Brighter Than Sunlight
This was made for a fic, rainylemons' Brighter Than Sunlight, which in turn was a remix of sinnerforhire’s Out of the Blue. (description by reccer)
type:art/graphics(all)  type:digital  artist:lilypsiren  genre:gen  rating:PG/PG-13  hospitalization  aneurysm 
february 2013
Dean from episode 1.12 - Faith where he is sick and in a giant hoodie for the entire episode and it’s fantastic.
type:art/graphics(all)  genre;gen  rating:G  dean_wearing_sam's_hoodie!  heart_condition  ep:faith  artist:kat-chup  season:1 
february 2013
A drawing of Dean (with a fever or just in pain idk??) with Sam helping him. Either pre-Stanford, or in season 1.
type:art/graphics(all)  type:digital  genre:gen  rating:G  illness:misc./other/uncategorized  injury:misc./other/uncategorized  artist:maybellesnow  season:1  setting:pre-series 
february 2013
Backseat Pieta
Cas holding Dean, pieta-style. (description by reccer)
artist:orca1026  artist:karmabees  genre:gen  rating:G  cuts/lacerations  death  carried!Dean 
january 2013
Fanbook - The Winchester Anatomicae
The Winchester Anatomicae is a 14 page fanbook focusing on hurt!Dean and the story of Dean through his scars and his deaths. It's presented as a sort of diary.
type:art/graphics(all)  type:digital  rating:PG/PG-13  genre:gen  blood-loss  bruises/bruising  dean_wearing_sam's_hoodie!  death  emotional_pain/hurt  gunshot_wound  heart_condition  injury:misc./other/uncategorized  scars  artist:petite_madame 
january 2013
Heart Beat
This is a painting from a DCBigbang set for an AU based on The Crow. This is for the final scene, where Dean is recovering from injuries in hospital. Cas is holding Dean's hand to his heart.
artist:leyna55  hospitalization  injury:misc./other/uncategorized  type:art/graphics(all) 
december 2012
The Cross Seems So High Tonight
It's two months since Castiel dragged him back up, smooth as a river rock, the living memories wiped clean from his skin, and no one's had a hand on him but Sam and the single time he hugged Bobby.
season:4  hell/post-hell_issues  insomnia  nausea/vomiting 
december 2012
The Damned Lie In Fire and Snow
Sam and Dean work a job during the winter where half of the bodies are burned and half are frozen. Dean remembers an unpleasant encounter in hell that leads them both to believe that something older than man might be at work.
author:rainylemons  season:6  hell/post-hell_issues  repressed_memories  raynaud's_disease/phenomenon 
december 2012
Sleeping Patterns
After defeating Lucifer Sam and Dean try to get back into hunting, but things are not quite right. Dean's depressed, Sam is tired, and it looks like the only reason someone abducted three women is to fuck with them, specifically.
author:demonic_fish  season:5  depression  alcoholism 
december 2012
a piece of night
Bones don't mean as much as they used to.
author:kalliel  PTSD  hell/post-hell_issues 
december 2012
Trapped in Neverland
Despite all the moving around and the hunting and the constant training, Dean knew that he had one big responsibility: Take care of Sam.
age_regression:physical  bruises/bruising  curse/spell  physical_assault/abuse 
december 2012
Gravitational Lens
Dean and his shitty coping mechanisms. Sam's idea of help isn't much better.
depression  PTSD  self-harm 
december 2012
hands of time only rule this chapter
You can't force an addict to stop, Sam knows this better than anyone.
author:alwaysenduphere  psychological_issues  self-harm 
december 2012
Where Do You Bury The Survivors?
Someone makes some sort of comment to Sam and Dean about John molesting Dean (think like in Jus in Belo when Victor made that remark about how John "touched him in the bad place" but more graphic). Dean sneers but otherwise doesn't really react but Sam? Sam starts thinking. And remembering. And then wondering if it could actually have happened.
december 2012
put your arms around me like a ring around the sun
When something gets hold of Dean, Sam is determined to find a way to save his brother. The quest leads the Winchesters to the top of a mountain in North Carolina and a last-ditch plan to get Dean free before it's too late.
season:6  sex_magic:sex-pollen/fuck-or-die/etc.  supernatural_illness  exhaustion 
december 2012
In Good Hands
A banishing gone wrong leaves Sam caring for an injured Dean. But the brothers' determination to finish the job puts both their lives in jeopardy.
author:Scullspeare  season:2  burns  concussion/head_trauma 
december 2012
Cold and Empty
Dean is attacked by an ice demon. Hurt!Dean. Pre-series - Sam's at Stanford.
author:smokeyhorse  carried!Dean  captivity  exhaustion  hypothermia/extreme_cold  hospitalization 
december 2012
and if the dam breaks open
Dean gets sick and loses his voice after he said yes to Michael.
author:vie_dangerouse  vessel!dean  mutism/voice_loss 
december 2012
A Utility Belt and Everything
Dean is feverish and belligerent and circumstances (of the author's choosing) dictate that Sam does not have time for this shit--he just needs Dean to sit down, take the damn meds, and not make things worse. Sam can handle this. Literally.
author:eschatologies  fever  secrets:somebody-finds-out  injury:misc./other/uncategorized  season:2 
december 2012
So It Goes
Dean said some vile shit when he woke up and Sam was gone.
