Not ABO, buuuut imagine Hydra running gene splicing experiments trying to create people-animal hybrids, and ending up with some soldiers who've got knotted dicks. And is this not a perfect opportunity to fuck up the Winter Soldier? bonuses for these knotting classics: + teasing at his rim with a swelling knot, until it looks like it'll be impossible to fit inside him, <i>then</i> shoving it in. pulling and acting like they're going to yank it out once they're locked inside + making Bucky ride a knot. he can't do much except kind of grind and bounce and it hurts + DP and then both men knot inside him
-unfilled  char:winter.soldier  kink:knotting  kink:experimentation 
september 2015
Tainted Touch (a.k.a. Bucky's broken dick, Natasha strapon version.)
Hey, I hope this is allowed, but I was filling this prompt on Round 2, but I see Round 2 is already barely getting updated. I still have quite a lot to go, so I thought I'd move it here so it doesn't tumblr into oblivion. This is the original prompt, I have no idea if the OP of it is still around - but hey, I'm having fun with it: <i>Because decades of man-on-man Hydra rapes, Bucky basically can't get it up with a woman anymore, certainly not if he's expected to be the more active party. He can't get hard during a blowjob, he can't stay erect long enough to actually have intercourse. He wants to, he tries, but he just can't. The more he tries, the more he can't, of course. He suspects he might still get gratification from being fucked and humiliated during sex, and in a moment of desperation he ends up asking Nat for help. Basically he suspects he might need to be dominated, fucked hard with a strapon, maybe be slapped around some and be called names and humiliated. Nat is sort of cool with that, she's not squeamish about sex, but Bucky is still incredibly embarrassed and full of guilt about needing this (and also remembers penetration being brutal and painful, so he's scared), which causes it to fail at first, too, causing even more angst. Give me all the angst and tears and emotional pain of trying to make this work. Give me all the embarassment, guilt and feelings of inadequacy on Bucky's end. Physically, it gets him off, emotionally it wrecks him. Bonus round 1: This starts out as somewhat of a business transaction where Nat sort of sees herself doing therapy for him, but they end up developing genuine, deep feelings for each other, causing it to be harder on both of them. Bonus round 2: Especially the humiliation part becomes hard on Nat, especially realizing this has actually been done to him. Progressively worse top drop on her end would be glorious. Extra bonus if she actually enjoys fucking him, but feels guilty. Bonus round 3: Falling in love with Bucky in earnest also brings up feelings of hurt in relation to her infertility. I do not like how it was done in AoU, but maybe someone here can do it better. It's not like she feels like a monster because of it, but she is surprised she actually might *consider* it, but the reality of her own body and the fucked up situation makes it crazy to think it, but she things it anyway. Bonus round 4: Bucky even-ntually desperately trying to reciprocate and trying to please Nat sexually, but failing. Nat being sad but patient. Bonus round 5: throughout all this Bucky repeatedly relives his trauma, but he's afraid to tell her in fear she might stop, until he too finally breaks down and Nat is angry but also deeply sad. Bonus round 6: All the weepy loving and kissing despite broken dicks. Yeah, I thought about this way too much. </i>
post.3  -filled  -wip  char:bucky  char:natasha  pair:bucky/natasha  kink:broken.dick  kink:rape.aftermath  kink:bdsm  kink:humiliation 
september 2015
bloodplay, humiliation, rape
When Hydra was raping/torturing Bucky, they liked adding insult to injury by carving the names they'd call him into his skin. So maybe they'd carve "filthy whore" on his chest, or "cocksucker" on his cheek. Maybe other stuff, too, like "insert cock here" on his lower back with an arrow pointing down. Really, the filthier the better. The serum would make it fade, in a few days, but he'd have it on his body long enough for it to make him feel dirty, and to remind him of his rapes for days on end. Also possible aftermath where Bucky still feels like those words are visible on his skin, even though his skin is unblemished in that way, and just can't scrub clean. He thinks everyone will be able to see he's a dirty whore by just looking at him. Bonus if one of the guys doing that carving/raping is Rumlow.
post.3  -filled  char:bucky  kink:bloodplay  kink:humiliation  kink:body.writing  kink:non-con 
september 2015
Natasha is Bucky's rape baby
What it says up top. Either Hydra pimped out the Winter Soldier to the Red Room as part of a supersoldier breeding program, or Nat is the result of a female agent's dalliance with the Soldier, and Hydra sold the baby. Nat doesn't know her origins; Bucky never knew what became of his baby. They find out the truth together in the present day from some recovered files. I am aaall about the awkwardness and pain and weird family feelings that would ensue. How would Natasha, who is so kind and grounded but still wrestles with her identity and history, take this as a new part of her story? How would she feel knowing this traumatized sort-of-friend is her biological father, and would she worry she had become just another reminder of his trauma? On Bucky's part, would that be true? Or is there sweetness to be found here as well? + even if we're going the breeding program route, Bucky's semen wasn't extracted medically, or at least not exclusively. I'd prefer for Natasha to be the result of a sexual rape + for that matter, the more horrific and traumatizing that rape was, the better. If there are details or terrible implications about what a nightmare Bucky experienced in the files, available for Nat's reading pleasure, that would also be great
post.3  -unfilled  char:bucky  char:natasha  kink:breeding 
september 2015
no subject
Just read a non-trash work that included kind of a throwaway line about how Bucky probably hadn't orgasmed in 70 years. And while classic trash often involves him being forced to orgasm during rape and then being shamed for it, I am now fascinated by the idea that not only has no one touched him in a way meant to get him off, he hasn't even been allowed to get himself off IF IT EVEN OCCURED TO HIM TO TRY in all that time. Just think: he's literally never alone and people are always hurting him. Otherwise he's being monitored (in the field) or in cryo. During his missions, he barely has room for processing physical sensation - pain doesn't stop him because he doesn't really register it but that means he's also disconnected from the possibility of pleasure. This could be a variant of Bucky's Broken Dick, where he's essentially been impotent for 70 years - or even longer since maybe he was struggling after Steve rescued him and he/they thought they'd have time for Bucky to "get over it" one day. But it could also be just the regular result of Hydra stealing sexual pleasure away from Bucky, too. Maybe they chemically castrate him, especially when he's going to be awake for any longer than a day or so in order to prevent him from feeling sexual interest at all. And once he's in from the cold and the chemicals are out of his system, perhaps he's having these dreams that leave him waking up in a wet spot but he can't remember what they're about and everyone is still too careful about touching him because they think it's important to give him his space. Alternate scenario: maybe he's not even having wet dreams - maybe his first orgasm after all this time is at the hands of *fill in the blank* because they are trying a relationship and it's painful enough that Bucky isn't sure he wants to do that again.
post.3  -unfilled  char:bucky  kink:orgasm.denial  kink:broken.dick 
september 2015
Bucky never broke
Bucky has been aware for the entire 70 years before CA-TWS. The chair doesn't wipe his mind, it disconnects his mind from his body, leaving an empty body for Hydra to pour orders into. The effects only last for a certain amount of time (why he started to recognize Steve at times, because the effects were wearing off), so they have to keep "wiping" him, which only happens on missions. However, the <i>other</i> 80 percent of his time, Bucky's back in his body, stuck as a POW. It's hell. When he's in control of his body, they're either cryofreezing him, leaving him in solitary confinement to wait for the next mission, or raping/torturing him for kicks. Give me all the despairing, angsty Bucky who's still trying to hold onto hope after all these years, yet knows deep down that there's no escape. +Bucky coming back to awareness with blood all over him, being hosed off by technicians and knowing he must've just killed someone ++Hydra agents loving it when he fights them during a rape, especially when he can't help but cry from the sheer hopelessness of it all
post.3  -unfilled  char:bucky  kink:captivity 
september 2015
