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Back in Eden - PepperF - Stargate SG-1 [Archive of Our Own]
"This is going to be another of those classified things, isn't it?"
stargate  sg-1  jack/sara  fanfic  ficrec 
july 2013 by holdouttrout
mrspollifax - SG-1 Fic: The Larks Still Bravely Singing Fly (Sam/Jack, Teen)
Summary: Because that's what you do if you're The Man. When you send men and women out to take the risks you're no longer taking yourself, you'd better damn well keep the light burning at home.
ficrec  fanfic  stargate  sg-1  sam/jack  het  author:mrspollifax 
january 2013 by holdouttrout
mrspollifax - SG-1 Fic: Look Again Into Your Heart (Sam/Jack)
It's not that cold, not by the standard of some of the places she's been in the last decade or so of her life, but then again, she's not used to braving the weather in heels and an evening dress.
fanfic  sam/jack  angst  romance  author:mrspollifax  ficrec  stargate  sg-1 
december 2012 by holdouttrout
Five Authors Who Didn't Write The Avengers - rhymer23 - The Avengers (2012), Marvel Avengers Movies Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Five authors rather unwisely allow various of the Avengers into their nicely ordered fictional universes. Mayhem ensues. Also heffalumps, mead, swooning, soliloquies, and some very grumpy wizards.
avengers  gen  fanfic  fic:humor  ficrec 
september 2012 by holdouttrout
Jade's Writerly Ramblings - Doctor Who - Where I've Been (R)
After the Time War the TARDIS is badly damaged, so she drops the Doctor off somewhere safe while she makes repairs. River/Nine.
fanfic  DoctorWho  ficrec 
june 2012 by holdouttrout
stultiloquentia: FIC: The Verb Survives
Summary: Ages ago, ivorygates gave me a fantastic prompt: "Teal'c and Shakespeare". It, um, sorta transmuted into "Teal'c and The Vagina Monologues".
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  gen  ficrec  teal'c 
may 2012 by holdouttrout
Her Lovely Face Gleaming Like a White Poppy - loathlylady - Queen's Thief - Megan Whalen Turner [Archive of Our Own]
The paths which Attolia and Eddis take are both paved with loss, but the ways they walk those paths are very different.
fanfic  ficrec  het 
april 2012 by holdouttrout
All the women independent - ST Fic: Once Upon a Time (Gaila, Chapel, Uhura)
Summary: Privacy and fairy tales are two concepts that don't translate well into Orion
Notes: for bookdragon01, who wanted someone trying to explain a fairy tale to an alien who finds everything about the concept ridiculous and illogical.
fanfic  gen  StarTrek  ficrec 
april 2012 by holdouttrout
phoenix_gate | FIC: Life Stories (G)
Five Times Janet saved the life of a member of SG-1.
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  janet  gen  ficrec 
april 2012 by holdouttrout
Fic: What's Next (SG-1/West Wing)
Summary: Five conversations about the Stargate Program that happened at the White House.
fanfic  stargate  westwing  crossover  crossovers  fic:humor  ficrec  author:mrspollifax 
february 2012 by holdouttrout
A Living Fire - Anonymous - True Grit (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Mattie had been bitten young by the spirit of adventure, and it had near killed her.
fanfic  gen  ficrec 
january 2012 by holdouttrout
fic: sleeping beauty
Helen Magnus lived twice... didn't she?
fanfic  sanctuary  helen/nikola  au  ficrec 
december 2011 by holdouttrout
Übermorgen hol ich mir der Königin ihr Kind - waldorph - Once Upon a Time (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
"Spawned from a conversation I had with dodificus about why Rumpelstiltskin is so obsessed with taking people's babies. Obviously he just wants to be a daddy. Title taken from the original German, roughly translates to "tomorrow I'll have the Queen's child"."
