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mrspollifax - SG-1 Fic: Look Again Into Your Heart (Sam/Jack)
It's not that cold, not by the standard of some of the places she's been in the last decade or so of her life, but then again, she's not used to braving the weather in heels and an evening dress.
fanfic  sam/jack  angst  romance  author:mrspollifax  ficrec  stargate  sg-1 
december 2012 by holdouttrout
Fic: Turn the Other Way
It’s always been about magnets. And maybe a date? Sam/Jack. (Jack First Person PoV) (PG)
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  sam/jack  jack  fluff  romance 
december 2010 by holdouttrout
Fic: between black and white (Castle)
Conundrums, among other things (irony, hyperbole, conceit – and unrelated to literature: Rubik's cubes), are inherently intriguing to Richard Castle.
castle: castle/beckett. r, ~3300 words.
fanfic  fic:humor  romance  castle 
november 2010 by holdouttrout
Fic: Last Watch Before Dawn
It takes time, her first night back; time to remember she's not sleeping in the tiny bunk in her quarters on the Hammond, that she's here, she's with him. Post-Series
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  sam/jack  fluff  romance  author:mrspollifax  ficrec 
august 2010 by holdouttrout
Fic: Shine Tomorrow
Sometimes Jonah feels like he shouldn't be watching her. The impulse to turn away is so strong it's like a memory, but he definitely doesn't remember being told not to look at her.
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  sam/jack  angst  fluff  author:mrspollifax  romance 
july 2009 by holdouttrout

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