So, I just realized how hot dogshaming it would be if it done to people, but it turns out googling "dogshaming but with people" doesn't yield a bunch of porn like I was hoping. Then I was thinking of circumstances for this and I thought of the Winter Soldier! Idea: 1)WS does something weird and annoying to his handlers (but probably quite reasonable and sad in his fucked-up, trauma-ridden brain)--for some reason I'm partial to it being animalistic or a fucked up attempt at trying to show or get affection--like hoarding objects or food, hurting himself or wetting himself to get medical attention/cleaned up. Or maybe it's that his old personality/memories resurface in response to certain things that remind him of things or people from his old life. Whatever it is, it's inconvenient and annoying, but funny, to his handlers. 2)To inform other Hydra employees about these issues, they take dogshaming-esque pictures of him holding signs they've written describing his behavior, like, "I will eat napkins because I think they're food," or, "I wet myself for attention, but if you hit me with a cattle prod I won't do it again." Or maybe they record a video of him saying these things. He may not even understand what he's talking about or that this is embarrassing, but that's part of the joke for them. = profit? If anyone is with me on this, more ideas on this concept are EXTREMELY welcome.
post.3  -unfilled  char:winter.soldier  kink:shame  kink:dehumanization 
september 2015
(HYDRA)/Bucky/Sam, guilt all around
You know what kind of rotting trash I always need more of? HYDRA messing up the whole team by targeting their heart and soul Sam Wilson. Some vengeful HYDRA agent (Rollins, Rumlow, OC) lies low until he (or she) can get Bucky and Sam alone. Then he (or she) takes control of Bucky's actions with some Sputnik-y code and forces him to rape Sam. Maybe the agent just watches like it's no big deal, or maybe they get involved. (This being Rumlow, who blames Sam for him not getting to Pierce in time, would be great, but it's not key.) And then, implied or dwelled on, the fallout. Bucky's been raped too but is a guilty wreck. Steve blames himself for them being alone together in the first place. Natasha blames herself for not anticipating the code/that HYDRA would go to rape. (I can't think of why Fury or Sharon Carter would catch the guilt bug but if anyone else can please fil in the blank LOL.) And the guy who'd usually make them laugh and go for a run or eat pancakes until they feel better is a flinching mess.
post.3  -unfilled  char:bucky  char:sam  char:rumlow  pair:sam/bucky  kink:mind.control 
september 2015
post-orgasm torture
You're Hydra. You have this excellent specimen in your custody-- he's strong, pretty, and his body assimilates your serums beautifully. Unfortunately, he won't do what you say, and the stronger he gets, the more of a problem that becomes. So you torture him as much as you possibly can. The trouble is that eventually, he gets used to torture; he learns how to go away in his head and just take it without reacting. Obviously, since you're trying to make yourself a compliant asset, this doesn't help you very much. You have to find a new way to make him hurt. How do you do that, you wonder? Well, first you totally shock him by going down on him. Haha, bet he didn't see a *blowjob* coming! Then, when he's still in shock at his own orgasm-- he probably forgot what pleasure feels like-- you pull out the (insert torture implement here) and go to town on his cock and balls. Finally, sit back and enjoy as he screams at even the gentlest touch to his *incredibly oversensitive* flesh.
post.3  -unfilled  char:winter.soldier  kink:overstimulation  kink:pain  kink:genital.abuse  kink:torture 
september 2015
trash past discovered in the middle of sex
Steve and Bucky are in a relationship, but Bucky has been hiding his trash past (anywhere from lies of omission to active reassurances that no, Steve, nothing like that ever happened would work for me). Then the truth comes out. And it comes out in the middle of sex, when something Steve does triggers Bucky so badly that there's no denying what's happened and why. My trash wish is for them to then keep right on fucking. Bucky's still shaking, Steve is reeling, but you know what, to get dressed and talk it out like your average person, that would be <i>admitting defeat</i>. + if they have the conversation about what happened to Bucky right there while fucking, so it's 50% actual gauging of the situation and 50% fucked up dirty talk + kind of intense and messed up emotional dynamics, like they're freaked out and angry and hurting but they also love each other and want to be there for each other <i>and</i> they're turned on, and so if anyone can write rough-but-intimate-and-tender fucking this is what I dream of
post.3  -unfilled  char:steve  char:bucky  pair:steve/bucky  kink:rape.aftermath 
september 2015
Anything to do with the conceit of self-harm being the only way Bucky knows to distract himself from traumatic thoughts and feelings. Cutting, pinching at himself, subtly digging his fingernails into his palm when he's with company, anything. And then what? Do the wounds heal so well and so quickly no one would ever know -- but maybe he wants to be found out? If he's found out, will he accept help to break himself of the habit, or is it too difficult, or is he defensive? Does it make people worry he's a suicide risk? anythiiiing
post.3  -unfilled  char:bucky  kink:self-harm 
september 2015
Sam/Rumlow sex pollen
On the hunt for Bucky, while Steve is busy with Ultron, Sam runs into Rumlow who is also looking for Bucky, and they get sex pollen'd together. Violent, bitey horrible hatesex ensues. Anon does not care who does what. +Rumlow telling Sam what Hydra used to do to Bucky while they're fucking and Sam hating it but getting off anyway ++Bucky hears or otherwise knows what happens, assumes it was either consensual or as fucked up as what happened to him, and the aftermath trash
post.3  -unfilled  char:sam  char:rumlow  pair:rumlow/sam  kink:sex.pollen  kink:hatefuck 
september 2015
experimenting on the Winter Soldier
My trashy brain would love a fic where the Winter Soldier was used as a test subject when the U.S. gov was experimenting with mental depatterning treatment to break/brainwash enemy soldiers. Or maybe it's right after CAWTSr and it's Hydra's last attempt to keep Bucky under their control. So they do the whole nine yards: long term sensory deprivation, electro shock treatment, induced coma in order to break Bucky down to a completely clean slate. Bonus if the fic includes the re-mothering part of the process as they try to raise a perfect assassin.
post.3  -unfilled  char:winter.soldier  kink:experimentation  kink:training.and.conditioning 
september 2015
the awkwardness of strangers/acquaintances knowing
My overflowing trash bin for a situation where it's common knowledge -- like, <i>public</i> -- that Bucky was subjected to horrendous and repeated sexual abuses in captivity. The public could also be aware of his difficulties with trauma, either through a trial situation or a leak. So imagine Bucky in this kind of milieu having to deal with the fact that not only does everyone recognize certain behaviors of his as trauma symptoms, but they know the abuses they stem from. When he firmly rejects a prostate exam, the doctor knows why. When he's at an event and has to ask a friendly attendee not to touch him, she knows why. The looks of pity, the awkwardness as people try not to interact with him like they don't know such horrible intimate details, and sometimes the invasive questions.
post.3  -unfilled  char:bucky  kink:public.reveal 
september 2015
insecurity trash
Is sweet but trashy a thing? Because I'm dying for a fic where Bucky and Steve both want to be involved, and the only thing holding them back is the deep, deep insecurity that's part and parcel of Bucky's rape trauma. He's used up, he's disgusting, he's scarred, it would be wrong to inflict himself on Steve, he's scared Steve will look at his body the way he does, as a thing other people have used, he's scared that he'll be broken in bed somehow (from flashbacks to sexual behavior learned from repeated rape) and what will Steve think then? If anyone wants to fill this, you can add as much fucked up stuff for Bucky to feel insecure about as your trashy heart desires. But on top of the pain, it would also be great to have Steve trying his best to help Bucky through this, maybe being really patient and reassuring once he realizes what the problem is, and finally being loving and tender in bed. (it's also cool if at first Steve doesn't understand Bucky's issues and hurts his feelings accidentally, I love pain)
post.3  -unfilled  char:steve  char:bucky  pair:steve/bucky  kink:rape.aftermath  kink:insecurity  kink:hurt/comfort 
september 2015
Bucky gets raped while being forced to watch a newsreel of Steve crashing into the ice on repeat.
What it says on the tin. Bucky, in his early days of captivity, while still knowing who he is, gets raped while news of Steve's death is being projected on screen. This is his first time getting raped (I prefer it to by multiple abusers, and brutally at that - but I'm open to other things). This rape is basically hammering down the point no-one will come save him, and that he's theirs now. Bonus points if he cries during, from both sorrow and pain.
post.3  -unfilled  char:bucky  kink:captivity 
september 2015
Child-like Bucky gets raped.
