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sixbeforelunch | Fic: Beneath the Rule of Men (SG1, gen)
Why Daniel is the worst hostage ever. Outsider POV. Dark.
stargate  sg-1  daniel  gen  fanfic 
september 2013 by holdouttrout
Back in Eden - PepperF - Stargate SG-1 [Archive of Our Own]
"This is going to be another of those classified things, isn't it?"
stargate  sg-1  jack/sara  fanfic  ficrec 
july 2013 by holdouttrout
syxp - Because it needed to be written.
For holdouttrout even though she didn't ask for it. :P
Sam/Jack as usual.
I must admit
I thought the trip
was better made in younger seasons.
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  sam/jack 
july 2013 by holdouttrout
mrspollifax - SG-1 Fic: The Larks Still Bravely Singing Fly (Sam/Jack, Teen)
Summary: Because that's what you do if you're The Man. When you send men and women out to take the risks you're no longer taking yourself, you'd better damn well keep the light burning at home.
ficrec  fanfic  stargate  sg-1  sam/jack  het  author:mrspollifax 
january 2013 by holdouttrout
mrspollifax - SG-1 Fic: Look Again Into Your Heart (Sam/Jack)
It's not that cold, not by the standard of some of the places she's been in the last decade or so of her life, but then again, she's not used to braving the weather in heels and an evening dress.
fanfic  sam/jack  angst  romance  author:mrspollifax  ficrec  stargate  sg-1 
december 2012 by holdouttrout
stargate_xing: Fic: The Husband of Sha'uri (PG-13; Mummy/SG-1)
Summary: Evie could not be certain, but it sounded a great deal like the Ancient Egyptian equivalent of "Oh, no, not again," which struck her as a rather bizarre thing for a newly awakened mummy to say. 2200 words.
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  daniel  crossover  crossovers 
october 2012 by holdouttrout
FIC: Always Darkest, Stargate SG-1, Jack/Sam
SUMMARY: After everything that happened on Tegalus, it takes a while to put the broken pieces back together. Spoilers for 'Ethon'.
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  sam/jack  angst 
october 2012 by holdouttrout
Veritas - SG1 Ficlet: 5 Time SG1 Left Daniel Offworld (Gen)
Note: Comes from a conversation on the Spacemonkey FB group about Daniel's comment in TBFTGOG about being left behind. 
fanfic  daniel  au  stargate  sg-1  gen  angst 
october 2012 by holdouttrout
Fic: Deceptions
Bra'tac watched as Apophis stood his ground in the face of his adversary and waited for the time when he would be needed.
gen  stargate  sg-1  fanfic 
june 2012 by holdouttrout
Fic: On the Way to the Wishing Well
Summary: A small study of Janet and depression.
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  femslash  sam/janet 
june 2012 by holdouttrout
stultiloquentia: FIC: The Verb Survives
Summary: Ages ago, ivorygates gave me a fantastic prompt: "Teal'c and Shakespeare". It, um, sorta transmuted into "Teal'c and The Vagina Monologues".
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  gen  ficrec  teal'c 
may 2012 by holdouttrout
sharim: SG fic: Toy Soldiers [1-4]
The clones are looking for someplace they belong.
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  miniOTP  sam/jack  angst 
april 2012 by holdouttrout
phoenix_gate | FIC: Life Stories (G)
Five Times Janet saved the life of a member of SG-1.
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  janet  gen  ficrec 
april 2012 by holdouttrout
Fic: The Crossroads of Eshu (18/18)
Sam ends up in an alternate reality, where she meets a grieving Jack and discovers an old enemy still at large.
fanfic  stargate  au  sam/jack  sg-1  sga 
march 2012 by holdouttrout
Fic: What's Next (SG-1/West Wing)
Summary: Five conversations about the Stargate Program that happened at the White House.
fanfic  stargate  westwing  crossover  crossovers  fic:humor  ficrec  author:mrspollifax 
february 2012 by holdouttrout
Fic - Under a Cloudless Sky
Spoilers/Warnings: Spoiler-ish for "Point of View" (3.6). Set in the AU after the Goa'uld attack.