fanfic  onceuponatime  gen  ficrec 
december 2011 by holdouttrout
Beauty and Nothing More - missparker - Stargate SG-1 [Archive of Our Own]
The pregnancy isn’t a mistake, but it is a surprise. Sam takes it in stride the way she takes most things. She tosses the pregnancy test into the basket along with the rest of items on her list. She’s not sure yet when she buys the test, but she’s certainly late and her body feels a little peculiar and they’ve been sloppy a few times because she’s almost forty now and a little worse for the wear after all this time.
stargate  sg-1  fanfic  sam/jack  ficrec 
october 2011 by holdouttrout
femgenficathon: The Horse and Her Girl, Chronicles of Narnia; Hwin the Mare, Aravis; PG-13
Hwin the Mare and Aravis. "I will not resign myself to the usual lot of women who bow their heads and become concubines."
fanfic  books  ficrec 
september 2011 by holdouttrout
mrspollifax - SG-1 Fic: Lines of Symmetry (Vala, R)
Five universes where Vala wasn't the mother of the Orici.
fanfic  ficrec  stargate  sg-1  vala  gen 
september 2011 by holdouttrout
Ere - chaila - Queen's Thief - Megan Whalen Turner [Archive of Our Own]
“Ere translates as love, a rather ruthless love, not mercy. . . The Great Goddess of Eddis is not known for her mercy.” Attolia would never confuse love with mercy.
fanfic  attolia  ficrec 
september 2011 by holdouttrout
Fic: "Proposition," Sanctuary, John & Nikola
In which Nikola Tesla saves John's life, and then tries to kill him. (The Five have a special definition of "friendship.")
sanctuary  fanfic  ficrec 
april 2011 by holdouttrout
FIC: Apogee. Gen. Sam, Cassie.
Cassie and Sam ficlet, post-Heroes. Absolutely wonderful.
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  gen  ficrec  author:splash 
march 2011 by holdouttrout
Fic: Moving on and Biding Time (PG)
Summary: She puts her head on his shoulder. He wonders if this is what it will be like.
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  sam/jack  ficrec 
january 2011 by holdouttrout
Fic: Form and Function (PG)
Most of the time, what matters is getting the job done. Henry. (Spoilers for End of Nights and Fragments.)
fanfic  sanctuary  angst  ficrec  gen  author:penknife 
december 2010 by holdouttrout
Ficlet: "Winners," SG-1
After they finally killed Apophis, and once he seemed pretty likely to stay dead, Jack wasn't sure why Daniel didn't seem happier about it. Jack and Daniel (Jack/Sam).
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  het  jack  daniel  sam/jack  angst  ficrec  author:penknife 
december 2010 by holdouttrout
Fic: In Light of Knowledge (Sanctuary, PG)
Helen/Tesla friendship and UST, a bit of Helen/John, set during "Animus", and back at Oxford
fanfic  sanctuary  ficrec 
december 2010 by holdouttrout
Fic: All Around Me, Falling (PG)
Helen/Will friendship, allusions to Helen/John. Summary: Helen in the aftermath of the events of ‘Haunted’
fanfic  sanctuary  ficrec 
december 2010 by holdouttrout
Widow's Walk
The ones left behind. Drey'auc, Children of the Gods. ~750 words.
angst  fanfic  gen  stargate  sg-1  ficrec 
november 2010 by holdouttrout
水火 - trascendenza - Avatar: The Last Airbender [Archive of Our Own]
Azula, post-canon, picking up the pieces. When she tried, Paupau clicked her tongue behind her teeth and took Azula's small hand in her own, held securely in the tiger's mouth of her thumb and forefinger.
fanfic  ficrec 
october 2010 by holdouttrout
FIC: Your Contribution To The War Effort (A Mercenary’s Guide) [star wars, han/leia]
Don’t pick a side. If you do, don’t broadcast it (this makes it easier to switch when the time comes).