I have heard several people complain that sometimes Bucky is presented as too child-like in recovery fic, but dammit I want it in my trash. Basically one time Bucky gets wiped a bit too thoroughly, and regresses to the cognitive level of someone who is pre-puberty. Someone - I have a preference for Rumlow, but I'm fine with any bad guy - decides it will be fun to fuck him in this state. What I want from this is Bucky basically not quite realizing what is happening, not really having a concept of what rape really is, while it is actually happening to him. He wouldn't physically defend himself, he'd cry, he'd beg - but of course he's still a grown-ass man, and his abuser finds this terribly funny and mocks him for it. Trash bonuses if: -if Bucky is genuinely horrified that a man "naughty bits" can go up your ass and mouth, and does not remember having sex before, consensual or otherwise. - Bucky keeps saying it hurts and cries begging them to stop. - His abuser(s) get(s) into it, and call him "little boy" - If he's actually given a stuffed toy to hold while being raped (and they mock him for it, but he genuinely clings to it for dear life) - If he tries to suck his thumb for comfort, but this is incentive to stick a cock in his mouth.
post.3  -unfilled  char:bucky  char:rumlow  kink:ageplay 
september 2015
Hydra has scavenger hunts, bondage version
Okay, this makes sense in my head, but it might sound really weird outside of it. Sometimes, HYDRA agents get tired of the whole "fightin over who gets to fuck the Soldier today" thing. So they decide to make a game of it. They put the soldier in a room/cage/whatever, and then hide a multitude of sex toys all over the base. Whoever can find a certain combination of toys first (maybe they change up the themes every week? One week medical kink, one week feminization, etc) gets awarded the key to the soldier's cell, and they can take their toys in with them when they win. Agents can form teams if they wish, but then they have to share their time with the soldier.
post.3  -unfilled  char:winter.soldier 
september 2015
Keep that dog on a leash, Pierce.
I'm easy to please. I want Pierce taking a docile and well-trained Winter Soldier to meetings on a leash. I want him to go on daily walks with his loyal hunting dog. I want him to threaten those who are even considering defying him with the idea of letting the Winter Soldier OFF that literal leash. I want the Winter Soldier's muzzle coming off and him snapping his teeth in people's faces before he nuzzles up against Pierce's leg. It's not puppy play - the Winter Soldier doesn't need to wear puppy gear. He's just leashed and lead around and always careful to position himself below Pierce so that Pierce can see the Winter Soldier's subservience. + for Pierce handfeeding the Winter Soldier ++ for Pierce making the Winter Soldier sleep across the foot of his bed (after the filthy tender sex) +++ for recover!Bucky trying some of the same mannerisms with *fill in the blank* and his partner is horrified but also popping guilt!boners all over the apartment.
post.3  -filled  char:bucky  char:pierce  pair:pierce/winter.soldier  kink:leash  kink:handfeeding  kink:training.and.conditioning 
september 2015
Fuckpotato or Die (tw: body horror)
Just the elegant simplicity of Steve being captured by HYDRA and offered a choice between raping, a now quadruple-amputee but conscious, Bucky on the operating table. Or Steve's execution will be the last thing Bucky sees before HYDRA gouge out his eyes. And by 'HYDRA' I mean Rumlow. Because I'm all about Rumlow taunting Steve with how long he intends to keep Bucky alive, and what else he'll do to Bucky once Steve's dead. Because who doesn't want Steve emotionally blackmailed into taking the first option - having the worst sex of both his and Bucky's lives - with Steve not being sure if he's trying to shield Bucky with his body during it or if he's keeping close to guarantee that, when Rumlow shoots him, the bullet'll pass through and kill Bucky too.
post.3  -filled  char:steve  char:bucky  char:rumlow  pair:steve/bucky  kink:fuckpotato  kink:fuck.or.die 
september 2015
Bucky's First Captivity
What if, when Bucky was in the isolation wing, there was delicious Hydra trash happening: raping him into submission pre-testing, or fucking him to determine his fitness as a candidate for Zola's treatment or whatever, or general degradation and humiliation in an attempt to make him more obedient: whatever, anon's not picky. So not only is Bucky struggling with the effects of the experimentation, but also with trash aftermath. I love me some post-WS-recovery Bucky, but I don't often see Howling Commando!Bucky trying to be his brave and charming self while repressing the pain of recent trash happenings. If he tells anyone what happened to him, after all, he might get sent home. + If this makes Bucky's second captivity post-fall so much worse, because he knows very well what to expect + If post-WS, Steve feels super guilty at having not noticed despite having worked alongside Bucky so closely +++ For anything involving the other Howlies, whether it's talking to them about what happened or NOT talking to them about what happened.
post.3  -filled  char:bucky  kink:rape.aftermath 
september 2015
WS/Steve noncon + later Steve/Bucky h/c
The Winter Soldier (under orders, or confused as his programming breaks down, or Bucky acting under a trigger phrase à la 'sputnik') rapes Steve. It's brutal and painful, all the more so because they both wanted each other pre-fall but neither of them ever made a move. Later, after he's broken free of his programming and recovered his memories, Bucky avoids Steve out of shame, but Steve finds him and makes it clear that he forgives him. They strike up a reckless, ill-advised sexual relationship, which Steve probably initiates... and sooner rather than later, Steve has to nope out while they're fucking. Maybe not the first time, but the second or the third. He's furious with himself for letting it affect him, Bucky's in a guilt spiral and trying to give Steve space--so Steve, who under normal circumstances would rather have a tooth pulled than seek out comfort when he's hurting, basically tells Bucky to just shut the fuck up and hold him for a while. Bonus if Steve nopes out due to rage, disgust, or a barely-controllable urge to struggle and fight back--something besides pure undiluted distress. Double bonus if he confesses the urge to fight back to Bucky, Bucky goes "sounds legit, go ahead and hit me," and they have fucked-up sad-angry semi-roleplay fightsex.
post.3  -filled  char:steve  char:bucky  char:winter.soldier  pair:steve/bucky  pair:steve/winter.soldier  kink:hurt/comfort  kink:rape.aftermath 
september 2015
Elevator gang-rape: 'it kind of feels personal' remix
Steve's been working at SHIELD for two years, right? He probably knows every guy on that elevator and owes his life to half of them, or they owe their lives to him. He knows their skills, their weak spots, what they like for lunch, who he'd be sending the condolence letter to if they bought it on a mission, where most of their scars come from, what Random Goon #3 wanted to name his dog before his now-ex-girlfriend intervened. How much worse does that make it when the elevator ambush devolves into the gangbang porno it always not-so-secretly wanted to be?
post.3  -unfilled  char:steve  pair:steve/others  pair:steve/  kink:gangbang 
september 2015
Rumlow/Rollins/WS hatefuck threesome
give me some messed up HYDRA power struggle sex a la To Build a Better world with a Rumlow and Rollins who fuck but are trying to get or keep control of Strike, with Bucky caught in the middle of it. performative violence, hurting Bucky as a proxy for the other one, trying to prove masculinity by how much they hurt Bucky, anything.
post.3  -unfilled  char:winter.soldier  char:rumlow  char:rollins  pair:rumlow/rollins/winter.soldier  kink:hatefuck  kink:masculinity 
september 2015
Deserumed Steve/Rumlow
Maybe post-catws, Steve gets deserumed and picked up by Rumlow and friends. I'm open to whether Steve remembers everything or gets deaged and doesn't know who Rumlow is anymore (though I do love a good gaslighting fic), but what I'd really like to see is Rumlow taking advantage of the size difference to get payback and Steve fighting back as best he can but being physically over powered and angry as hell but not able to do anything about it. My kingdom of trash if "your Bucky" gets included or if a still-sort-of WS Bucky is involved in rescue or aftermath. Shrinkyclinks post-rape hurt comfort, basically.
post.3  -unfilled  char:steve  char:rumlow  pair:rumlow/steve  kink:size  kink:deserumed 
september 2015
Sex in the mindwipe chair
Any pairing, as long as it does what it says on the tin. ...but an extra-smelly garbage crown if you can come up with a reason for a freaked-out Hydra operative to get shoved down into the chair and fucked or aggressively sucked off by the Winter Soldier.
post.3  -filled  char:any  char:winter.soldier  kink:mindwipe.chair 
september 2015
Bucky in diapers
+ for any kind of fill
++ for humiliation
+++ for taking us to a new part of the dumpster
post.2  -filled  -art  char:winter.solder  kink:diapers  kink:humiliation 
april 2015
identity deception trash
Bucky is doing really well with Steve supporting him, recovering faster than anyone though. But one day, Steve starts doing little things-- undermining Bucky's new found self-esteem, restricting where he can go, casually dismissing his anxieties and such (maybe being a little too pushy about sex)-- that make Bucky real uncomfortable and suspicious. But he just spent 70 years brainwashed right? He's just crazy and paranoid.

