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Qt Plotting Widget QCustomPlot - Introduction
QCustomPlot is a Qt C++ widget for plotting. This plotting library focuses on making good looking, publication quality 2D plots, graphs and charts, as well as offering high performance for realtime visualization.
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march 2018 by hugle
Python Decorators
Python progressive tutorials in 12 steps. Brief introduction, easy to understand.
python  programming 
january 2016 by hugle
Vim as a Python IDE – Unlogic
Python VIM IDE, I prefer another tool set :

1. Bundle
2. zsh
3. oh-my-zsh
4. vim-powerline
5. python-mode
6. NerdTree
7. vim-jedi
python  programming 
january 2016 by hugle
Ruby Beginner Guide
Pretty detail ruby syntax intro for beginners. Good introduction method.
ruby  programming 
january 2016 by hugle
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