Do not, ever, under any circumstances, get involved in the fighting. (Exception: unless someone pays you obscene amounts of money to do so.
fanfic  starwars  Han/Leia  ficrec 
october 2010 by holdouttrout
sentientcitizen: Bigger on the Inside
Everyone says the same thing when they see the TARDIS for the first time. Well. Ish.
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  sga  DoctorWho  ficrec  fic:humor  crackfic  crossover  crossovers 
september 2010 by holdouttrout
het_reccers: Shipper Manifesto: Sam/Jack (Stargate SG-1)
Recs of some classic Sam/Jack fics in multiple categories.
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  sam/jack  ficrec 
august 2010 by holdouttrout
Fic: Last Watch Before Dawn
It takes time, her first night back; time to remember she's not sleeping in the tiny bunk in her quarters on the Hammond, that she's here, she's with him. Post-Series
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  sam/jack  fluff  romance  author:mrspollifax  ficrec 
august 2010 by holdouttrout
Fic: When All Points Break From Center Hold
A visit to the Reform Club leads to the ending of a chapter in the history of The Five.
fanfic  ficrec  sanctuary 
august 2010 by holdouttrout
Fic: Sam, Jack, and a Rifle
The colonel is watching the scene unfold below them through his monocular and Sam waits for his signal. They are minimalist in their movement; concealment is key to success.
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  sam/jack  gen  author:ziparumpazoo  ficrec 
july 2010 by holdouttrout
Fic: 'Compliance', Stargate SG-1, Sam/Jack, disobey
She walks down the steps calmly, pausing next to him where he’s still staring at her in utter shock. Her voice, when she speaks, is steady, unbending. “Court martial me, hate me, never forgive me, whatever you need to do. But I don’t regret it.”
author:annerbhp  fanfic  stargate  sam/jack  smut  angst  ficrec 
july 2010 by holdouttrout
Fic: Concession
There are thousands of available pictures of Pepper Potts and she is out of focus in every one of them.
angst  au  ironman  pepperpotts  tony/pepper  tonystark  ficrec 
may 2010 by holdouttrout
FIC: Almost No One Makes It Out [Iron Man AU]
notes: There is a mechanical bullriding scene. If that does not entice you, you are dead to me. This story is an AU of the first movie, based on the question, "what if Tony Stark hadn't been born with more money than god?"
fanfic  ironman  gen  au  ficrec 
may 2010 by holdouttrout
Fic: After-haze (Harry Potter)
Dealing with loss. Angst seems too easy a label for this one. Recommended by Annerbhp.
fanfic  HarryPotter  ficrec  angst 
march 2010 by holdouttrout
Fic: To Dance On The Floor In The Round
Pairing(s)/Genre: None. Gen – or Bob, depending on your interpretation of Bob.
Summary: "This may be problematic."
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  author:pepper  teamfic  fic:humor  ficrec 
february 2010 by holdouttrout
Fic: Subtle Salvation, Aliens, Ellen Ripley/Dwayne Hicks
Corporations come and go, as do wars, but the monster always lurks under your bed.
How Ripley's story didn't end (AU after the second movie).
fanfic  author:abyssinia  ficrec 
january 2010 by holdouttrout
Fic: Future Tense
Summary: The future is a convenient place for dreams. Five things Cassandra Fraiser wanted to be when she grew up. (Cassie)
fanfic  ficrec  stargate  sg-1  gen  angst 
november 2009 by holdouttrout
Fic: Unexpected Visitor
Summary: Sam, Vala, and Carolyn stop by Sam's before a night on the town, but Sam's got an unexpected visitor.