Cut to Steve having been captured and tortured by Hydra in revenge, while [insert name here] has used that face changy SHIELD tech and taken his place to gather intel and lure Bucky back to being a weapon.

Basically, Bucky having to save Steve's sorry ass after Hydra's latest convoluted plan to mess with him.

doubleplusgood quality piles of trash for whoever can make this happen for me, because I'm a sucker for this kind of trope and I havent seen it written yet
post.2  -unfilled  char:bucky  char:steve  pair:steve/bucky  kink:gaslighting 
april 2015
Yelena Belova/Natasha Romanov - noncon anal with a strap-on
Yelena decides to take a very personal vengeance on her Red Room rival for her defection.
post.2  -unfilled  char:natasha  char:yelena  pair:yelena/natasha  kink:non-con  kink:anal  kink:strap.ons 
april 2015
fem!steve forced impregnation
I am absolutely desperate for a fem!steve gangbang. Victory for HYDRA, some WW2 era stuff, anything. There is a terrible lack of a fem!steve in this hydra trash and while I am absolutely working on my own stuff, it's always fun to see others.

I'd prefer the name Stella instead of Stephanie.

+Bucky is involved, as the Winter Soldier or not.
++Rumlow leads it. He has an unhealthy obsession with her, and how much pain she can take.
+++The whole point is to get her pregnant and keep her prisoner as HYDRA's favorite broodmare.
++++Libido enhancing drugs, so she's forced to get off.

anon is massively in love with bucky/fem!cap, so the two of them being married pre-war would be a bonus, especially if this is the first time she's seen him since his fall in 1945.

would prefer no rescue, just trash, but if it does happen, please rescue bucky too!

my firstborn child for the winter soldier being entirely willing when asked to forcibly impregnate captain america.

[crawls back under the dumpster]
post.2  char:steve  kink:genderswap  kink:impregnation  -unfilled  kink:breeding  kink:gangbang 
april 2015
I want sadist!Rumlow and Pierce. Either Pierce teaching Rumlow a lesson or Pierce bottoming.
post.2  char:rumlow  char:pierce  pair:pierce/rumlow  kink:sadism  -filled 
april 2015
Hydra Glory Hole
The new male recruits have a hazing ritual that they have to complete. Sticking your dick in the glory hole.

You only have to worry if the Asset hasn't been fully tranquillized...
post.2  kink:glory.hole  pair:winter.soldier/others  -unfilled  char:winter.solder 
april 2015
Corrective Rape
A re-educational fucking, 1984-style. Like healing cock, but more brain-y. HYDRA or the Russkies got a new idea about how to train the Winter Soldier.
post.2  char:winter.solder  pair:winter.soldier/others  kink:non-con  kink:training.and.conditioning  -unfilled 
february 2015
Stupid Sexy Pierce
As seen on Tumblr:

I just feel like we need more trash of charming young Alexander Pierce being a manipulative, conniving asshat. While looking like the American dream.
post.2  char:pierce  -unfilled 
january 2015
Mpreg Bucky
HYDRA for whatever reason - as experimentation or they want to clone the Asset - find a way to make Bucky carry a child. The Asset takes great care of his unborn silently but with dedication, but a miscarriage proves fatal to all involved in the project.

Just want to see a miscarried Soldier fuming and taking it out on everyone.
post.2  char:winter.solder  kink:mpreg  kink:miscarriage  -unfilled 
january 2015
Roles Are Reversed
The Winter Soldier has finally snapped underneath all of the torture, the abuse and the multiple rapes and finally decides to retaliate, his conditioning coming loose.
So WS's form of revenge is rape.

+ He sexually abuses Pierce/Rumlow/Rollins the most
++ He overrides the Hydra system and keeps them all locked in a room as he has his way with them
+++ His mind reverts back to his Russian settings so whenever someone screams out a command he doesn't respond

Entertain me trashbabies
post.2  char:winter.solder  char:rumlow  char:pierce  char:rollins  pair:winter.soldier/others  kink:revenge  kink:non-con  -unfilled 
january 2015
Strike Team/ Steve Gang rape
There is only one thing that I want.
It's for poor Stevie to get gang raped in front of the Avengers by the Strike team and by the Winter Soldier.

