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Rumlow/Steve (or Steve/Rumlow) - Sex pollen/fuck-or-die, post-CA:TWS
Post-CA:TWS, Steve is looking for signs of Bucky in an abandoned HYDRA base but runs into Rumlow instead, and the ensuing fight triggers an old sex-pollen booby trap. Whoops, now they're stuck in a fuck-or-die situation with the last person on Earth they'd actually want to get intimate with.

- No forcible rape, please. Rumlow can't overpower Steve, and Steve won't force himself on Rumlow. Neither of them wants this, but they agree to do what's necessary to survive (making it mutual non- or dub-con; sex pollen makes consent questionable even if they both say yes).

+ Hate-sex, abusive dirty talk, Rumlow's emphatic heterosexuality slash fragile masculinity, Steve being a snarky punk who's not putting up with any shit, fighting during fucking, maybe one or both enjoying it more than they'll admit.
post.2  char:rumlow  char:steve  pair:rumlow/steve  kink:sex.pollen  kink:fuck.or.die  -unfilled 
january 2015 by hydratrashmeme
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