abandonment_issues  self_esteem 
december 2012
Dean is cursed or infected by something that augments your emotions. But this being set anytime from s4 to post-series (I’m thinking of what Famine said about Dean’s emptiness in My Bloody Valentine and I definitely don’t think that’s wholly healed) it’s less of an outpouring of visible emotion for the most part and more of an all-consuming, don’t-want-to-even-get-out-of-bed depression. This leads to them having to confront that this is how Dean feels on a regular basis, just at a lower level.
author:anon  season:4  season:5  season:6  crying!Dean  suicidal_ideation  fever  curse/spell  depression 
december 2012
Steps Behind
56 seals down, 10 left to open. It's 2009, and Lucifer's standing on the welcome mat. At the eve of the final battle in a losing war, the Winchesters make their last goodbyes, and at this end of days, Dean is finally learning to let Sam go.
captivity  torture  author:Mirrordance 
december 2012
Future Tense
Three days after icing Dick Roman for the last time...
crying!Dean  grief 
december 2012
The Good Fight
Prompt: When Sam and Dean decide to settle down for good, Sam is able to get a pretty good job and hold it down and it gives him some stability, but Dean is unable to keep any of his jobs.
PTSD  depression  eating_disorder  anxiety/panic_attack  season:7 
december 2012
Take A Good Look At My Face
Prompt: “Christmas and/or New Year's Eve + Dean in the psych ward.”
depression  hospitalization:psychiatric  psychosomatic_illness  season:7 
december 2012
Easy Like Mornings
Dad is hunting, Sam is busy with school and Dean is struggling.
depression  fever  abandonment_issues  stress 
december 2012
Behind the words
"The beauty's in the work, in making do with what you got." Pre-Series. Dean angst.
self-harm  depression 
december 2012
Shades of Winter
John goes off on a hunt without leaving word of when he'll be back. Dean does his best to keep things together.
abandonment_issues  anxiety/panic_attack 
december 2012
...and the guilt comes pouring out [fanmix]
"Get a couple of drinks in you, and the guilt comes pouring out" - Osiris (7.04 Defending Your Life)
alcoholism  psychological_issues  season:7 
december 2012
My Body is a Cage - a Study in Dean Winchester
This character study covers Dean's development in seasons, 4, 5, 6, and 7.
hell/post-hell_issues  PTSD  season:4  season:5  season:6  season:7  type:art/graphics(all) 
december 2012
Warning: you might start weeping if you read this (yes, that is the title)
Prompt: Make Dean cry, please? And make Sam kiss it better? I want him to really cry, by the way! None of this single perfect tear nonsense! Red eyes and snot all the way!
author:anon  genre:slash  pairing:dean/sam  genre(other):crack/humour  genre(other):kink  rating:PG/PG-13  crying!Dean  curse/spell 
november 2012
A sketch of Mary, holding nude, dead (or unconscious) Dean on her lap, pieta-style.
genre:gen  rating:PG/PG-13  carried!Dean  unconsciousness  death  type:art/graphics(all)  artist:petite_madame 
november 2012
The Guardian
Even though it's certainly not canon, I like to think that Castiel has been watching Dean way before he pulled him out of Hell. All the while he had been preparing for a battle, Castiel was there... Only, Dean couldn't see him. Yet.
artist:kittrose  type:art/graphics(all)  type:digital  genre:gen  cuts/lacerations  injury:misc./other/uncategorized  scars 
october 2012
Noch Einmal
This video is about one thing, and one thing only: Dean getting the s*** beaten out of him. Set to Noch Einmal" by Farin Urlaub.
type:vid  vidder:kahesha  vidder:kj_svala  genre:gen  rating:PG/PG-13  injury:misc./other/uncategorized  physical_assault/abuse 
october 2012
It Leaves a Stain On All Your Clothes (And No Detergent Gets It Out)
Back in 1992 the Winchesters spent a summer with an old hunter in Louisiana. Dean never told anyone about what happened during those nights, when John was out and Sammy was asleep. Now, they need to go back there on a hunt and Sam should really stop asking questions and throwing worried glances Dean's way. Dean's is fine. Not like he was traumatized or anything.
author:purple_carpets  rating:R  genre:gen  genre(other):case!fic  abandonment_issues  body_image_issues  bottom!dean  bruises/bruising  child_abuse  childhood_trauma  clothes_sharing  crying!Dean  daddy_issues  emotional_pain/hurt  exhaustion  fainting/collapse  fever  headache/migraine  heatstroke  insecurities:misc./other/uncategorized)  manhandling  mutism/voice_loss  nightmares  pretty!dean  psychological_issues  PTSD  secrets:somebody-finds-out  self-esteem_issues  sexual_assault/abuse:non-con  stress  sunburn 
october 2012
The Gentleness of Home
Sam looks after Dean on a rainy day. Future!fic. Hunter retirement. Curtain!fic. Cuddling. Belly rubs. Comfort. Bed sharing.
author:cagedwriter61  author:aceofhearts61  genre:gen  genre(other):schmoop/fluff  rating:PG/PG-13  bed_sharing  hugs/cuddling  spooning  chronic_pain 
october 2012
To Escape the Grasp
As Dean lay down for just a moment’s rest, a hand reached up through the ground at his ankle, like a zombie reaching from its grave.
genre:gen  genre(other):AU/AR  genre(other):dark/horror  rating:PG/PG-13  author:feliciakw  anxiety/panic_attack  exhaustion  purgatory/post-purgatory_issues  stranded/survival_scenario  stress  suicidal_ideation 
october 2012
Dean tells Sam the truth: sometimes Dad gets too rough when they spar.
author:wave_obscura  child_abuse  physical_assault/abuse 
september 2012
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