+ If Steve cries but doesn't beg
+ If Natasha gets communication to someone just before their capture
+ The Avengers are in the room but are tied up/injected with something/anything that prevents them from fighting back.
+ They're in there for a few days and Steve gets raped every day
+ Someone on the Avengers team tries to talk him through the many rapes
++ If Coulson (who is miraculously alive) or Fury or Maria rescues them with a team of their own.

Please fill out my trashy request.
post.2  char:steve  pair:steve/  kink:gangbang  kink:non-con  -unfilled 
january 2015
Red Skull/Peggy Carter - TFA era, trying to break her
Years before she and Steve ever met, Peggy was captured by HYDRA when the SSR was trying to extract Dr. Erskine. The Red Skull decided to interrogate her personally. Very personally.

Johan Schmidt doing badwrong rapey things to Peggy Carter, trying to break her and failing.

Bonus for humiliation.

Bonus for anal.
post.2  char:peggy  char:red.skull  pair:red.skull/peggy  kink:humiliation  kink:anal  kink:interrogation  -unfilled 
january 2015
Asset, orgasm denial, just enough to know what he's missing
When the Asset is used for the first time after every wipe, he's allowed to come exactly once after a long teasing fuck.

Every party thereafter, they deliberately keep aroused and needy throughout, but he's not allowed to come anymore than he's allowed to go soft. If he begs pretty enough, they might give him a cock ring to keep his dick as hard as they want it instead of the cruel and deliberate teasing of their hands and mouths.
post.2  char:winter.solder  kink:orgasm.denial  -unfilled 
january 2015
I'm sorry if this is off topic.
Winter Soldier and the strike team are mercenary bodyguards for Prince Jack Benjamin from "Kings" (currently free on Hulu). Maybe they take turns and the Winter Soldier is only a bodyguard on alternate Sundays or something. I think the King and Queen would clone their son to have extra body parts in case of injury (a safeguard to letting the crown prince actually fight in a war). Since Jack has lived so far they decided to super soldier that clone and now the WS takes bodyguard shifts among other things. They still treat him like a thing, a weapon, spare parts if it comes to it. Everyone still treats WS like trash.

Seeing yourself suck off yourself must be a head trip.
post.2  char:winter.solder  pair:winter.soldier/other  kink:clonecest  kink:au  -unfilled 
january 2015
aftermath fic
An aftermath/post-TWS fic where Bucky is in the beginning of a relationship with any or all of the main 3 (i.e. steve sam natasha) (Sam/Bucky is my jam and there's so little of it) but before their first time together Bucky feels like he has to come clean about his trashy past.

+ Bucky doesn't even frame it as rape, the other(s) have to explain it to him
++ Bucky still wants to go ahead with sex they just take it real slow
+++ maybe Bucky is triggered or has trouble with a certain aspect of sex but they talk him through it and either continue on or cuddle and promise to try again later
post.2  char:bucky  pair:bucky/other  -unfilled 
january 2015
Pierce/WS, Pierce topping from the bottom
My needs are simple: I want Pierce (back in the day, when he was a lot less creaky and arthritic) aggressively topping from the bottom, and riding the Asset like a pony.

I offer a bag of mummified brussel sprouts to whosoever can make this happen with Pierce doing all the hair-pulling, slapping, biting and threats to castrate the Asset if he comes before Pierce does. And a lone, vintage, satsuma in a sock if, at one point, the Asset calls Pierce Steve, and Pierce's response is to ride the Asset harder while choking him with both hands.
post.2  char:winter.solder  char:pierce  pair:pierce/winter.soldier  kink:riding  kink:topping.from.the.bottom  -filled 
january 2015
Pierce/WS, "So be good for goodness sake"
(Sort of unprompted fill - originally started this because of a request in the first dumpster. It got filled, so er, have some pine-scented trash over here instead! Happy Christmas, Trash Party.)
post.2  -unsolicited  char:winter.solder  char:pierce  pair:pierce/winter.soldier  kink:holidays.with.hydra 
january 2015
casual violence
Once he's been taught to be a good little pet assassin/fuck toy, the Soldier basically was happy to go along with any- and everything Hydra asked of him, but the one thing he was always, always so fucking scared of was unprompted punishment.

Cue post WS!Bucky always half-expecting Steve & friends to order him to go on another mission not of his choice/ to spread his legs and being not exactly fine with it but what's a weapon good for otherwise and it's not like he minds (or, at least that's what he'd like to make himself belive in order to cope).

What he really fears and tries to avoid and yet constantly expects, though, is randomly being hurt/tortured/violated, just like it always was under Hydra's command.
post.2  char:bucky  kink:torture  -unfilled 
january 2015
Bucky/Various trash party happenings revealed at buckys trial
So it's generally been established through MCU canon that after the events of cap 2 governments worldwide started cracking down on SHIELD and HYDRA. So eventually even with the Avengers protecting him, Bucky will probably have to stand trial for his actions as the Winter Soldier. So basically (becuase I'm awful) I want all the hydra trash and horrific abuse basically coming out publically in this trial. Also would particularly enjoy Hydra members being questioned and basically being totally unapologetic about what they did. Like 'I'm going to jail for life anyways screw holding back'.

+Bucky has to present for a lot of it, but hadn't told anybody really what had happened so Steve is totally freaking out and has to be escorted out
+people making totally bs comments online about how he deserved everything he got

Oh wow just give me all the trash. *returns to where they were hiding under old granola bar wrappers*
post.2  char:bucky  char:steve  kink:public.reveal  -unfilled 
january 2015
after the party's over
The Winter Soldier isn't HYDRA's only party favor. When it's over, he gets his pick of the others, 100% not caring whether they want it, because no one is looking out for him and he takes whatever he wants until someone stronger makes him to stop.
post.2  char:winter.solder  pair:winter.soldier/others  kink:party.favor  -unfilled 
january 2015
Hydra wasn't his first (rape)
When Bucky went off to training, one of his superiors took a *special interest* in him.

I want uniforms. I want struggling with the powerlessness of having this done to him right alongside the new power of the right to kill. I want Bucky questioning if he really earned that promotion to Sergeant or if he's endangering his fellow soldiers by accepting an unearned rank. Really just ALL of the guilt and doubt and humiliation and military kinks pleaaase.
post.2  char:bucky  -unfilled 
january 2015
Steve gets Bucky back and it's happy ending.... or is it?
Following many post WS fics, Steve searches for Bucky and finds him confused and unstable. He tries to help his friend get his memory back and adjust to having control of his own life.

Or at least that is what Steve thinks is happening. The truth is that after a while, Soviet and Hydra learned the same thing the history had learned in 19th century. Slavery isn't effective or productive. So the Winter Soldier has been conscious of his actions for quite a while and just been desensitized about and even enjoy committing atrocities like murder, rape and torture for Hydra even though he doesn't care about their goals. What's more is that he has all of his memory when Steve says "Bucky?" Bucky pretended to not remember him b/c WS is a great strategist and quick on feet. He is pretending to disarm Steve and prevent him from finding out about his questionable morality. However, he did love and still loves Steve in his own way. Steve just needs to learn to.... accept him the way he is.

