink:oral  kink:anal  kink:object.insertion 
december 2014 by hydratrashmeme
Crying during sex
Rumlow (or Pierce...or both) discover that the asset cries during and after sex.
post.1  char:pierce  char:rumlow  pair:pierce/winter.soldier  kink:dehumanization  kink:crying  -filled  char:winter.soldier 
december 2014 by hydratrashmeme
The Winter Soldier becomes desensitized to getting brutally fucked all the time. Pierce gets bored too; he misses seeing fear in the Winter Soldiers dazed eyes.

Until Pierce tries sounding on him. Cue non-con sounding. Non-con docking would be nice too.
post.1  char:pierce  pair:pierce/winter.soldier  kink:sounding  -filled  char:winter.soldier  kink:non-con  kink:gangbang 
december 2014 by hydratrashmeme
Alexander Pierce/Brock Rumlow/Winter Soldier, non-consensual, torture
"Order through pain."

Pierce orders the Winter Soldier to fuck and simultaneously torture Rumlow to teach him this lesson. Maybe when Rumlow first joined Hydra as a promising recruit? Either way, Pierce watches, as he is a creeper like that.
post.1  char:pierce  char:rumlow  pair:pierce/rumlow/winter.soldier  kink:punishment  kink:torture  kink:voyeurism  -unfilled  char:winter.soldier  kink:non-con  pair:winter.soldier/rumlow 
december 2014 by hydratrashmeme
Bucky/others, Pierce, direction
Pierce doesn't take part, just sort of sits back and makes orders couched as casual suggestions, remarks about whatever's going, asks the other participants how it feels, or speaks directly to the Winter Soldier. While when he speaks about the Soldier he uses very degrading language and urges the others to be rough and not hold back, when he speaks to the Soldier himself it's a soothing stream of encouragement – "That's right" "just like that" "you're doing so well" "you can take another, I know you can" "just a little bit more" "you're being so good".

And the Winter Soldier desperately wants to be good.

(Whether he's motivated by desire to please or fear of punishment or a mix of both is your choice. WS POV at least in part preferred).
post.1  char:pierce  pair:winter.soldier/others  kink:dirty.talk  kink:service  -filled  char:winter.soldier 
december 2014 by hydratrashmeme

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