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sg_fignewton: Chug When They Reverse the Polarity (G)
Sam and Janet on a well-deserved girl's night, making decisions about movies.
fanfic  stargate  sg-1  sam  janet  friendship  fic:humor 
august 2011 by holdouttrout
Fic: With Friends Like These (John Will Never Make The Kessel Run In Less Than Twelve Parsecs)
John's in love, but Teyla and Rodney are the ones acting strange. Rodney/Teyla. John/spaceship.
sga  fanfic  fic:humor  stargate  friendship  fluff  het 
march 2009 by holdouttrout
Fic: Chloe Liked Olivia
Summary: One is the personal assistant to a billionaire-playboy-turned-superhero. The other is an ambitious journalist with a political conscience. Together, they fight crime!
ironman  fanfic  ficrec  pepperpotts  gen  friendship  fic:humor 
october 2008 by holdouttrout

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