Cue Bucky who is the Winter Soldier manipulating Steve by pretending to be extremely traumatized and fragile. And then starting a VERY abusive sexual relationship with Steve by making Steve think that hydra trash parties happened which totally didn't and abusive sex is the only way Bucky feels in control which also isn't true.

+ Steve keeps supposedly sexual abuses Bucky went through secret from others because Bucky is very self conscious.
+ Bucky joins Avengers but keep eliminating people threatening to Steve behind his back and "accidentally" killing bad people on missions.
+++ Steve at first tries to show Bucky to be gentle but later being used to and gets off on abusive sex. Bucky is very pleased.
++++++ Bucky is gentle after sex just to indulge Steve because Steve deserves reward after his good behavior.
+++++++++++++++++++++++ Metal arm choking, fisting and etc on Steve
post.2  char:winter.solder  char:steve  pair:steve/bucky  kink:manipulation  kink:mindfuck  -unfilled 
january 2015
Pierce/Rumlow, abuse grooming
I want younger Rumlow, who's just joined SHIELD, maybe after he gets out of the military, and Pierce taking notice of him, taking him apart and putting him back together to serve HYDRA. I'm pretty sure this can be done without woobifying Rumlow or making him ~sekritly a good guy all along~, I have faith in you, trashfriends.

(Please feel free to use those full frontal pics of Grillo when he was a hairless twink baby younger as reference.)
post.2  char:rumlow  char:pierce  pair:pierce/rumlow  kink:abuse.grooming  -unfilled 
january 2015
Even in the Winter Soldier's dreams
Dreams: maybe a window into the subconscious, maybe how we sort out difficult problems, maybe a lot of things. Things that it would be dangerous to let the asset have.

So they program him with dreams that won't disturb his programming. Dreams that bring out the submissive plaything in him. Even though he doesn't have a memory of anything else, the asset wakes up lusty for particular agents' cocks and wanting to be violated in particular ways. Maybe they don't do it for him in real life, but for all he knows, he loves being their toy and enjoys their kinks.
post.2  char:winter.solder  kink:dreams  kink:mindfuck  -unfilled 
january 2015
Pierce/Bucky, gilded cage
(I guess this could either go as a "Hydra wins" situation or just Pierce liking to take the Winter Soldier out every once in a while and play with him??)

Pierce keeps Bucky like a treasured exotic pet. Jeweled collar, gold leash, dressed up all pretty, nothing to do all day but sleep in featherbeds and be petted and hand-fed at meals. You know, the works.

(And Bucky can't understand why Steve or anyone would want him to leave Mr. Pierce, who's such a good master to him. )
post.2  -unfilled  char:winter.solder  char:pierce  kink:luxury 
january 2015
Unprompted fic: Poe Was Wrong
Basically: HYDRA tries to fuck with Steve to destabilize him and they pick a random agent to do that, which he tries to accomplish by taking advantage of Steve’s situation to befriend him, date him, and ultimately gaslight the hell out of him. POV is anonymous. Author is very sorry and regrets pretty much everything.
post.2  -unsolicited  char:steve  pair:steve/other  kink:gaslighting  kink:undercover 
january 2015
Rumlow/Steve (or Steve/Rumlow) - Sex pollen/fuck-or-die, post-CA:TWS
Post-CA:TWS, Steve is looking for signs of Bucky in an abandoned HYDRA base but runs into Rumlow instead, and the ensuing fight triggers an old sex-pollen booby trap. Whoops, now they're stuck in a fuck-or-die situation with the last person on Earth they'd actually want to get intimate with.

- No forcible rape, please. Rumlow can't overpower Steve, and Steve won't force himself on Rumlow. Neither of them wants this, but they agree to do what's necessary to survive (making it mutual non- or dub-con; sex pollen makes consent questionable even if they both say yes).

+ Hate-sex, abusive dirty talk, Rumlow's emphatic heterosexuality slash fragile masculinity, Steve being a snarky punk who's not putting up with any shit, fighting during fucking, maybe one or both enjoying it more than they'll admit.
post.2  char:rumlow  char:steve  pair:rumlow/steve  kink:sex.pollen  kink:fuck.or.die  -unfilled 
january 2015
Rumlow's monster cock
Before the events of CA:TWS, Steve and Rumlow were dating. Rumlow iniated their relationship as a way to get in Steve's head/control him/fuck with him/whatever. Steve, on the other hand, thought Rumlow genuinely cared about him. I want Rumlow devirginizing Steve with his absolutely huge dick, not caring that he's hurting Steve, and Steve being in pain but thinking it's normal/he can take it/etc.
post.2  char:steve  char:rumlow  kink:size  kink:pain  kink:virginity  pair:rumlow/steve  -unfilled 
january 2015
Pecker gag/muzzle as asset-taming equipment
So after a trash party, someone notices that the asset seems to calm down when there's something in his mouth. This information is relayed to the techs and, well... eventually, the HYDRA pecker-gag muzzle is born. (Crack? Serious fic? YOU decide.)
post.2  char:winter.solder  kink:gags  kink:pecker.gag  -unfilled 
january 2015
More specifically, the Winter Soldier licking come off the ground or out of someone's hand. Docilely. Like a well-trained pet.

*burrows back under several pieces of grease-stained crumpled-up newspapers*
post.2  char:winter.solder  kink:comeplay  -filled 
january 2015
Gulag, pursued by a bear
Remember when Bucky got thrown in the gulag and Natasha had to come save his ass?

Give me what happened during the day, in between the fights. Give me Bucky's enemies hate fucking and beating the shit out of him, the wardens taking advantage of the fact he can't fight back or he'll be stuck there forever.

For extra bonus points, have Steve find out what's happening and be powerless to stop it, or else start an international conflict. Hell, maybe they send Steve a tape of Bucky's "prison rehabilitation".
post.2  char:bucky  pair:bucky/others  kink:non-con  kink:punishment  -unfilled 
january 2015
Honeypot Operation
The Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes being sent on honeypot operations. To root out homosexuals (for some reason idc)? To locate/seduce a specific target? In the comics, Bucky was 16/17 when he fell, so this could be comics!canon of actual underage Bucky running around doing the seduction (one of the reasons the Winter Soldier was so valuable was that he could pass for American, after all) or it could be MCU!canon Bucky. Underage is okay by the OP.
post.2  char:winter.solder  kink:undercover  -filled 
january 2015
Aftermath sex
Don't care whether it's Steve or Bucky as the party favor, I just... have this shameful need for painfully gentle, consensual sex in the immediate aftermath of noncon, with the person who was raped initiating. The more disturbingly too-soon the better. Give me one of them still all bruised and sore and dripping with his rapists' come, and insisting that the form of comfort he wants most right now is to be fucked by someone he loves and trusts. Your choice whether that's actually a terrible idea or not, but the other one takes him at his word and agrees to it.

Optional bonus twist: the person who got whumped was sacrificing himself to protect the other or secure a chance for them both to escape.