Summary: Prompt fic. "Alt-Sam tracks down alt-Daniel... The leftovers of what might-have-been SG-1, and where they go from there"
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  au  episodetag 
december 2011 by holdouttrout
Beauty and Nothing More - missparker - Stargate SG-1 [Archive of Our Own]
The pregnancy isn’t a mistake, but it is a surprise. Sam takes it in stride the way she takes most things. She tosses the pregnancy test into the basket along with the rest of items on her list. She’s not sure yet when she buys the test, but she’s certainly late and her body feels a little peculiar and they’ve been sloppy a few times because she’s almost forty now and a little worse for the wear after all this time.
stargate  sg-1  fanfic  sam/jack  ficrec 
october 2011 by holdouttrout
mrspollifax - SG-1 Fic: Lines of Symmetry (Vala, R)
Five universes where Vala wasn't the mother of the Orici.
fanfic  ficrec  stargate  sg-1  vala  gen 
september 2011 by holdouttrout
nextnonsequitur: New Fic: Zephyr
“Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art ... It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.” –C.S. Lewis. The future comes to pass, and Sam reflects.
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  author:gabolange  gen  has:author 
september 2011 by holdouttrout
sg_fignewton: Chug When They Reverse the Polarity (G)
Sam and Janet on a well-deserved girl's night, making decisions about movies.
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  sam  janet  friendship  fic:humor 
august 2011 by holdouttrout
The Short Straw - missparker - Stargate SG-1 [Archive of Our Own]
AU of the early years in which they didn't exactly stay on the straight and narrow. *g*
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  sam/jack  angst 
june 2011 by holdouttrout
Fic: for just one taste of this
summary: After that, though, things got tricky and dangerous because they pushed a little more and went a little (a lot) further off that deep end, and soon it was the two of them alone in the empty barracks and this wasn’t wrong, was it, just sitting side by side in the darkness?
fanfic  stargate  sam/jack  angst 
april 2011 by holdouttrout
k_pasa - Sg1Fic: Ruse Chapter 1
Carter starts losing it. Shadow Man. The good kind of babyfic.
fanfic  stargate  sam/jack  angst  sam 
april 2011 by holdouttrout
fic: "postcards from the edge", stargate sg-1
New Order follow-up. Sam's not okay. Minor Sam/Jack. Lots of team. Cassie.
fanfic  stargate  sam/jack  angst  sam 
march 2011 by holdouttrout
FIC: Apogee. Gen. Sam, Cassie.
Cassie and Sam ficlet, post-Heroes. Absolutely wonderful.
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  gen  ficrec  author:splash 
march 2011 by holdouttrout
Fic: Moving on and Biding Time (PG)
Summary: She puts her head on his shoulder. He wonders if this is what it will be like.
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  sam/jack  ficrec 
january 2011 by holdouttrout
Ficlet: Sam and Jack in a Cave
"A long time ago I commentficced Sam and Jack into a bad situation involving a cave. It was sad so I wrote more. "
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  sam/jack  author:sharon 
january 2011 by holdouttrout
Fic: Sam Carter: Best Mom Ever
Pluto's reclassification leads to some problems close to home. :-D
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  sam/jack  fluff  fic:humor 
january 2011 by holdouttrout
Fic: New World (G)
"New World," Stargate SG-1, Sam, Janet, & Cassie gen, rated G. Written for the gate_women Women of the Gate ficathon for the prompt Janet & Sam friendship. Creating code words for Cassie (like "Toronto").
gen  fanfic  stargate 
january 2011 by holdouttrout
Fic: One of Those Parties (NC-17)
It's when most of his team starts getting naked in the hot tub together that Cam begins to think the party may be getting out of hand. (Sam/Jack. Cam/Vala.)
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  vala  sam/jack  cam  smut  author:penknife 
december 2010 by holdouttrout
Fic: Temper, Temper (G)
Sometimes, a little crankiness comes in handy. A missing scene with Jack and Jacob from Reckoning. 685 words. Rated G.
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  fic:humor 
december 2010 by holdouttrout
Fic: Turn the Other Way
It’s always been about magnets. And maybe a date? Sam/Jack. (Jack First Person PoV) (PG)
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  sam/jack  jack  fluff  romance 
december 2010 by holdouttrout
Fic: Backlit (Kids)
If she really does have a future, what the hell is she doing?
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  sam/jack  sam 
december 2010 by holdouttrout
Fic: the cold hard equation
Sometimes there is no solution to be had, and sometimes there are necessary evils. Sam-centric.
Sam/Jack, Sam/Daniel friendship.
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  angst  sam/jack  sam 
december 2010 by holdouttrout
Ficlet: "Winners," SG-1
After they finally killed Apophis, and once he seemed pretty likely to stay dead, Jack wasn't sure why Daniel didn't seem happier about it. Jack and Daniel (Jack/Sam).
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  het  jack  daniel  sam/jack  angst  ficrec  author:penknife 
december 2010 by holdouttrout
yung_luk: SG1 be it ever so humble
Short Ficlet. Sam/Jack, Sam/Daniel friendship.
sam/jack  fanfic  stargate  sg-1 
december 2010 by holdouttrout
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