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  sam  vala  gen  ficrec 
november 2009 by holdouttrout
Fic: The Gray - Part 1/3
Summary: SG-1 are in the familiar position of encountering a civilization where technology masquerades as magic. They're in for a surprise when they attempt to find out who is hiding the technology and why.
fanfic  sg-1  stargate  gen  angst  sam  teamfic  ficrec 
october 2009 by holdouttrout
10leaguesbeyond: SGA: Heteronormativity... (het, PG-13) 1/4
Mensa!Verse. (Rodney is the cool one, John is... not.) Hilarious.
fanfic  sga  stargate  fic:humor  ficrec 
october 2009 by holdouttrout
Fic: They Say They Want Your Story
Summary: A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are. A few snippets of Brennan and Angela.
fanfic  friendship  bones  author:gabolange  ficrec 
october 2009 by holdouttrout
Fic: All the King’s Horses
Five Things that Never Happened to RepliCarter
fanfic  author:abyssinia  gen  sam  au  ficrec  stargate  sg-1 
october 2009 by holdouttrout
Fic: Minos Does Not Rule the Skies
PG, Geek!Sam/Geek!Jack, Moebius AU. 1,449 words. Summary: The maiden flight of the USAFS Homer.
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  sam/jack  fic:humor  ficrec  author:nanda 
september 2009 by holdouttrout
Fic: One Dimension Removed
Summary: Sha're's husband Daniel Jackson and brother Skaara are abducted from Abydos by the Goa'uld Amaunet. To fight for their return, Sha're must join the newly created Stargate Command. But can Sha're become the woman she will need to be to get them back? (AU from the moment the Stargate opens in Children of the Gods.)
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  gen  het  ficrec 
august 2009 by holdouttrout
Fic: Morphine and Chocolate
Teal'c wandered the halls often, listening to his slow, measured steps echoing softly off the concrete and steel. Today, he walked to remember; most days, he walked to forget.
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  sam/jack  sam/teal'c  angst  author:sharon  ficrec  teal'c 
july 2009 by holdouttrout
Fic: Attitude of the Knife (PG)
Summary: Team in trouble, and Wonder Twins in classic geek mode. It's irritating when Jack can't tell if they're doing it to be annoying or just because they're geeks.
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  teamfic  ficrec 
july 2009 by holdouttrout
end of the world cliche comment fic
She cut him off. Still naked. "Look," she explained. "If we have sex now, what are we going to do when the world actually does end?"
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  sam/jack  fic:humor  crackfic  ficrec  author:sharon 
july 2009 by holdouttrout
Fic: The Greatest Exception
Summary: Four times Sam and Jack didn’t get married and one time they did.
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  sam/jack  author:gabolange  ficrec  angst 
july 2009 by holdouttrout
The Sleeping Warrior
Summary: Teal’c thought the hardest battles already won, but instead, the real struggles are just beginning. The Jaffa nation after the defeat of the Goa’uld.
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  teal'c  author:annerbhp  het  ficrec 
may 2009 by holdouttrout
Giant Plant-like Thing in the Night
Dr. Bill Lee hates explaining things to General O'Neill more than he hates gardening.
fanfic  fic:humor  ficrec  stargate  sg-1  author:ziparumpazoo 
may 2009 by holdouttrout
fic: Common Language
Because, dammit, that kidnapped and murdered Air Force sergeant deserved a name. CotG Beschdel Fix-it story.
stargate  sg-1  fanfic  ficrec  shau'ri  women  feminism 
april 2009 by holdouttrout
fic: Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch
"Well, we can't exactly be doing that sort of thing if you're off in the hands of the bad guys."
"I wasn't in the hands of the bad guys. Well, not exactly. I mean –" she breaks off, frustrated with the lack of time, or maybe his non-secure phone line, or simply that she has to explain in the first place.
fanfic  author:mrspollifax  stargate  sg-1  sam/jack  fluff  ficrec 
february 2009 by holdouttrout
Fic: That Time with the Dobermans (and the Hole in the Wall)
So, somewhere in between becoming personal secretary to one of the most powerful men in the world, and said man becoming a self-proclaimed superhero, Pepper had accepted that fact that one day she was going to be kidnapped.
ironman  tony/pepper  gen  fanfic  fic:humor  ficrec  pepperpotts 
january 2009 by holdouttrout
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