I'd also be up for an extra-trashy 100% noncon version where one of them does the rounds as a party favor, and afterwards, once he's totally fucked-up and wrecked from what assorted Hydra goons have done to him, the other is forced to fuck him.
post.2  char:bucky  char:steve  pair:steve/bucky  -unfilled 
january 2015
Aftermath of the 'Bucky's doing just fine until he's not' variety
After a few months, maybe even mere weeks Bucky comes home/lets Steve and Sam find him, and he's doing fine, considering the circumstances (like: he's perfectly capable of making decisions for himself/functioning like a human being rather than a human weapon and has even regained some important memories of before).

It's so much better than anyone could have hoped for, really, and Bucky is happy for the first time in a long, long time and he's also pleased and relieved that Steve gets so much joy out of having him back and seeing him be happy.

So, naturally, when little/weird/nonsensical things result in severe anxiety/panic attacks/flashbacks/a state of terror/make him lose time or have him sick to his stomach, he hides and tries to ignore it.
It's just little things, after all, nothing he has any right to react to so strongly when he can deal with all the horrors he's suffered and inflicted on others as the Winter Soldier so well, right? (Wrong, but it takes a while until someone notices what's going on while Bucky tries to convince himself that really, having the occasional flashback to trashy horror times, torture and murder in perfectly mundane situtions and hide it, too)
post.2  -unfilled  char:bucky 
january 2015
Bucky's sense of what is considered "tmi" is ... faulty
In the aftermath of everything Hydra put him through, Bucky's sense of what is appropriate to share and when is severly screwed up.

Like, maybe he'd never even dream of asking for food even when he sits at a set table full of various delicious-smelling dishes - much less eat unless being offered anything at all - he has no problem whatsoever chiming in to a discussion about fun ways to spend the holidays with the suggestion that Steve & friends could have their way with him like so many of the teams he worked with under Hydra, if they were into that sort of thing?
post.2  char:bucky  -filled  -wip 
january 2015
Winter Soldier is the new head of HYDRA
So this is somewhat inspired by a (sadly unfinished) fic on a03

Through the years of brainwashing and having his brain electrocuted, Bucky winds up a bit twisted after the events of CATWS. He gets his memories of Steve back, he gets his autonomy back, he becomes an actual person again and it's great. Except he now identifies with HYDRA's goal. So with the decades of HYDRA knowledge he has, he worms his way up to the top since Pierce is gone and takes over. ("Ya know, it's kind of funny. Since Zola's gone now, I'm technically the oldest living member of HYDRA.")

Steve is still searching for Bucky and trying to take out what remains of HYDRA. Until he finds out that the two are the same. Bucky is absolutely thrilled because he remembers now and Stevie is his best friend. Steve is just trying to talk some sense into Bucky. So at some point Bucky captures Steve and holds him captive, trying to help him stop being stupid and see that Bucky's doing the right thing. Cue lots of trash where Bucky decides to start up where they left off before the war in the hopes of bringing Steve to his senses.
post.2  char:bucky  char:steve  pair:steve/bucky  -unfilled 
january 2015
Someone didn't finish high school
so with the dumpster's collective boner over stun batons being used in trash parties I had a thought

In the middle of a trash party, some moron gets the idea to zap the asset or Steve while they're still inside him and learns a very valuable lesson about the laws of physics.
post.2  kink:stun.batons  kink:electricity  char:winter.solder  -unfilled 
january 2015
Rumlow/Sharon Carter - noncon payback
When Brock Rumlow gets out of the hospital after the events of TWS, I think it's likely that he's going to have a grudge. He can't get at the people most directly responsible for the failure of Project Insight, but when he has the opportunity to extract some payback from that chick who gave him trouble in the control room, he takes it. The fact that she's Peggy Carter's niece makes it all the sweeter.

Bonus for affably evil, sadistic bastard Rumlow and defiant Sharon, because both are my jam.
post.2  char:rumlow  char:sharon  pair:rumlow/sharon  kink:non-con  kink:revenge  -filled 
january 2015
Plot twist: the soldier accidentally instigated the trash parties
Over the years, the Soldier has been trained into a devastatingly powerful predator- with handlers holding the leash by controlling his access to basic needs and creature comforts. The first trash party started by accident when he attempted to use sexual favours to get in the good graces of his handlers. Unfortunately for them, when he is soliciting someone, he does it with the same hunter's focus and intensity he uses in the field. Give me the Soldier coming onto his entire team with that same relentless heat we see him apply to his fighting.
post.2  char:winter.solder  -unfilled 
january 2015
Winter Soldier dirty talk
Sometimes, fucking a stone-faced Winter Soldier can get a little boring or weird. Some of the agents prompt him to talk, to describe how he's what they're doing to him feels, and coach him on what words they want to hear and what isn't sexy enough to voice. The Winter Soldier gets fucking good at dirty talk during his own rapes.
post.2  char:winter.solder  -filled 
january 2015
So be good for goodness sake
Storytime: I was wrapping Christmas presents and we ran out of gift tags, so I started affixing sticky notes to remind me what item is in what box. My roommate came in and was very concerned at the strangely shaped package simply labeled "Bucky".

So, who at HYDRA is getting a trashy surprise wrapped up under their Christmas tree? (And did they remember to put in airholes?) Imagine the Soldier bound and restrained in a dark box, trying to remember his training about being buried alive, and most of all attempting not to panic as he has no idea how long it will be until he is unwrapped.
post.2  char:winter.solder  kink:holidays.with.hydra  -unfilled 
january 2015
So there's this thing called vagina dentata (

Imagine if Bucky had a version that was like, rectus dentatus. How would that affect our beloved trash party?

Basically, I want Bucky with ass teeth.
post.2  char:winter.solder  kink:body-modification  kink:teeth  -unfilled 
january 2015
Bucky/Pierce - Operation: Dinner Out
So, yes, I was one of the people in the Spy Game groupwatch last night and, oh, is that movie bunny fuel. And now I need a fix of some Young(er) Pierce acting as Bucky's field handler/contact during the Cold War.

But then I got thinking about the restaurant scene in Nikita ( & 'Cause Pierce would be the type of bastard to give Bucky a Nice Thing after cryo (expensive clothes, a meal at a posh restaurant, a wrapped gift) only expect him to pull off a public assassination with crap exit/escape information instead, 'cause Nice Things don't happen to Bucky.

That's sort-of the prompt. I'd like something where Pierce earns Bucky's trust through covert ops, treats him like a friend, a collaborator and a mentor. Pierce dusting the rough edges off Bucky's Soviet programming, easing his transition from long-range sniper to close-quarters assassin. Then Pierce whisking Bucky away, cranking up the charm, luring him into a false sense of security annnnnd dropping Bucky into an impossible operation.

And if that isn't trashy enough, I'm all for Pierce taking advantage of Bucky at the rendezvous point while Bucky's grimy, scorched and crying but he's not sure why. I mean, really, just all the false apologies and rough sex, please?

I have a mighty need for action-trash.
post.2  char:winter.solder  char:pierce  -unfilled 
january 2015
Sam-Centric Trash
Okay there really isn't enough Sam trash on here so let's go with the simple things.

Maria Hill doesn't make it in time to rescue Steve & co. from Hydra. The trio is taken to Creepy Hydra Base #4 to be disposed of, but naturally trashy fun happens first.
Hydra knows all about Nat and Steve, but Sam's an unknown and it's kind of fun to watch the other two squirm in response to him being hurt.

+ dramatic rescue & emotional fallout because I'm a sucker for fics that attempt to patch up characters after breaking them horribly
post.2  char:sam  -unfilled 
january 2015
Rumlow/Bucky - most awkward aftermath ever
After the movie, Bucky is on the road to speedy recovery with Steve, everything seems to be going great. One big issue, that Bucky keeps to himself because he's ashamed, is that Bucky can't seem to be able to get aroused anymore unless violence/humiliation is brought to the table, in the form of humiliating dirty possessive talk (not necessarily physical violence, since that's one thing he would rather not relive).

Having no idea how to coerce any partner into this, he resolves to finding Rumlow (who had been living low-key hidden somewhere) to find out if the reality would get him off for real, or not. Rumlow would be the best bet, because he has a strong dominating perosnality and Bucky half remembers some of the shit he used to say to him during ops.

Cue Bucky and Rumlow having consensual D/S sex, with all the boundaries decided in advance, where the sex itself is fantastically hot and satisfyng to both, but the resulting aftermath is HORRIBLE GUILT (because Bucky feels awful for wanting this, and Rumlow is actually feeling pretty guilty when it comes to what has been done to the WS).

Even better if they decide to meet many times because they both just can't resist how perfectly compatible they turned out to be for each other, thanks to Hydra's dehumanazing training.
post.2  char:bucky  char:rumlow  pair:winter.soldier/rumlow  kink:humiliation  kink:broken.dick  kink:d/s  -unfilled 
january 2015
New Years Eve At HYDRA
How do they ring in the New Year? Does Winter get dressed up as Old Man Time or the New Years Baby? Are there drunken kisses and resolutions that never get upheld? Is there a special execution at midnight? A giant orgy?
Just show me the festive holiday trash fun when the ball drops on New Years Eve.
post.2  char:winter.solder  -unfilled  kink:holidays.with.hydra 
january 2015
Bucky in an iron lung
Hydra using a negative pressure ventilator/iron lung during the brainwashing process. Either they lie and say he needs it because he can't breathe on his own but one day they'll be able to fix that just like his arm, or it's for pure torment to drive home the idea that he's no longer in control of his body and dependent on Hydra.
post.2  char:winter.solder  kink:iron.lung  kink:medical  -unfilled 
january 2015
Steve doesn't recognize him
At one point, there becomes a risk that someone might recognize the Winter Soldier, so some plastic surgery is in order. Now he's buffer, he's got a different face, and he speaks differently from Bucky -- so Steve doesn't recognize him (though maybe he thinks the Soldier reminds him of Bucky sometimes).

He's still sympathetic to this broken victim that Hydra has trashed, but he doesn't feel that special connection with him and won't move heaven and earth to take care of him in the same way.

Bucky, mean while, needs Steve. Some instinct in him tells him Steve could save him (but doesn't everyone feel that way about Captain America?). He's frightened all the time and his only memories are of what was done to him and what he was made to. He knows he needs Steve, but Steve sure doesn't need him and doesn't seem to want him that way.

Please some broken, desperately needy traumatized Bucky trying to win Steve over, slowly finding some of his old charm but generally thinking of himself as an unlovable, soiled mess. Give me heart break and trauma and bonus points for flash backs.
post.2  char:bucky  char:steve  kink:body-modification  kink:au  -unfilled 
january 2015
[no title]
The Winter Soldier was taught to do everything with a gun, so now that he's recovering, he does. Brush hair? Use a gun. Eat oatmeal? Use a gun. Jacking off? Has to rub with a gun or can't come. Everything. Guns. Always. All the guns.

+100 if Steve tries to fix him (healing cock?) and all that happens is that it expands to guns-and-knives.

+1000 if he names the guns (and the knives) after the STRIKE guys and his favorite is Pierce.
post.2  kink:guns  char:winter.solder  -unfilled 
january 2015
Cum only diet
The Winter Soldier only eats cum. His nutritional needs are filled by IV, but that's never explained to him. What is explained is that he's only allowed to eat cum. Maybe he's even been fed by IV for so long that solid food makes him throw up, so whenever he tries to eat anything else he gets only pain.
The IV, while keeping him alive, does nothing to fill his empty stomach.
Basically looking for complete cumslut Winter Soldier, who will go to his knees and nose at the crotch of nearby male agents whenever there's downtime; will lick up any cum that spills on the ground, even outside; and if someone uses his ass instead, will happily stick his fingers up his own ass to lick off that delicious cum.
Note that none of this means the Soldier actually has to enjoy the sex - he just needs for his partners to get off.
Bonus if HYDRA tells him he was modified to live off it - you have to send fewer supplies along on missions if one of the agents gets food from the others.
post.2  char:winter.solder  kink:conditioning  kink:come.eating  kink:ejaculate  -unfilled 
december 2014
Something goes wrong on a mission, or maybe Rumlow just wants some Swedish meatballs, I don't know. Either way, the STRIKE team is forced to make a detour and temporarily abandon ship at IKEA, leaving the Winter Soldier in the back of the van. Cue a disoriented and confused WS wandering around the Ikea parking lot, in a shearling coat with nothing on underneath it (why? Trash reasons, obviously), scaring the shit out of a whole lot of people just looking for versatile solutions for modern living.

Bonus if Bucky gets picked up by someone other than the STRIKE team, taken to a hospital, and is blandly accepting of the idea that medical personnel need to put things in his mouth/butt/whatever in circumstances where the medical personnel don't need to and aren't trying to do that.
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december 2014
Sometimes the Avengers Want the Mask Back
I love how expressive the Soldier is in the movie. His handlers had to stick a muzzle on him to mask his sad puppy dog expression.

Blank Bucky is fun, but I want his friends trying to survive every feeling being written large.

-He's sad that he's still being transitioned to solid food and other people have delicious burgers? Cue love of DEVASTATED sorrow.
-He needs a checkup? TERROR as he obediently walks over to the doctor.
-Gets something nice? Complete CONFUSION and LOSS.
-He gets turned down when trying to offer oral sex in the kitchen? All the SHAME and fear of punishment.

No one's cared about his feelings for 70 years, so he doesn't even know they're displayed for everyone to see. But Steve and Co. are wading through the aftermath of sex, violence, and emotional abuse every time they interact with him.

(I find my terrible trash to much more thrilling when it's obliquely referred to past events. Comparing to present kindness just makes it so much more ~chilling~.
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december 2014
Bucky getting fucked by a sharp spiked dildo
A scenario of trashy fun and torture involving Bucky getting fucked by a large sharp spiked dildo intended to tear him up and make him bleed. Any scenario up to you. My personal favorite is Bucky being tormented in front of a helpless Steve (other Avengers optional) or his torment is recorded and sent to Steve.
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december 2014
Literal garbage fic
In one of the other fills, Bucky gets a sad trashy potato chips treat. The creepiest part to me, though, was that he saved the napkin to use as a pillow. Maybe he's so used to having nothing that he hangs onto (or steals) literal garbage. Someone discards a Snicker's wrapper? He stuffs it in his pocket. Somebody leaves a moldy apple? He tries to eat it. Up to you whether this becomes a problem and he must be disciplined, or if HYDRA thinks it's funny that the Soldier is so obsessed with Saran Wrap and bottle caps and bread heels. Maybe they give him their discards at the end of a meal break and tell him it's a special gift.
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december 2014
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